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Great product!

I love Corrective Beads! They are my main source of exfoliation. Don't even think of looking younger than you are if you don't exfoliate.

Mary S.


I wanted to personally thank you for your attention to my skin care concerns. I honestly cannot remember when I started using your products, but I do know that it's been many years.

I love these new products! They are fantastic and my skin looks great.

If you were to ever need an endorsement or for me to write a review for you, I would be happy to do so. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Thanks again for all that you do. It is sincerely appreciated. :)

Ronda L

I have used Sage Skin Care products for roughly 15 years. I had problem acne as a young adult and tried everything from Accutane to Tea Tree Oil. Nothing seemed to work. Somehow I was doing another endless search online for new facial products and came across ZeroZits(com) also known as SageSkinCare(com). I have never looked back and have used Barbara's products exclusively since then. I can't tell you the number of times I've been complimented on my skin. Thank you Sage!

Amy W

Dear Barbara

I have a funny story to tell you. I've been using the line reducer and the new smoothing, firming and brightening cream for probably about a year or so. Anyway, I've noticed that my fiancé (we have lived together for 6 years) keeps going in my bathroom in the a.m. and I really didn't think much of it. Then he announces to me he's been using my "cream." So I asked which one and he said "Mother Strickland." So he's been using the smoothing cream on his face every morning. He's really funny, very masculine, doesn't use a lot of creams or anything like that. But I told him he could buy the next tube!!:)

Belinda H

Hi Barbara,

"This is the skincare line I use and I SWEAR by it. I have no forehead
wrinkles and very few wrinkles over all. Thank you Barbara Strickland

Lori S-J

Hi there - I LOVE the facial shampoo. I wear mascara from Sephora that apparently can withstand nuclear holocaust, and your facial shampoo gets it off easily.

You know this mascara isn't even waterproof, but I cannot get it off - until now. It's "They're Real" from Sephora, and I love it. I remove it w/two-viscosity eye makeup remover, then wash, and after my shower in the morning and washing again, concentrating on my eyes, I still have raccoon eyes. Now it's off in the first pass with your facial shampoo.

Mary S

I just wanted you to know that after using your stuff for over a year-- since last March-- my skin has never looked so non-adolescent. It's really the goods! Take care, and say hello to Deborah for me,


Thank you for your excellent products and customer service! I have been a loyal "Sager" for 9+ years and have gotten my teenager and some of her friends on your program. Wouldn't use/trust anything else!!

Stephanie K

Dear Barbara,

A friend recommended that I try your products and I am so glad that I did. She had been using Sage for years and has amazing skin so I thought "can't hurt." I've used very expensive skin care lines from Saks and Neiman Marcus for years. I can honestly say that your line in better. I noticed measurable results in less than 30 days and your advice about icing was spot on. I've never written a testimonial for anything before so let that in itself to the quality of your products. Thank you.

Alexandra W

I was just discussing your products with a business associate. She commented on my nice skin, and my response was "not without my Sage products." I can't begin to tell you what my skin would look like without them.

Stacy V

I have been singing the praises of your products of MakeUpAlley since I started using last year. In addition to your wonderful database, I've found your Winter/Summer Hydrating Emulsions to be perfect for my sensitive skin and perfect as a buffer for my Retin-A/RAM. I am 50 and no one ever knows--and my friends are always asking me what I am using. I hope that my posts on MUA have sent business your way.

Darlene W

Dear Barbara,

Wow! I didn't expect that! Thank you for your kind customer service attitude. And your responsiveness! I'm not used to such quickness - which is why I didn't check my email sooner :-) I remain, A happy customer,

Nancy W

Wow - Barbara - I got the confirmation for the shipment of my products! That was awfully fast! I just wanted to say thanks so much for getting them out right away. If I don't have my products, I get scared about the thought of having to use something else if I run out of Sage.... like - SOAP! Gasp! Lol ;) Thanks again...

:-) Michelle S

Dear Barbara - I have been using your new Mother Strickland's Instant Line Reducer for about a month, twice a day. I have noticed a definite improvement in the area of my eyes, with smoother, plumper looking skin. I also love the Mother Strickland's smoothing and brightening crème. These two products are helping my 60 year old skin to look much, much younger. Thanks for great products.

Dorothy W

I have been using Sage products since the very beginning. Barbara had just heard about glycolic acid and incorporated it into her products. People comment on my skin ALL THE TIME. My skin looks many years younger than my age and I give all the credit to using Sage products all these years. Love the products and love you Barb!

Joyce S

Before I started using Sage Skincare, I would get pimples fairly regularly. Not anymore! I have been a devoted Sage user for over 12 years now and get many compliments on my skin even though I'm over 40.

Stacy. C

I was at Dave Mungenast Lexus dealership a few weeks ago waiting for my car. A woman casually made a comment that I have inspired her to call her Dermatologist. I asked her why? She said, "you have such good looking skin". I thanked her because I just turned 55 years old and loved the compliment! I told her that I have been using Sage Skin products on my face for almost 20 years. I then spent some time with her telling her about you and your products and my daily skin regime. I loved telling her about how your products have been so ahead of the times and they cost less than the cosmetic counter products. It really made my day

Christine C

A friend turned me on to Barbara and her products when I moved to St. Louis in 1983. I loved the massages and the products and thought I was really doing something wonderful for my skin. I used it for many, many years until family finances caused me to stop and prioritize other things. Over time, I could really see how my skin was degrading no matter what I tried to substitute Sage products with. At age 58, I finally decided my skin should be a priority so I have come back to Barbara's wonderful products and will never stray again!

Kathy J. K

I've been using Sage skin care products for the past 4 months and I'm stunned by the changes I've seen in my face. I'm 38 years old and my skin looks like that of a 20 year old. The lines around my mouth and in between my eyebrows have almost disappeared and my skin is glowing. I've tried numerous anti-aging products over the past 10 years and never had the results that I do with Sage. I've had such an amazing experience that I recommended Sage to my mom, sisters and closest friends!

Jen M.

Just a note to thank you for making sure that my order got processed in time to include the normal travel kit. I received my order in record time (just two days!) and I'm very happy to be using Sage products again. Thanks very much for your great service.

Deserrie R

Thank you Barbara for getting back to me and taking the time on the phone to answer questions. I do so appreciate your expertise and your products are superb and have made all the difference in my skin. Thanks again..

Barb D

Thank you very much . I really do appreciate your time looking into my forgetfulness, and help with my questions. It was really exciting to talk to you. You rarely experience that level of personal service ...EVER! I am looking forward to receiving the F&B and smoothing creams. I trust your advice and products always. Thank you again, take care ~

Lori A

I just had two clients tell me that I had the most beautiful skin they have ever seen, they thought I was 25 (I am 34). I LOVE SAGE!!!! Thanks for making such awesome products!!!!!!

Theresa B

I first ordered Sage products for my oldest daughter in October 2001, which makes it about 4 1/2 years. I started using the products too and now all three of my daughters use Sage. I hope that my 13 year old will never experience acne like her two older sisters and I did. I know they will never have the sun damage that I have as they have learned to use their Sage sunscreen every day. You are a great teacher and I thank you for the wonderful products and information you supply. We will never use anything but Sage on our faces - ever.


I just wanted to rave about the Eye& Lip Balm; I've been using it lately as a moisturizer for my whole face and I just love it; I hope you never stop making it as it is one my most beloved Sage products; Thanks for Sage and my ever so glowing skin!

Warmest regards :-)


I want to thank you so much for your help and your product. I have been using it since the 1st of April, and my skin is almost completely clear. Today I went out in public without makeup for the first time in years( and I am only 19). With your help I am now battling, and winning what you call stage 4 acne. My only concern is that I am now having a lot of dryness and pealing along my cheeks, chin, and nose. I didn't know if you could suggest a way to resolve this. Thanks again for your amazing product. I know this will change my life.


Angela K

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product :) this is my 2nd tub/bottle, with the 1st tub (used to come in a tub form) I see very visible improvements to my under eye fine lines. the eye balm plumps the area very well :) yesterday I received the new tube in my mailbox & decided to try it on my face cos' I've been peeling rather bad due to retin-a & AHA. I woke up this morning to see all the flakes are gone & my face isn't peeling anymore! I'm thrilled to find Sage & once again, thank you :)


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your products and your customer service. I've been using Sage for almost 6 years now. I've strayed a few times thinking my skin could do as well on less expensive products or more natural products only to end up in tears once my skin reverted to its pre-Sage self. I finally decided I am forever done with using anything else on my skin. The cost is well worth it and the stress of breaking out I'm sure is much worse for my health than any preservative or chemical I might use. I recently broke out horribly from stress and an iodine thyroid scan (you helped me on the forum). I followed your advice and my skin is looking better every day. I didn't realize how depressed I had become over the condition of my skin. Now I am feeling so much better. I am back to Sage 100% never to stray again. I hope you and Sage will be around for a long, long time. Thank you and God bless you.


Tammy J

I wanted to send a quick thank you to Sage. I have just received my new package in today's mail.

I have submitted a complaint form with the USPS regarding the damaged and missing package and am waiting to hear back from them. I will keep you posted if there is any significant information.

Thanks again for being such a great company and being loyal to your customers.

Dana D

Wow, I used the MSTT this morning as a mask...AWESOME!! Skiing last weekend did a number on my face. Even though I have oily, acne skin I think I'm finally getting over putting crèmes and moisturizers on my face and realizing what a huge difference in makes in my skin to keep it hydrated. The winter is hard on my skin and it breaks out more than in the summer. I love this stuff.



I used that line for about 4 weeks, the time allotment for it to work. Well, all I got was more pimples and I found myself just about every day longing to go back to Sage, skincare that I know works for me. But I had to give it the full 4 weeks to make sure it wasn't just doing the purging thing that they say it's supposed to do. When I did go back to Sage, I found myself talking to my skincare - saying "Hello old friend".

It has taken less than a week and I see a major improvement in my skin. It is clearing up and the marks are slowly disappearing. The key to this recovery - and the one thing that the other skin care made me realize - was to simplify. I had gotten to the point in my Sage use that I had added more steps than was needed and used more MZ than I needed to. I was also using stronger strengths than my face now needed and that contributed to the condition my skin was in when I decided to try the new skin care. When I went back to using Sage, I had to remember where I started and what worked for me. When I did that, my skin started to improve and react the way I wanted it to. I still use MZ, but just a smaller amount that actually dries on my skin and doesn't stick to my hair or pillowcase.

I wrote this lengthy post in hopes that it will help anyone who might feel that Sage is not as successful with their skin as it once was. If it takes trying a new skin care line to satisfy your curiosity, than that might be what it takes for you to put your whole heart into your Sage routine. The most important thing to remember is that you know your skin the best, and when all else fails, simplify. Exfoliate, cleanse, treatment, moisturize - and always use SPF.

A true Sage believer,


Happy New Year!

You haven't heard a peep from me because I've been soooooo happy with my products. The Basic regime with the Fix Zit (and alternating Retin-A) has completely restored my skin. It hasn't looked this good since my twenties, and it looks pretty darn good! (I'm 43, btw.)

I've made it through the last two periods without ONE hormonal zit. I cannot believe it. The cold water in Maryland is cold enough to not even ice. Ice water comes from the tap!

After years of money and time at the dermatologist, I am one grateful, happy camper. May the new year bring you all of your biggest wishes--one of mine has come true with a bang!



Dear Barbara, it has taken me the whole summer to realize that when i first contacted you last December that your hunch was right and that my skin is more Rosacea, than anything and that i need the most creamy and fresh products which is exactly what i have ordered especially after trying your sensitive facial word wow...back to another reason for this email !

Other than that your products are just amazing thanks and keep up the good work you gave people like myself REAL advice and did not just want to sell me a product that was full of things that would irritate me to death...for that alone from someone who genuinely wants to help people is amazing THANK YOU!

Lawrence M

Wow thank you and again I am telling everyone I know how wonderful your products are...Better than any Dept. store, drugstore brands your great!!!

Amy M

Just a note to let you know how much we LOVE the new Mother Strickland's Terrific Treatment Cream. It really is terrific! Please keep it as a part of your great product line. It is the only thing that keeps Donna's dry skin hydrated....better than Old Lady Cream, too. Thanks for all your outstanding products. Cindy (oily & aging skin), Donna (dry and aging skin) & Molly (teen combo skin).

We love ya in Tennessee.

Great idea about the MSSR on the feet! You are so creative- it will come in handy during this sandal wearing season. Thank you for your quick reply and excellent service. Sincerely,

Julie M

Barbara, Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! And YOU are appreciated as well! Through the years you have managed to maintain the personal touch AND CARING with your customers like no other company I know. AND unbeatable products on top of that. Truly a winning combination!

Thank you again for this courtesy.

Linda B

I really enjoy your products and my skin has never looked better. A faithful Sage customer.

Beth M

I started using the 2% Moisture Whip Smoother several months ago when I used up all of my beloved Gelloid. I thought nothing could beat the Gelloid, but the Moisture Whip is a sure winner. I use a heavy layer first thing during my morning shower, before the scrub and facial 'poo. I use a tiny dab pre-makeup, and add a layer after my evening ritual. My skin looks great since I started using it in addition to my MSSR, Smoothing Cream, and Whitening/Brightening products. I didn't think it would make such a difference, but I've even had other people commenting on my skin. It is a perfect product for me. I just went to Las Vegas recently and my skin absolutely drank this up like a sponge! I've been using Sage products exclusively for about 4 or 5 years now, and am so looking forward to new products if this one is any indication of what may be forthcoming!


Hi Barbara!

Just wanted to let you know that I did my very first peel tonight and cannot believe the difference. I am positively glowing. My skin looks and feels brand new, as if it has never known a pimple or a blackhead :-)

Thank you so much for your exceptional formulations. I am so very happy that you help me take such great care of my skin!

Warmest regards, Faiza-

Last week I received my first jar of the luxury eye cream! I LOVE IT. I would be lost without my Sage products!

I was on vacation recently. As a treat I walked to morning mass...I woke up in the nick of time to get make up...Before Sage....I never would have been confident enough, care free enough to leave the house without at least some powder or blush. Not any more, and I can't tell you how grateful I am! No one ever guesses my age right either...I am 40 and people routinely think I am in my late 20's


Michelle D - FL

If you have dry or tired skin and find yourself looking for a product to soothe and moisturize, try the new Mother Strickland's Terrific Treatment for Terribly Tired Skin... I bought a small jar and absolutely love it. Even though it is the tail end of winter and my skin had become dry as a bone, this cream perked my complexion right up and the best thing was no more flakiness. I sure hope Sage makes this a regular part of the line up because I want a lifetime supply.

No more dry skin, no tightness, no flakiness and my mineral makeup applies over it like a dream. I just adore it. Thank you Barbara and Sage!

Another successful product to add to my skin care arsenal; and just what I was looking for.

Thanks, ~Kim :)






Hi Barbara,

I wanted to thank you for your help but also let you know some feedback. I am going to a well known, high end cosmetic surgery / skin care place in Boston. I am trying to lessen the appearance of acne scarring. Every technician and nurse that has worked on me has asked me what I use on my skin.

They can't believe how good my skin looks and can't believe that I have found something to stop the breakouts. Some of them have tried everything to stop breaking out but nothing has worked. I have passed on your website and info to all of them and explained the success that I have had. Hats off to you.

Elizabeth W.

Hi Barbara, I don't think I've ever thanked you for your amazing products. I've been using your line for about a year and a half now, and I've seen incredible improvement in my skin. I have had very few breakouts (and even when I do, they're nowhere near as bad as past breakouts!), and my skin has just never looked better. I constantly rave about your gelloid and bio masks to anyone who'd listen to me. Most of all I wanna thank you for creating an "Acne Detective" out of me (to the annoyance of people trying to sell me stuff!). :)

Thanks again for your wonderful formulations and excellent customer service. I stand by your products because they're the only ones I've seen positive results with over the years.


Thank you Ms. Spielberg-Iwasyszyn:

That sounds great! I would love to try the firming and brightening product. I want you to know how amazing your products are and I heard about it from a friend I worked with. Her skin was flawless and I asked her what products she uses and she told me Sage! It's awesome! I am 36 years old and still have monthly break outs. I thought I would outgrow this and never did. Also I get the added bonus of aging. I figured I had better do something now. It's never too late. After trying the Sage Skin Car line no one would ever know I have crows feet, bags under my eyes and slight "wrinkles. I love the Old Lady Cream!

Thank you so much for dedication to your company and line of Skin Care. You are truly amazing!

Karen F

Barbara, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the Fix Zit 5% is PERFECT!!! I love it!!! My face is clearing up and feels great!!!! I also wanted to let you know that I had THE best ordering experience with your ladies there!!! As it turns out I was the birthday winner and that was such a great surprise!!!! I love your loose powder and intend on ordering some with my next order of facial shampoo and sun block. I had NO IDEA how oily my liquid foundation was making me UNTIL I stopped using it and started using your loose powder. I am really not that oily at all!!!! WOW! Thanks so much for all of your help. I hope you have a great day. Sincerely,

Adrienne C

The order looks fine! I love Sage Skin Care - I have used it now for almost 15 years. As long as you make it - I'll use it - I am also very happy & proud to support a woman owned & run business - I know you have many testimonials for Sage Skin Care - but you could add me if you ever needed to! Hope Barbara is doing well - and give her my best regards

Pam P

Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I really like the new Mother Strickland's Salicylic Acid Micro Peel.

For quite some time my dermatologist had me only using chemical exfoliants because my skin is quite sensitive to scrubs. But just the chemical exfoliant alone didn't seem to be doing the trick. Things just weren't fully clearing up.

It looked like my breakouts were just bumps lying dormant ready to happen -- but they never did fully clear up or erupt. Anyway--I ordered your new micro peel and gave it a try. I was a little nervous, as I have never had a chemical peel in any form before and was worried it might be too strong. (the word "peel" sounded kind of scary!)

The results were fantastic--it was exactly what my skin needed to fully clear up. I used the 2% and it was the perfect strength. I like that it scrubs manually, as well as works chemically and that it is so easy to use. My face doesn't turn overly red--I can actually do this scrub in the morning in the shower and not look like I did a peel--except for having terrific glowing skin.

I really hope that this will become part of the regular Sage offerings, as I will be the first on the list to repurchase as soon as my current supply gets low.

Thanks for creating such a great product!


Hello, Received my Eye & Lip Balm yesterday and I love it! Used it twice yesterday and again this morning, you aren't kidding when you state "loaded with Hyaluronic acid"! My eye area is so hydrated and my concealer just glided on!

And your samples are so very generous, the Facial Shampoo was great with my make up last night and I can't wait to try the rest. Thank you!

Laura C

I wanted to send a quick note to compliment Kathy in your customer service department. She was extremely helpful in answering my order questions today--even after the 4th call (I was having trouble with a coupon code)!!

She has always been very friendly and a great person to have in a position that potentially is in contact with a great number of your clients on a day-to-day basis. I have walked away from cosmetics counters where I wanted to purchase something if the customer service was not adequate.

That will never happen with Sage. Thanks again for your wonderful products as well as your excellent customer service!

Cheri Y

Before I made the decision to order anything from Sage I read the testimonials and noticed there were very few from any men on there and decided if I went through with this I would write one.... here it goes!

I have had acne for 6 years...not a long time I know but frustrating still. I am a singer

and being on stage I have always been conscious about how I look. The problem for us men is we can't conceal those zits with makeup. (Well we could but we don't) thus began my battle for a zit free face!

Until now I have never been hopeful that my goal could be reached! I've only been using Sage for 3 weeks noticed a dramatic improvement. Not to say that I'm zit free yet but the one thing I've learned from using Sage is go slow with products that work and the results are startling! It's a change from our fast paced world where everything is instant...but Sage works, it really works!!

So I encourage any men out there who are contemplating trying Sage to give it a shot.... it may look complicated due to all the products but it's not - it's like brushing your teeth. You settle into a routine and life gets better and your skin gets clearer and your confidence gets stronger, and you can look people in the eye and NOT be wondering which zit there looking at!

It's incredibly liberating!!

So thank you Barbara and everyone at Sage my skin thanks you all.

Next time I sing I'll a sing a song for you!

Mark A.

Dear Barbara,

I have only been using Sage products for 8 weeks and the difference in my skin is amazing. It's the best it has ever been.

I started suffering from acne at the age of 15, directly after having chickenpox. I have tried everything available in the UK for years, antibiotics, orally and topically, Retin A. the contraceptive pill Dianette for years, sunlamps on medical advice, diet etc.

I am now 46 and it was only by accident, surfing on the net. that I discovered your website. I realized by reading your factsheets that most of my cosmetics, soaps and bath products were all contributory factors, as well.

Despite my skin being much clearer, it is also already looking firmer and younger, as I have been using the peel, the smoothing cream, MSSR and the firming and brightening cream. You now have a life-long customer and I have been recommending your products to friends and relatives.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Helen D.

I just tried mine last night and WOW, what a difference. I've been using 70% AHP for a year now so expected something similar, but I was amazed at how smooth my skin felt! Please tell me that you're going to make this a regular product?!?! I also figure it's about time I thanked you for the rest of your skincare system since I've been using Sage for about 18 months now. Before Sage I'd had adult acne for the last 15 years, tried everything but nothing really helped. After Sage I have beautiful skin that looks better without foundation than with. Something I never thought would happen to me.

I'm still working on getting rid of scarring and discoloration, but no zits (unless I get lazy and skip my MSSR for several days). I can't thank you enough.


I put my Sage products to the test once & for all! Quickly, I've been suffering through breakouts for over 4 yrs. now. Before Sage I had literally tried everything, Rx's, otc products, dept. store brands, & everything I saw being peddled through our miracle infomercials! I stumbled upon Sage through the Cosmetic Connection about a year ago,& decided to order them. They cleared my skin within a few days, the only problem was my skin wouldn't stay clear b/c I couldn't/wouldn't keep from picking! So about a month ago I told myself I HAVE to stop picking, I had to see what my skin was doing on it's own & not from me creating problems.

I continued with my Sage routine & have kept my hands off! I I am thrilled to say I HAVE CLEAR SKIN!!! Now comes the test. Thinking that my skin is clear now, I wanted to see how much of it was Sage & how much of it was just my picking & aggravating my skin. Please note; I never intended to stop using Sage, b/c IMO there is nothing that comes close! I love the feel of these products & fully intend on living with them forever! I was just testing my skin!

I switched to an expensive regimen that I had called MD Forte. It has all the basic active ingredients as Sage, BHA'S/AHA's, benz. per., etc.! So it will work the same right? Wrong!

Within 2 days my skin was super dry & taut, flaking & bumpy! I stuck it out for 2 weeks, b/c I know that when you start using different products, you'll go through a little adjustment. My skin still had all the same problems, only worse! I went back to my Sage & in 3-4 days, it was soft again, & after 1 1/2 weeks, totally clear!

I know now that the majority of my problems were me making my skin worse by picking, but I also see that even if I don't pick, I still have breakouts, just not as bad. And the only thing that will keep those problems CONTROLLED (which is as good as cured to me!) is my Sage products!

Ok Barbara! You've been put to through the true test & passed with flying colors! ;) You are the valedictorian of acne management! Not only do you clear our skin & keep it clear, you one up it by leaving us with soft, supple, glowing skin! **I love you man!** :


Hi Joanne & Barbara,

I just wanted to tell you I think your products are absoultely wonderful! Here I am not plagued by acne but felt my skin was aging and looking rather dull & forgotten about so I decided I need something that would rev up my skin and give it a more youthful appearance with a glow. Well! Well! well! Sage Skincare is where the buck stops for me. I have not only achieved that nice youthful flushed glow but much to my amazement I have gotten many questions by various people asking what do I use on my skin! I love these kinds of questions because I am a bit smitten about my new found beautiful skin. I have always felt Sage skincare was way too pricey for my pocketbook but I am getting results right then & there, your products work as promised and since you don't need to use globs of your product in the long run the price just about evens out with the amount of product you get. A little goes the distance!

Sage skincare is worth every penny to me and is a staple in my skincare regimen. I use no other not anymore. Thanks to the tons of sample you have sent I tried mssr 2% on those monthly big mothers and no joke, that same night that big mamma dwindled to a pimple just like that, I didn't expect that, I happen to go into my bathroom for something and of course me being a tad bit vain I looked in the mirror marveling at my skin and was stunned to see that bump had melted down to a pimple within a Hour. I'm walking around my home saying to myself No way in Hell. Then I said this is amazing. This is my next order... Mssr 2% but maybe I will try 4% if the 2% did that in less than hour 4% must be a mind blower.

Any way I just wanted you all to know that I am a loyal customer from here on out and would like you to post my testimonial. Some people may feel your products are mainly for problematic skin which is something I don't have... the word needs to get out that sage skincare is one of the smartest & best investments anyone could make towards healthy looking skin.

Loyal Customer,


Dear Barbara,

I received me order in a very timely manner on Friday. Started using irt that night. Today ( Monday, is day 4). the dryness and roughness on both cheeks is gone. Iv'e never heard of grains before washing, but it seems to be doing the trick. I called my daughter, today is her birthday to wish her a great day and thank her for the referral to your product. After using very expensive product for years thinking that they were better and a convert to Sage. I look forward to ordering more things in the future.

Thank you ,

Joan A

Dear Barbara,

You must have heard this many times, but I must say it again - your products are simply wonderful! Not only have they kept my acne at bay, but for the first time in my life, I have clear, smooth skin that's soft to the touch. It's truly a wonderful phenomenon, and I have you and your products to thank. Thank you, dear Barbara, for giving me good skin and great confidence to face the world. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Once again, thank you very much, Barbara, for your products and expertise. I am most grateful to you. Have a nice day ahead! Yours respectfully,


I just had an issue with an order that USPS said they delivered, but I never received. I contacted Sage and Kevin was an angel. Without questions he resent the order to my office, it arrived in record time and he was such an angel about it. I hated to inquire, but I was really looking forward to trying Barbara's new Treatment Cream and when my order didn't arrive, I was miserable. It just goes to show what great customer service can do!! And, trust me, you don't find it everywhere, but at Sage, it abounds!!

I also had a problem with an order; some items were not sent out to me, but Kevin made it right. He sent the items immediately and I got them in record time. THANKS KEVIN! The customer service at Sage CAN NOT be beaten. Most companies don't know and don't care who you are...Sage CARES!

~Kim :)


I have been back on the sage wagon for about 2 months and my skin has never looked better!! someone actually complimented me on it the other day! I started using sage about 2-3 years ago and had great success. almost 1 year ago I decided to try other skincare lines- probably due to some PMS bout I was having- anyway what a mistake! the past 9 months I broke out more than I ever have in my life. of course this just led me to try more and more products with less and less satisfactory results. then eureka! I decided to go back to sage and the turn around in my skin has been unbelievable. I am 30 years old and prone to cystic monthly outbreaks (usually 1 or 2 huge ones that stay forever) and a few small outbreaks around my chin and mouth. I am thrilled to say that my face has completely cleared. not only that, but the texture, color and overall clarity is almost perfect- seriously! its really something. your products are the absolute best- the cleansing grains and facial shampoo I don't think I could live with out and I love the mssr. I did an AHP last week and my face almost immediately glowed! I also use the bio defining mask and love it as well. I want to thank you for such great attention- Barbara called me when I came back to you guys to walk me through my routine and what to order- and such wonderful products. I am never leaving you again!!

Erin h

Barbara, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your products (assuming I'm writing to the correct person!). I find it difficult sometimes to make the commitment to pay for products that are quite outside my budget, but as soon as I've placed my order, I feel great about it because I know my skin will be back to its healthy self soon! And the cost has always been worth it, because there is truly nothing I have tried to find on my own that works anywhere near as well as Sage products do. I also love getting my e-mail confirmations thanking me for using your products and supporting a women-owned and run company. I am so happy to support such endeavors. Thank you for your frank and honest advice about skincare on the website, as well as the little gifts that are sent with every one of my orders. I really feel that your company goes above and beyond and I never feel like I am being taken advantage of as your customer. It is not often one feels "moved" to write comments or suggestions, but this is one of those times. No suggestions, really, except to keep up the good work, and keep those monthly specials coming!

Thank you so much.

Allison G

Hi, I have ordered your products (rosacea starter kit) recently and am very pleased with the results so far. Thank you also for the prompt delivery: I ordered the products on Friday (from Germany) and they were delivered on Monday!! That was really great how everybody from SAGE kept me updated on the status of my order and processed it so promptly. Also the tracking function is great, I could trace my order over the internet and see exactly when it arrived in customs in Germany etc.


Dear Barbara,

I hope that this letter will make you and your people really proud of what you do. I knew of course that your products were different even before I tried them, as I was impressed by your excellent customer care and personalized approach. Of course I was even more impressed when I tried them on my face.

When I started using your products, my skin was your usual oily-acneic skin. However, somewhere along the way, it became less oily and started feeling sensitive, dehydrated and unhappy?but shiny and prone to zits around the T-zone at the same time. And as soon as you changed my prescription, my skin condition improved.

Although I was happy with most of my regime, I felt that having stuff shipped from the US cost too much and that I should try to find similar skincare which would be readily available in Greece, where I live. I have searched and searched and wasted loads of dough on unsuitable products). I kept telling myself that somewhere out there, there had to be something which could work as well as your Extra Gentle Facial Shampoo, Fix Zit or Old Lady Cream. Well, my search is over. Better products for my skin simply do not exist. Period. I have tried an incredible number of facial cleansers in liquid, solid, oily, foaming, non-foaming form?you name it, I have tried it. And yet, nothing cleaned my skin perfectly but without any dryness whatsoever. Neither have I found anything as potent towards zits and as gentle towards my skin like Fix Zit (I use 5% and spot treat with XX w/ Sulphur). As far as Old Lady Cream is concerned, nothing plumps chapped lips like it. Also, when I use it as a night cream, my face feels very smooth and plump. (My sister also swears by your Claw and Paw cream, but that?s another discussion.)

In other words, congratulations for such an exceptional line.


I have Rosacea with an occasional pimple or two. I love the XG Corrective Grains and XG Facial Shampoo. The XG Facial Shampoo is the only thing that doesn't burn my skin when I have a major rosacea flare-up. The Corrective Grains have made my skin noticeably smoother. I use the other products only as needed due to my sensitivity and lack of patience with a many step routine. Plus my face is great most of the time with just the grains and shampoo. I thank you for creating the first skin care products that truly work on my skin type. They are well worth the cost. Now if you came out with a shampoo & conditioner, I'd have it made!

Cindy E

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! My skin looks AWESOME! You people are a god send!!! I have never seen ANY product work SO FAST!!! I love using the whole system day and night ..just to see how much better my skin will look! Thanks a million! You have got yourself a lifelong customer!


I just started trying Sage products last week, and I can't tell you how much I LOVE them. I have been fighting Rosacea for more than a year now, and these products are the first thing that I've found that work. In addition, I've had very sensitive and dry skin all my life and have tried every product on the market - and nothing worked. I've thrown out more products than I'll probably ever need from Sage. This is the first time in years that I actually look forward to taking care of my skin, as I know it won't be a battle. I can't thank you enough for these great products, and for all of the wonderful information that you provide along with it. The articles on your web, and the detailed instructions are so helpful. These products have given me hope that I can get Rosacea under control. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Marian V

Dear Barbara:

I've been using Sage since 1999 and still love it. My skin has never looked better, and next week I'll be turning 39!

Awhile ago I was at the cosmetics counter to buy foundation. The woman who was helping me asked me if my skin was oily or dry. I smiled and

said "neither". (Before Sage, I would have had to say "both"!) She felt my skin and said "Oh, I'm so jealous of people who have perfectly

hydrated skin!" I smiled again and told her about Sage. She was all over it! And she works for a high-end cosmetic company. It made my day...

Keep up the great work!

Camille C

I rec'd my order on Friday and am loving the products. Friday afternoon I started getting a monster on my chin, one that typically requires an injection or a week to go away. I followed the directions to begin using your product and to my amazement & utter happiness the monster disappeared faster than I could have imagined. I can't wait to see how great my skin looks after a few weeks of use. I am thrilled I stumbled upon your products!!


I have been using your products for 1 full week. Just one week! And the difference in my skin is amazing! I have always suffered from acne on my chin area, and occasionally on my cheeks, and I have been on one prescription after another - most recently, different gel, and nothing ever worked! It just dried me out, and made my skin sore. But it only took one week to begin to get the situation under control using your try me pack! My cystic acne ("big mothers") is melting away (thanks to the zit zapper with sulfur!) And the redness I had which was left over from acne that is gone is fading away! I love the gelloid - my skin is soft and even!!!!!!!!! The shampoo takes off every bit of makeup!!!! The complements I have received in just 7 days - it is unbelievable! Everyone is telling me how amazing my skin looks, and how smooth my face is. Thank you thank you thank you! I am hooked! Thank you so much!!!!! I am one happy customer!


I am writing to tell you how pleased I have been with your product line. This past year I had been using Diane 35 birth control pill which did wonders for my face but also changed my composition it seems. Several months ago, I decided it was time to cease this form of birth control and my skin went wild. All different types of acne and nothing worked. My dermatologist had me on all kinds of things that semi-worked while drying my skin and making it ultra sensitive. I ordered a try-me pack and after using it for nearly 3 weeks the change is remarkable. My skin is soft and nearly completely clear. It

is no longer irritated and I feel wonderful. Being 29 and having that kind of acne was acutely embarrassing along with being so uncomfortable. I have now placed an "actual" order and am sure I will be back for a long time. Thank you so much for your products. I have been and will continue to recommend your products.

Amy L


I just had to write in about my skin. I am soooo excited about all of Sage skincare products. Now mind you I've only been using sage for 10 days

now...but...I have a totally clear face! This is something I of all people haven't had in 2 years. I started out with the try-me pack, then 5 days later, ordered full sizes and then just yesterday ordered the blow out special order pack. Can you tell I am scared to death to be without these now. LOL. Ohhh have to sneak in that I ordered on a Monday and received my items by Wednesday, he he. I started out with mild acne to start but can't believe my skin right now. I have tried it all, I sat down and just realized I've to date tried 18 different skincare lines. I had my daughter take a picture of me yesterday, that I attached below because I just wanted proof that I am not losing it and my skin is really clear! I emailed it to all my family members and also finally posted a picture of myself on another message board (something I didn't want to do before I always used an older photo) I absolutely love the site and all the information on ingredients that clog your pores. I was amazed to find out that the skincare line I was using for a year had 4 ingredients listed as a 4!! I now am using a safe shampoo, conditioner, foundation and blush and just really can't believe my results. I went to the store the other day without a drop of foundation on!! I am sooo thankful to Barbara for not only creating a truly highly addictive skincare line but also educating us on what's in the products we use. Thank you Thank you Thank you I will never be without my Sage.

Shawnah :)

You are probably already tired of receiving all the compliments from people for making such wonderful products. However, I also want to take some time and thank you for making my skin look so beautiful, that I haven't had in years. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on clinique, lancome, MD formulations, over the counter masks & creams, dermatologist, antibiotic name it, but I had never seen any gratifying results with them. All those products would clear up my skin for the time-being, but I still didn't get the result I always wanted, i.e. healthier, glowing skin. I am 22 years old from California. I didn't know anything about Sage product line until I got married 5 months ago. I started breaking out pretty badly after my marriage for two months. Every day, I saw myself in the mirror and spotted big lovely zits here and there

on the face. My sister-in-law noticed my face and gave me an overview of the Sage products, that she had been using for the last couple of years. She also gave me few samples of some of the sage products for take-home. I was already pretty distressed about my previous medicines, but I still thought of giving Sage a try. I did see some results but not as much because I wasn't too regular with it, plus I wasn't using the samples in a proper order. I started doing some research on sage two months ago (reading reviews, articles, testimonials) and finally decided to order the acne try-me pack. That just did WONDERS for me!!! I am so excited and can't wait to use all the sage products! (especially the ones I haven't used: AHP, bleaching lotions, ooey gooey mask etc.) However, at the same time, I want to go a bit slowly on the products due to a limited budget, plus its better to use one thing at a time. Thanks again.


After almost 2 years of using Sage, I love my skin even more. I understand what to do, and I've learned how to read what my skin needs and how to take good care of it. It's so nice to not have to worry every time I wake up in the morning what I will find on my face. This is "luxury" skin care that lasts and lasts. There are enough stresses in the world without having to worry about your complexion too. It's nice that Barbara and Joanna and everyone at Sage give us the tools to relieve us of those stresses. Thank you so much for the life changing skin care. You really do put the "care" in skin care. :)


July 3 it will be 1 year since I started using Sage products so I thought now would be a good time to tell my story. The difference Sage products have made to my skin is absolutely amazing. Not only has Sage cleared up my cystic acne, but I got my self-confidence back.

As a teenager I didn't have just a couple of every once in a while. It wasn't until I was 22 that I developed "adult acne". It got soooo bad that all I wanted to do was cry and hide in the house. I went to several dermatologists who put me on antibiotics that NEVER worked, along with creams that would dry my skin out sooo bad that I would break out even worse. I tried explaining to these Doctors that drying out my skin seemed to be making my acne much worse, but I would just get more antibiotics that would do nothing and more creams that would dry out my skin!

Anyway I considered Proactive, but after checking out some reviews I came to the conclusion that their goal is to "dry out"; your skin and since I believe that drying out my skin makes it worse I knew Proactive wasn't for me. Then one day I was checking out some reviews on the Cosmetic Connection when I came across the review on Sage products. I went to and began reading everything.

I liked what I read and since Sage had a "trial" kit I gave it a shot. Before using my new Sage products I spent hours going over

EVERYTHING so I would get it right. I heeded Barbara's advice on going slow, it takes 90 days for a zit to form, ice, blah blah blah :) and FINALLY I applied the products the night of July 3, 2000. Well by the next morning I knew that after 12 years of horrible skin I finally found something that would work.

I couldn't believe the overnight difference. NO I didn't wake up to clear skin in one day, but my skin did continuously get clearer and clearer. In fact within the first week of using Sage products, my Husband, who was the only person to ever see me without makeup, made a comment about how my skin looked "smoother" less red.

After 6 months of using Sage products I was looking people in the face again knowing that they wouldn't be counting the 10-15 zits on my face since they were no longer there!!!

I do get the occasional zit which is caused by one of three things...1) I slacked off (on using the products, icing or changing my pillow case) 2) I dried my skin out (using AHP too much MZ or letting the mask dry on my skin) and 3) Extreme Stress (guaranteed zit or two).

I can't say enough good things about Sage products. If you proceed slowly and follow the directions SAGE PRODUCTS TRULY TRULY TRULY WORK.

If anyone reading this post is still thinking about whether or not to give Sage a try my advice is to definitely give it a try. I truly thank God for the day I stumbled onto Sage Products. I know what it feels like to be self conscious because of "bad" skin and to wonder if you'll ever have clear skin again. Everyone needs to find what works for them and the great thing is that Barbara and all the Sage Staff will work with you to help you find what works for you. Whether it may be a change in your routine or change in your products they are there to do whatever it takes. And this forum is a godsend. I still come here for good advice, good reviews and techniques on applying the products.

To Barbara and everyone else at Sage....I want to say Thank you...Thank you for your wonderful products and for all the time you spend in making sure your clients are getting positive results. Because of your products I have my confidence back. I can face the world again. When friends use to ask if I had one wish what would I wish for my answer was always clear skin. You made my wish come true and I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear Barbara:

I had already written you to tell you how happy I was within just a few days of using your Oily Skin "Try Me Pack." And now three weeks later, my skin keeps looking better and better! What I wanted to thank you for now is your At Home Peel. It is simply and absolutely fantastic!!!! I received it via UPS yesterday afternoon and used it last night, followed your instructions to the letter and my skin looks wonderful (if I do say so myself)!! I still cannot believe how wonderful your products are! I thank you for including the sample of Zit Zapper that I'd asked for ----- I have already placed an order for it this morning! And especially for the wonderful and generous samples of the body products ---they are already on my list to order next-they are just wonderful!! Thank you again for your amazing products-as a woman who suffered with oily/breakout prone skin and tried everything short of a paper bag over her head to clear the oil and scarring and uneven skin tone, I am just so thankful to you! Somehow, "thank you" just doesn't seem to cover it! Your products have changed my complexion and my life! For the first time, I feel comfortable going outside without wearing foundation --just my SPF 25 and a big smile!! Keep up the fabulous work and if you ever need an enthusiastic customer referral, please don't hesitate to ask me! Best regards and continued success.

Suena W

Dear Barbara,

I just started using your products this week and could not be happier with the results. When I used "HUMAN CLICK" to speak with a representative you were the one who spoke to me and you asked me to call. I have never had such wonderful service and a feeling that you really cared and truly wanted to help guide me towards the best products to make my skin beautiful. All the samples have been wonderful and have allowed me to see what works best for me. I look forward to trying some of your other products such as the Gelloid and Biological Defining Mask. Do you think these products would be good for my sensitive and acne prone skin? I am a customer for life and I can't wait to start using your cosmetics as well!!! Thank you.

Betty C

I've always tried tons of skincare products in the hope that sooner or later one will work the way they say it will. I read InStyle and Allure, hunting for the skincare program that will help me to get the clear skin I want so much. Yeah, right. More money wasted and hopes dashed again. Then there's Sage. No unrealistic promises, just truth. Faithfully use the products according to the instructions, give yourself a little time, and you will see improvement. It's so simple, and know what? It works! Go ahead and get your hopes up because this time your high hopes are based on a company that is led by a person who tells the truth.

Liesle F

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara!!! My daughter has been using Sage since Oct/01 & at that time I was desperate to save her from the terrible genetic, scarring acne that my son went through. And she was well on her way! Thanks to your kind, caring, never impatient ways...always there answering every ridiculous, picky question and always fine tuning her routine......I MUST tell you that it has been months & months now that her face is clear!!!! At 16, she knows everything she has to do to keep it that way. She knows when to buffer, when not to, changing strengths of things when needed....all learned from YOU and your guidance. We always keep an arsenal of Sage supplies..she gets nervous if she runs low with no backup ready!!! But..thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Her mom,


Hi Joanna, my name is Sally Chatfield and I am 49 years old. I have used every skin care product that was ever made I think. Never had a satisfied result.. Your product made my skin feel the same everyday which is unusual for my skin. I always had good and bad days. This makes me have all GOOD days which I still find hard to believe. I love your product and will stay with you forever. I can't wait to try your eye cream and makeup line... Thank you so much for finally making my life easier!!!!! Sincerely,


I can't thank you enough for creating this fabulous line of skin care. I will be turning 40 this Oct and needless to say I have been not looking forward to it at all, actually dreading it. I started on the Dry/Mature Kit almost 2 weeks ago and since have bought everything to enhance the basics. My skin has never been so hydrated, smooth and even in appearance until now. My face thanks me everyday for your products :-) I look like I am 30 and not about to turn 40 :-) I am one of those women whom bores easily with products, especially when you don't see any results so needless to say I have drawers full of products that I know I have spent thousands of dollars on, Here is where my search ends, I have put everything away and only use SAGE. As for the drawers of products I am donating them to a local Women's Shelter, every woman needs pampering :-) Once again thank you

Jacquie C

PS I am looking forward to the new cream coming out

Dear Barbara: What can I say except THANK YOU! Until I found your products via My Points, I didn't even know I had Rosacea. All I knew was that the skin on and around my nose and chin was so reddened, my cheeks and forehead were positively puffy, and the acne was so persistent that it had become a daily routine. I ordered the Try-Me Pack, but when it arrived, the instructions looked so complex that I let everything sit in a drawer for months. Instead, I went to my doctor, who confirmed the diagnosis of Rosacea and prescribed Metrogel. The stuff only made my skin hurt, and actually made the breakouts worse. Meanwhile, my face got redder, the little squiggly veins got worse, the zits got angrier, and I thought I would have to give up my beloved gardening because it so aggravated the condition.

Finally, I remembered all those little jars I had stuffed in my desk drawer....I pulled out the Try-Me Pack, studied the directions, and got to work. Within two weeks I had thrown away the Metrogel! A few weeks later I went to my doctor for an unrelated problem, and his P.A. remarked that my skin was looking sooooooo much better, the Metrogel must be working. I told her that the Metrogel was in the round-file, and that Sage had saved my face. I gave her the product name and web address, and asked her to check it out. A few days later she sent word through my husband to please bring her more information, as she had mentioned my "remarkable" results to several of their other Rosacea patients, and they were clamoring for a referral. I printed out a couple of your articles and delivered them to her. She promised to read the rest of the articles and to spread the word -- even called me a Walking Advertisement! I have subsequently received more compliments from friends and colleagues (completely unsolicited ones - the best kind!).

About a week ago, I hit a major milestone -- I actually stopped by the office WITHOUT FOUNDATION! And no one winced, yelped, or looked embarrassed for me....believe me, my beloved compatriots would not have hesitated to let me have it with a head-tilted-with-concern "You look like you aren't feeling well". Yyyyyesssssss! My only

regret is that you apparently chose to drop your affiliation with My Points. The only thing better than getting a New and Improved Face would be to get a New and Improved Face and lots of points for free stuff! Thanks again,

Elaine R

Sharron I am sorry if I seem to be a pain in the butt , BUT I am so intrigued by this line I find myself wanting to know and read more about it which leads me to the question of why ice the face? I am one of those women who has drawers up on drawers and spent a small fortune on skin care lines and never really satisfied until now. I have nothing on my counter but SAGE and I never thought I would be able to part with my Crème De Le Mer, but yes I have put that away :-) The only regret I have is not trying SAGE sooner, I have known about this line for about 2 years, I read many reviews on it, but better late than never :-)

Jacquie C

I've been using Sage now for three years(besides the indiscretion below). Last year I got pregnant and had great skin, soo I went off Sage and decided to use La Mer. I must say, it was a mistake. My skin cracked, peeled, broke out, and felt like someone had run a beltsander over it. I looked like it, irritated, generally gross and hurt.

Well I decided I'd had enough and went back on Sage. My skin had changed from combination/sensitive to dry/sensitive after my pregnancy, and the products I had weren't working like they had before. I wrote you an email, and you gave me a new regimin with some changes. Within a week, my skin looked 100 percent better. I also started taking Yasmin when my daughter turned 1.

Fast forward to now...I've been using the products religiously and my skin is clear! Not a few breakouts, not breakouts on my chin(which was my problem), but totally clear. I just added the Bleaching Emulsion and Enzyme facial in hopes of getting rid of the last remnants of discoloration from past zits. I am beyond pleased. I also just received your new Hydrating Mask and love, love, love it. I hope you keep the enzymes and mask as permanent additions, because I will keep buying them. I had a senstivity to the AHP(I have quite sensitive skin), but still used it every once in awhile, but now I can use this!!! That's what I love about Sage, besides the fact that it works; there are options.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again. Keep up the good work, and I'm glad you are better after the rose incident:)



Sage is the best skincare line my family has ever used. My sister looks fabulous, my son's Keratosis Pilaris is GONE, and Sage has cleared my blotchy skin. We love Sage and are thankful for your staff and the superior products. In the past I have purchased very expensive products that have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to clear my skin and help my son. Sage is an ethical and honest product that REALLY WORKS. We love all of you!!! Thank you for everything!!

Jennifer D

My search for the ultimate skin care regimen is officially over. The Sage Skin Care system has everything I've been searching for: a facial cleanser that neither strips nor leaves residue, a scrub that is gentle enough to use every day, a sunscreen that doesn't smell bad or look chalky and moisturizers that "sink" into my skin. My skin looks almost as good as it did in my early 20's (I'm 35 years old).

I was so impressed with my Try Me pack that I went ahead and ordered the full-size kit 4 days later! Admittedly, I did this partly because the full-size kits were on sale (and the sale was going to be over the next day). But I was primarily motivated by the supreme quality of the products.

My only regret is that I didn't find Sage Skin Care sooner. But I take consolation in the fact that my friends and family will discover Sage ASAP--because I will be singing your praises to them! A fan for life,


Thank you Barbara for getting back to me and taking the time on the phone to answer questions. I do so appreciate your expertise and your products are superb and have made all the difference in my skin.

Thanks again..

Barb D

Hi Barbara.. Thank you very much . I really do appreciate your time looking into my forgetfulness, and help with my questions. It was really exciting to talk to you. You rarely experience that level of personal service ...EVER! I am looking forward to receiving the F&b and smoothing creams. I trust your advice and products always. Thank you again, take care ~

Lori A :)

My name is Sinead. I am 25 years old and I live in Ireland. I have had facial acne (mostly around the jawline)for about five years now. I never really had it in my teens. I tried everything, antibiotics, creams etc and spent sooooo much money on expensive beauty products to rid myself of this horrible acne which was getting me down, to no avail. The thing that all these products had in common were that they were expensive, didn't work and made my skin really dry. So, basically I had horrible cystic acne PLUS dry, flaky skin! Not a good look and it made me unhappy, self conscious and I didn't feel like going out at weekends when I should be enjoying myself.

But... in the past few weeks - I feel brilliant! Really good! I saw the advice on the Cosmetic Connection website and thought 'I need some of that!' My skin is soft, smooth, has hardly any spots and is glowing. My boyfriend loves the new me! Thank you Barbara for your products. I know now that I will be a 'Sager' for life. I now want to get hold of some of your body products so I think I will be ordering some of them in the next few weeks.

Love, Sinead

I just wanted you to know that I'm using the "Try Me" pack for combination skin and am absolutely loving your product line. My skin has changed dramatically in just one week of use. I'm already moving away from a "combination" skin type towards a more "normal" skin and my skin tone itself is much more even, I barely have to use make-up to "even" things out. And now my husband wants in on the action (he's already skimming from my facial shampoo and the XX Mother Strickland's zit zapper). Do you customize packs for men? Feel free to use my comments in your testimonial section, I've already passed on the website to several friends, and be sure to let me know about men's skincare if you provide it. Gratefully,

Susan C

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Barbara. You have given so much happiness back into my life by creating Sage Skin Care. I have suffered with acne since I was 11 years old, and have gone through so many different forms of therapies including Accutane which caused my body so much terrible pain in side effects and ended up not working for long. I have been using Sage for just over two weeks and I feel radiant! It has been years that the only way I look in the mirror would be if I didn't have my contacts on or very close up so that I wouldn't get the whole picture of myself. Well today I just stood back and looked at myself and stared at a person that I havn't seen in a long time. I am so happy with myself, so much confidence, and self-esteem has come back to me.... thanks to your products and caring. Last September I did some modelling for my hairdresser, but it was a very traumatic experience for me because my skin was very broken out. The photographer did an excellent job touching

up the pictures, but now when I do look at the pictures I see the girl that I see now in the mirror and I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would have skin so wonderful. Well I better get going before I make this post to you even longer! Thank you again Barbara for everything. I am so happy I want to cry. You've given so much back to me, I don't think I could ever thank you enough.

A forever Sager, Sabrina

I must compliment you as far as knowing your ingredients. I have very very sensitive and dry skin--roscea, only blushing and redness. I ordered your Emulsion and Old Lady Cream. I layered them and in two days, I have no more dry skin, and best of all, no rashes or hives! Hurray! I read ingredients like crazy and have ordered, before you, I don't know how many products from the Internet, thinking they would be okay. I was so desperate I ordered from Ar-Ex, and that was the worse--probably because of Borax! I ordered from Paula Bequin but had to send everything back. I could go on and on. I received samples, generous, of your facial shampoo and grains. I just ordered today and also the gelloid. I hope I will be okay with them. I was too excited to wait! LOL! I guess because I've been using Vaseline for the past 15 yrs. I know it's a sealant and not a moisturizer, but it was better than nothing. It must be good because I'm 57 and everyone thinks I'm less than 47! Probably genes because my Mom has wonderful skin tone. Anyway, I just want to thank you so much. If I have to return anything I won't hesitate, but I don't think I will. By the way, the Old Lady Cream is great for an eye cream for those with allergies. I could go on but won't take any more of your time. I just want to thank you for knowing your ingredients and what you are putting together. Thanks again,


Hello, I ordered the 4 oz bottle of Corrective Grains and a 4 oz bottle of Facial shampoo, both Extra Gentle, about 2 weeks ago. I am SO INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED by these two products!! I am taking 6 grams of B5 per day, and am using Retin-A Micro at night, and my skin was virtually acne free for the first time in a few years because of those two products. So I was hesitant to purchase the Sage products, because I didn't want to add anything that may make my skin worse. However, I was looking for a new cleanser to use in the morning and at night, because I was unhappy with my old one. Like so many cleansers, it made my skin feel very tight and red, and I had a hard time opening my mouth, because my skin was so tight. When I ate a meal, the skin around my mouth and jaw line would flake off a little. So I was looking for a cleanser that would help a little with acne, but mostly I was looking for a cleanser that would just make my skin

very soft and would improve slight discoloration, and wouldn't irritate my skin. Surprisingly, this was very hard to find. So I decided to try your two products, the shampoo and grains, because I had heard nothing but great things about them from many different people. It is a little more costly than most cleansers, but man is it worth it! My skin is softer than it has been in years since I started using this, and it also seems to be helping a little with the redness as well. I use it twice a day, and since I got the extra gentle version of both, it doesn't seem to be drying my skin out at all, which was a big problem for me.


I walked past the mirror this morning with no make-up on and I did a double-take. I almost didn't recognize the person in the mirror with the smooth and glowing complexion. I am 33 years old, and have literally spent thousands of dollars on acne and skin care treatments - everything from oral and topical prescriptions to drugstore and high-end department store brands. I tried Proactiv, Peter Thomas Roth, MD Formulations, La Mer, Lancome, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, etc. Some products helped a little, some made things worse, and most importantly not one of the brands lived up to the claims they made. I would cry at night before I went to sleep and dreaded looking in the mirror. I avoided my class reunion because my skin looked bad. One night I was searching the internet, came across this forum, and decided to purchase a try me pack. At the time my face was marked with acne, blackheads, scars, and the beginnings of rosacea. Within one week, my skin looked better than it had in years. After a month, I was hooked. I followed the routine religiously, called frequently to ask questions ( Thanks for your patience Sharon!), threw away all 'unsafe' make-up, lurked on this board for tips, and was able to sample products until I discovered what worked for me. Today, my skin is smooth and glowing. My scars are fading ( thanks to the At Home Peels) and I have a handle on the rosacea. It has been over on month since my last pimple, and I know if one shows up, I can handle it. My friends and family cannot believe the difference in my appearance and neither can I! While I wrote this mainly to thank Barbara for creating this wonderful product line, I am hoping others will read this post and try Sage. If you have tried everything, and you are at your wits end, please call them. The products are incredible, the service is unbelievable, and it might just change your life. Thank you so much!


I just have to share how much I love Sage products. I started breaking out 8 years ago. I had cystic acne on my chin, blackheads on my nose, oily t-zone, lines around my eyes, not pretty. I tried absolutely everything! Dermatologists, weekly facials, every department store brand, drug store product, health food store product, infomercial product, home shopping product, internet product, vitamins, herbs, diet...everything. Nothing worked. I finally tried Sage in December of 2000 after 6 years of searching and being depressed about my skin. Within 3 months my skin was completely clear. No

breakouts at all, no blackheads, just clear smooth healthy skin. Unbelievable. For those of you starting out, it took a while to get my regime figured out and I needed to adjust it as the seasons changed, but whenever I encountered difficulty in the beginning I just e-mailed Barbara my regime and what was happening and she instructed me on how to adjust it and the problem was solved. I also changed all of my makeup to Sage Safe makeup. My skin is flawless. I don't have to worry about it anymore. Recently I went to a fancy spa and had a facial (just for fun, I didn't really need one). The esthetician said my skin was beautiful but somehow talked me in to using samples of their expensive designer products. I had gone so long without breaking out that I started to wonder if maybe that phase of my skin was over. Well, I used those darn samples for a few days and my skin broke out terribly. That's what I get for not using Sage. I'm back on track and reminded of how much the products have done for my skin and my sanity. Thank you everyone at Sage, a wonderful company with wonderful products and a wonderful staff!!!


It has been about three months since I started using your products and they are fantastic. I had been battling cyclic acne (cystic) for many years without much success. I have tried virtually every skincare line, have been to countless dermatologists and have been on every kind of medication from prescription topical to Accutane. I also have rosacea so most things that treat my acne flare my rosacea and the things that are mild enough for the rosacea flare the acne. Since I have been using your products, I have only broken out in the beginning and I was able to successfully treat those erruptions. Since then, not a single breakout!

Your customer service is great. If I have questions, I can always call and get an answer. I always get what I ordered and my order comes quickly. Once, then I made a mistake on an order, someone called me to clarify what I wanted before the order was shipped. That is exceptional service in an age where customers are taken for granted. You can feel free to use this as a testimonial if you like.


I don't mean to scream thatttt loud but.. oh my god!! I just started using SAGE for oily skin, and although my skin is still oily, all the little pimples I have had since I was 20 on my forehead and chest are GONE gone gone gone gone!!!! I forgot what it felt like to run my fingers over my chestand forehead, and feel suple smooth skin. Wow!!! it's gorgeous and I just wanted to say a BIG thank you Thank you!!!! I just have started using sage, not even a week into using it, and already I see results!! The sunscreen is THE BEST, I cannot say enough about it, I live near the ocean and hated going outside slathered in thick sunblock, feeling all slimy and getting burned anyway.. This weekend, I put it on myself and two daughters, and we all did not get burned, and noone felt like a

greased up pig! :) THANK YOU!! I'm amazed and so pleased and am passing the word on, how great sage is. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!

You are an Angel!!! Barbara, thank you a million times over!! Now, I just need to watch my oily skin calm down :) Have Wonderful day!!

Lisa F

Kudos to all at Sage for an incredible product and amazing service. Barbara has a wonderful gift and I'm so glad she has used it to it fullest potential Sage has changed my life. It's easier to look people in the eye now. I don't brush my hair toward the sides of my face to hide "big mothers." I don't get up before everyone else to put on my makeup. I can exercise without make-up. I don't HAVE to wear foundation! I went swimming for the first time in 12 years a few weeks ago. My boyfriend is amazed at the difference in my skin. What's most shocking is that I have suffered for more than a decade with acne and it only took Sage about a month to bring me back to peaches and cream...something that I thought I would never have again. My pores even look smaller.

I am 28-years-old and have suffered from acne since my late teens. Like so many of your clients, I have tried it all. I tried Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Antibiotics and Persa-Gel. All my purchases were geared toward finding the right foundation to hide my blemishes. I worked for Estee Lauder Corp for a few years and thought that I would get the inside scoop on fixing this luck. Aveda, Origins, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Dermatologica, Neutrogena, Oxy, Cetaphil, Prescriptives, Clarins, ProActiv, Murad, luck with my skin. I was losing hope. That's when I discovered Sage by way of Heather Kleinman's Cosmetic Site. There just seemed to be something a little different about this one. I was also impressed that one of the CEOs suffered from genetic acne and her skin looked beautiful from using Sage.

The burden of bad skin has been lifted. I feel like I'm not distracted anymore by this problem. There's a wonderful sense of freedom. Again, thank you for Sage Skincare. You have yet another loyal customer. It's exhilarating to dump bins of old cosmetics and skincare into the garbage knowing that I now only need a few things from Sage to take care of my skin and to dress it up with make-up on special occasions.

Kristie E

I have been using the sage products since the first part of February. I am really glad that I have continued using them up to this point. My skin feels fantastic. There was a time not too long ago when I could run my hands over my face and feel several "bumps" under the skin. Not to mention the constant breakouts. Now, I usually only get the "tom" breakouts, and an Occasional zit. And to think, I don't even use any of the "specialty" products: ahp, smoothing cream/gel, etc. I only use the grains, poo, mssr 2%, SPF 25, and when needed, the mz w/sulphur. I cannot believe the difference in my skin in the last few months. I have also cut out most of the iodine, red dyes, (cranberry juice,) etc. I try to only buy "sage safe" items no matter what it is. Barbara is definitely right about the things that can cause acne in people's skin. I have started my son on the basic items just recently and I can see a slight improvement in his skin in just the past week. Of course, he is dipping into my supplies . . . He has the same skin problems that I described in the previous paragraph. I am hoping that it works as well for him as it does for me. But I will have to make sure that he sticks to the routine as I have. We all know that kids can get a little slack, for lack of a better word. In summary, I am very happy with this line of skin care. The customer service and the speediness of the deliveries have amazed me, to say the least!!! I simply cannot believe how fast I have received items that I have ordered via the website. God bless everyone at sage skincare, and keep up the good work!!! Thanks to Barbara (and all the rest of you) for all the help you have given me on this forum. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to keep paying for these products!!! God bless you.


Hi Barbara,

"… I will always say that Barbara did WONDERS for my life and me. I was on accutane at the time, breaking out like crazy and SO self-conscious so she did wonders for my self-esteem as well as for my face. She truly is amazing!"

Jill W

"I only started using Sage the end of January, and my skin looks and feels wonderful…and gets better each week! After my second AHP, I thought my skin looked as good as it did after a full TCA peel from the dermatologist last year. Without the pain, and 10 day recovery!! Thank you."


"First of all, I'd like to thank you for deciding to go into this line of work. I will someday write a lengthy testimonial, but every time I try I go off on a tangent as to how it changed

my life in this way or that way, and how I could go swimming now w/o a 2nd thought about some zit that will be revealed (I won't, because I'm lazy, but I could), how I can wash my face in front of my boyfriend, how I can use makeup for fun rather than restoration, how I can get a haircut w/o worrying that the shampoo-er is going to mess-up my carefully-concealed forehead, all sorts of little things that I don't worry about anymore.

It's so funny because I take it for granted, which is such a luxury. Now & then I get silly and take chances w/ makeup and remember quickly that I was not born w/ clear skin, and I straighten up, throw out the new powder & in a few days I'm clear again. Which is another thing I am grateful for – the education you provide – I used to believe that w/ the right acne-fighting products I simply wouldn't break out, no matter what cosmetics I used, now I know better, and I think that is half the battle.

I began using Sage a year ago after an unsuccessful stint with Retina Micro. I had just discontinued using an awful moisturizer that the dermatologist had recommended when I went in for my Retina, and by the time I rec'd my try-me pack my skin was actually clearing in comparison to the previous months, so I emailed you to find out if I could incorporate the Retina into my Sage routine. I have to admit that at the time I had little faith that an obscure product I found on the Internet would work better than a prescription product. You responded w/ how I could use Retina w/ Sage but asked that I use only Sage for a short time so that if I were having problems you would be able to help me better. Anyway, the Retina is still in the fridge, untouched.

I have never before been able to use a moisturizer of any kind w/o breaking out (which is a shame because w/ all the savage zit products I was using, I really could have used it) Gelloid & OLC were really the items I found most frightening, and I have used them for over a year w/o no problems at all. I also just got the MSSR mask I am enjoying it as well. Miracle Zit works wonderfully and does not irritate my skin in the least, I love the Bio Mask and the Bio Mask w/ BHA even more. The AHP makes me look like a 28-year-old newborn. Something, and I don't know what it is, has nearly eliminated all those wormy-things on and around my nose!? Who knew? I just wanted something to get rid of the ones I can see, so that was like getting a free gift w/ purchase, and don't get me started on all the generous samples I've rec'd."

Laura P.

"I am truly in love with your products!!"

Katie V

"I ordered your 4% MSSR…it's made my oily, mildly-acned skin look incredible…this is the first skin product that I have 100% wholeheartedly recommended to others!"

Chaweon K.

"I've been on every medication under the sun for the past 6 years and I've given up on dermatologists! I've gotten better information from your site than anywhere else- THANK YOU!!!!"

Alexandra M.

"A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a few of your products to try. I want to tell you, I have never been in love with a skincare line before and it has happened with Sage! My skin looks and feels smoother and healthier after just these past two weeks! I am so very anxious to try more of your products in the future. I've been to so many dermatologists in my life and I'm finally confident with my skincare regimen. Thank you so much for your products!"

Melissa L

I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU.

I have spent several thousands of dollars over the last 5 years trying many different product lines from over the counter (clearasil, oxy, neutrogena) to very expensive (origins, prescriptives, aveda, helena rubinstein, lancome, mario badescu, la prairie), dermatologist prescriptions (retin-a, cleocin, differin, tetracycline, teromycin), t.v. advertisements (proactive, murad) etc...those are just to name a few!!!!! And nothing has ever worked. I don't know why your product works so well on my skin. But it has cleared up tremendously and the tone looks great. My roommates compliment me everyday on how great my skin is starting to look great and I have only been using your products for 3 weeks now. So thank you, and fingers crossed that it stays this way!


I'm so please with my Sage experience. I'll admit that at first, I was wondering "hm, can I spend this much on skincare", and then realized with all the stuff I kept buying and not liking or not getting a good result from, I was spending far more than I would with a solid brand I liked! I'm glad you offer the "Try-Me" Packs because I don't think I would have purchased full sizes off the bat. Plus, hello, THANK YOU for giving out such great generous samples, I already want to buy like 5 more things just because I loved the samples.

Rebecca V.

I just wanted to say thank you!! I have had problems with acne since I first became a teenager (I am now 31 years old). I have tried every potion and skin care line on the market, just to attempt to control my acne. I have never found anything that works as well as your products do. I am almost 6 months pregnant and my skin looks great!!

With all the increased hormones, etc., I fully expected my face to look terrible during my pregnancy. I love the way my skin looks and feels. Your products are amazing. They really work!! I can't thank you enough! Thanks again for creating such a great product line!

Angie H

Hi Barbara,

I just had to tell you that I have been using the products for a week now and I am still amazed! I have experienced absolutely no irritation or breakouts. No burning or drying skin. For the first time in my life I can use benzoyl peroxide without breaking out. My pores appear smaller, my skin is smooth and less oily, and I can go longer without having to touch up the oilies!! The color of my skin also seems fresher if that makes any sense.

I love the Smoothing Gel and am looking forward to using the At Home Peel. My skin feels really clean and fresh for the first time in a long while.

I just don't understand why companies feel it necessary to "gunk" up their products with unnecessary ingredients and not use enough of the ingredients that really do the job intended! Please don't EVER stop formulating this stuff, and if you do, then let me know so I can get a lifetime supply!! Thanks!

Stephanie Z.

Hi Barbara,

I received my Try Me Packs (Dry Skin and Body)....they are awesome...I love everything. I just calculated how much I will need to spend in the future for the full size versions! AHHHHH!!!! It is worth it; I am happy! In one day...the dry skin on my face has virtually gone away! The bumps on the backs of my legs and arms...almost gone. I have only been using this since Monday night Barbara! You are the best!

Can you tell me what strength Smoothing Cream you sent it 12%. I have no stinging or irritation at all and I was just wondering what strength I am using!

I would like to order the SPF 8oz for $21.00. So, when you have a minute, please send me 1 8oz bottle, I want to stock up...especially with the special going on! I am going to Anguilla in May for my Honeymoon so I need to be well covered! Very kind regards.....and thank you for developing this line!!!!!!!

Carrie V.

Dear Sharon and Barbara

Sharon, thanks for the phone call today. I'm sorry that I was not at my desk to take the call. I would have loved to tell you verbally how very pleased I am with Sage Skincare. It's been exactly one week since I started using the Try Me Pack for Oily Skin and I must say that my skin is already starting to look better. I've noticed that it does not look as dull and flaky as it did before. I believe the Cleansing Grains is really helping with

that. Also, my face feels a lot smoother than it did previously. I have to keep reminding myself to stop touching my face, but I can't help it!!

Barbara, I am loving all of the products and the samples you so generously supplied me with. I have to tell you that I especially love the texture of the Biological Redefining Mask and everything just smells so good! Your products are so very gentle, none of the products irritate my skin at all and I have made sure to follow your e-mail instructions to the letter on how to use the products.

Now I look forward to getting up in the mornings to start my Sage regimen. I do believe that I'm on my way to healthy-looking, clear, glowing skin -- thanks to Sage. Perhaps by this summer, I can get by with just sunscreen and lipstick, if I so choose.

I took some "before Sage" pictures of my face and plan to take some every month just to note my progress. I will keep you posted. Thank you again for such wonderful products. Sage Skincare is AWESOME!!!!

Denise S.


Today marks 2 weeks I have been using Sage. I try not to get too excited about new skin care until I am sure it is working so I didn't want to rant or rave until I was absolutely sure I really liked it and it did what you claim it will do. Well, it is super! My skin is very clear and looks healthy. I am impressed! I am not only impressed with the products but with the company and you. You all are so kind and really do seem to care. Thank you so much!

Amy G.

Hi Barbara,

I got the try me pack on Friday, used the products and already see a huge difference. I also took your advice and purchased the Revlon New Complexion foundation, What a difference. Here I am spending tons of money on cosmetics, that contain some of the worst chemicals irritants and otherwise for the sensitive person like me. I just can't believe it. Thank you so much. I will certainly be getting more of your products. I am hooked. Thanks again,

Beata N.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for the heavenly body oil, body shampoo, and moisturizer. I used them tonight, and they truly are wonderful. Once again, I can't thank you enough for your products and advice. My skin is the best it has ever been. I never would have believed it had I not seen and experienced it myself. My skin had been broken out with varying degrees of severity for more than 10 years. Never had I had a completely clear face at any time. Since I started using your products, my skin has been completely clear since Christmas. As an added bonus, the little wrinkles and lines seem to be going away too! That's pretty good for almost 50...When one of my dance students said, "Miss

Becky, you don't look 50" I was able to say "Taryn, this is what 50 looks like!" I owe it all to you. Once again, thank you for everything.

Becky S.


there are no words to describe how I feel. what I want to say is a 1,000" thank you's" for helping me with my skin disorder. it is so refreshing to have an owner take personal interest in their clients and now I have a skin care routine that actually works. last night, I was at the club and I can't tell you the # of women that kept commenting on how great my skin looked, I actually was a little embarrassed. it's only been about 10 days and what an improvement, I only have 1 zit on my chest and it is healing nicely, my face is totally clear and I have a nice rosy complexion. I keep all my products in a little bucket in the fridge, so handy. God love you girlfriend, you've outdone yourself. Rise and Shine it's a new day.

Lee Ann B.


Yes, I received my products and I am getting on fine with them.

I used to get try patches before on my skin, but after using your products I haven't had any since. My skin is smoother, and looking much better. I have been using the smoothing gel, as the cream is a bit too greasy and the gel is not drying on the skin at all. The old lady cream is brilliant, if I need a bit more moisture.

I must admit I was a bit wary, since I thought the products may be too strong and may irritate my skin. But I have been pleasantly surprised, and I'm so glad I ordered them. Usually products for oily skin tend to strip all the moisture from the skin, but the facial wash and exfoliator are really gentle of the skin. I will definitely be ordering full size products. Thanks

Sophia A.

Hi, Barbara, remember me? Maybe not; it's been a while. I've been using my try-me pack products, and things are going well! The 12% smoothing cream + old lady cream around the eyes does WONDERS for fine lines around the eyes (even though I'm just 31 years old, I've really noticed a difference)! Still LOVE that SPF 25!!

Laura J.

Dear Barbara,

It has almost been two weeks since I began my starter kit. I must say, with no buttering up intended, that the products I had previously been using don't even come close to the quality of yours. Wow ... the visible difference in my skin is already very noticeable. I

have been using very expensive peels and enzymes to remove dead skin and they don't work half as good at removing the dry dead skin as just your every day products (I will be purchasing your peel - I can't wait to see the results) If this is not even two weeks yet, I can hardly wait until 90 days. I will never use another product on my face again. I have already been able to stop wearing foundation make-up. Yippee!!! In my profile I stated that no matter how hard I tried I could not get rid of the terrible dry patches on my nose, around the laugh area and chin. Well, they no longer exist

Lisa S.

Hi Barbara!

I received my Try-Me-Pack on Monday. I couldn't believe how soon it got here after I ordered it! The next best thing to instant gratification! I couldn't wait to get home and take off my makeup with the new products. Thank you for all the samples! I am using them on my husband as well. His skin is like an oil slick and so I am trying to cut down on some of that.

I just want to say that I was very impressed with your customer service before I ever even ordered the products. It is very wonderful that you spend the amount of time it takes to find out about an individual's skin and recommend things that are tailored just for them.

I have been using your products for a couple days now and I really like them! I haven't been using them for a long time yet but they are doing a good job so far, and I'm certain that they will cause improvement! Usually my husband doesn't like it when I come to bed after applying my nightly creams because he doesn't like the smell, but he actually said I smelled good when I came to bed wearing your creams! Talk to you soon!

Sherilyn H.

Thanks so much for that very quick response! I would like to try the miracle zit. I agree with the OTC thing. I have become label queen as they fill everything with blemish makers and irritants! It might not be the B.P. I was allergic to and it never hurts to try. The smoothing cream really has helped with the redness too and I lather on your sunscreen every day with excellent results (no redness, irritation or breakouts). I was really surprised to know that the main cause of my breakouts were my old water -based Keihls sunscreen and Mac powder foundation. Your products and the knowledge of what ingredients are bad have made an amazing difference in my skin. Your products also smell yummy! Thank you dearly for providing such an informative website and truly good products Sincerely, your new customer for life.

Kathleen R.


I just wanted you to know, I absolutely love all your products, I just made it through that time of the month without one pimple. That has not happened in years. I still have blackheads, but I realize that will take time to get rid of them. My red spots from previous zits are getting lighter and lighter every day. I have a very stressful life and it is good to know that zits is one thing I do not have to worry about any more. Trust me no one has skin like mine, sometimes dry, sometimes oily, very sensitive, very very fair, and would break out at the drop of a hat. If Sage worked for me, it will work for anybody. I have tried probably almost every brand of skin care from Department Store to Drug Store and I was at the point I wanted to just put a bag over my head. I had a hard enough time as it was to find a foundation that matched never mind finding one that covered all my zits. I am getting use to using the ice, at first it was very COLD, but now I look forward to it.

Well I am sure I am not saying anything you have not already heard before, but I just wanted to let you know how much I loved your products and what they have done for me. No one has taken the time or care the way you have in helping me and explaining everything to me and my skin thinks you very much. I truly do have porcelain skin now.

Love Ya

Angela R.

Was offered a sample of a facial cleanser Saturday, so I thought I would try it. I used about the same amount of what I would use of my Facial Shampoo, and after splashing water to rinse, I could still see makeup on my face!!! Washed again and was better, but not clean. Finally gave up and pulled out my Facial Shampoo to finish the job!!

Anita L.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for blending down the smoothing cream to 6% in the try me pack for normal to dry skin and for including samples of old lady cream and miracle zit. I've been using the products for 10 days and they have made a difference in my skin. My skin has a different feel to it after washing; it doesn't feel stripped nor does it feel slick. The little blackheads that like to hang out in the corners of my nose are disappearing. My skin looks calm and refreshed instead of looking stressed or irritated after washing it. And my makeup applies more evenly and looks better on my face:). Sincerely,

Susan D.

Many thanks Barbara. I meant to say earlier that today I smoothed on a drop of foundation then loaded up my concealer brush to conceal spots only to find there was nothing, nothing to conceal. I burst out laughing. I'll have to find whole new uses for my concealer brush! Best

Karen P.

Dear Barbara,

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the Sage Skin Care line. For the first time in about 6 months, I was able to go outside my house with very little makeup on, and I did not feel embarrassed! It was such a feeling of freedom for me. I have been using the Try Me Kit for about 2 weeks now and my skin never felt so smooth and silky. It is no longer red, blotchy, and harsh looking. I am still breaking out, but I know that takes a while to conquer. Just the fact that my skin feels so silky to the touch is enough to make me stay with your products.

I also love the fact that you do not put anything comedogenic in your products. Other products on the market claim to be "non comedogenic" or "non acnegenic" or "oil free" etc...but in reality it is all lies. Sage Skin Care is the only product that I now trust and will always stay with it. I went through all my cabinets this afternoon and threw away every old bottle of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, zit creams..etc. It was very liberating to know that I have the perfect skincare from Sage Skin Care.

I also ordered another bottle of Miracle Zit XX from your website because I never want to be without it!! It works wonders. I cannot believe that I wasted so much time and money on a dermatologist when all I had to do was order Sage Skin Care. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Sage Skin Care!! Sincerely,

Dana D.

Thank you Barbara!

I have been using your products for less than a week and today I left the house for the first time since age 16 without foundation! I can't believe how much my skin has improved in such a short amount of time. The scattered pimples I had the day I started are completely gone. A red mark from an old pimple is also gone - after two months of trying to get rid of it with Estee Lauder's Fruition and Advanced Night Repair. My skin is not NEARLY as oily through the t-zone as it was before. Yesterday I thought to check my face in the afternoon (hours after washing it) and I couldn't believe how healthy it looked. Not slick and oily like it always has before, but fresh and clean. And all this after 5 days! You are amazing. Thank you

Colleen D.

Barbara- We just wanted to tell you how much we love your products!! they are wonderful- we are all hooked on them!! Also - there is a wonderful review of Sage Skin Care that came out in the Cosmetic Connection last week! I am sure you have already read it- it was extremely complementary!! I did not expect anything less!! Thanks for the products- We Love Them!!

Elizabeth, Mary and Georgia B.


I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how absolutely fabulous Sage skincare really is. Although I'm sure you are already aware of this fact, I wanted the rest of the world to know. Remember how I wrote you and told you that I was "hopeless" about my skin because it had just broken out really badly? Well, I'm hopeless no longer! After just 2 days my skin had cleared up so much that the ladies I work with (which, by the way, is in the cosmetics industry) were completely amazed! Of course I told them all about you and your wonderful line! I can't believe that I've been dealing with this affliction for 10 years when all along there was you. God bless you because you are a saint for the dermalogically challenged :-). I'm so impressed with you, Barbara, and your line. You give great meaning to the word customer service. From the bottom of my heart . . .THANK YOU!

Alison A.


First of all I would like to thank you for calling me and leaving a message.

I am VERY pleased with the purchase I have made from you. I don't know if you remember me or not but I had sent you an email about having some sores on the sides of my neck that would not heal..........well after 2yrs of seeing doctors for this your wonderful stuff have healed them up!! I cannot believe it.........they still have a little way to go yet but I just cannot believe the results!! I have been using the cleansing grains and the facial shampoo...then the ice (which is VERY HARD TO GET USED TO! it is such a shock that cold stuff......but with results like this... I am doing it) also use the 12 % smoothing cream during the day along with the sunscreen and moisturizer... did try the Miracle zit and that worked great. I have not tried the old lady cream or ooly gooly ,5%smoothing cream or the miracle zit 5% yet, I am getting such great results with what I am doing that I don't want to Jinx it! hahaha I really wish I had take some "before" pictures to show you... you would really be amazed.. I tested all of the stuff in my cupboard for hidden oils and WOW they were LOADED.. even the items marked "oil-free" and that NEW Neutrogena make-up was the worst!! I had been using "Bactroban" spelling?? on my sores from the doctor and that was loaded with oil too... so very glad I read about this line in the "Cosmetic Report" by Heather Kliman" I also tested the items you had sent and the cleansing grains must have some sort of oil in it because it did leave a mark on the paper bag... I am curious as to what kind of oil it may be because it does not irritate my skin at all.. Thank You so much for using your knowledge and skill to help us who are just lost in the world of BAD cosmetics! I am going to give some of your other products a try.... I just love the smell of the facial shampoo and the moisturizer.. they are great Thanks Again!! This stuff is great!!

Carol Z.

Even though I have just begun using the Sage products, I am extremely impressed. Not only with the "specialty" items like smoothing cream and bleaching lotion, but the facial shampoo and gelloid are REMARKABLE. These are the best, most versatile and non-

irritating cleaner and moisturizer I have ever found. The SPF lotion literally melts into my skin as does the smoothing cream/gel. So far no problems with the products and routine...nothing irritates my skin even the old lady cream around my eyes! (usually nearly everything makes the skin around my eyes itch or sting). The smoothing cream and gels sting a bit, but I have used AHA's before and these seem much less irritating. And more effective even after a few days!

Mina M.

Dear Barbara

I would like to thank you so much for calling me back yesterday. I did as you told me to do, and I have to tell ya my face isn't shiny or greasy today (Happy, Happy) .... ... I figured I'm going to be hooked on your products. I've tried a zillion products and spent allot of money in the last 20 years, and feel very confident that I've finally found the right one!!!!!!! I only wish I would have found you sooner. Thanks for making all of us women feel so special and beautiful. No need in calling me...You can e-mail me back. Thanks

Kathy T.


I feel compelled to write and tell you about my results with Sage Skin Care. I just purchased the Acne Try-Me pack about two weeks ago, and I started using it about 10 days ago. The results in that short amount of time have been absolutely amazing! I have never had results this good with ANY skin care, let alone this fast. Not even what I've gotten from the dermatologist worked this well. My skin is clear of any blemishes, scars from old blemishes are fading already, and the texture of my skin is really nice. I am more than impressed with these products!

I especially want to comment on three products: 1) The sun screen. I usually have problems with sunscreen because they either make me too greasy or make me break out. This one is wonderful, as it does neither! 2) The Gelloid moisturizer. I almost never wore moisturizer before this one because all of them (including the oil-free or oil-absorbing products) made me very oily. My skin feels smooth and hydrated, but not greasy at all. 3) The XX Miracle Zit. I had a HUGE blemish on my face that I treated with this, and it was almost completely gone within two days. Ten days later, there isn't a trace of it. Well, you've found yourself a new, dedicated customer! Thank you for your wonderful products. Sincerely,

Melynda F.

Hi Barbara!

I had a message on my answering machine yesterday from one of your staff (she sounded very nice, by the way) but it was too late for me to call back...anyway, my results so far have been great!

I love how easy the products dissolve the oil and makeup, and rinse away so easily and completely!

This is a whole new experience for me...sometimes (actually, lots of times!) I've had to wash my face twice to even begin to feel clean (the combination of super-oily skin and make-up that's been on all day is a big job to remove). And it takes so little product!! Another BIG plus!

I don't think my skin has ever been so soft...I had several big (!) blemishes when I started using my kit a few days ago, and I can tell they're clearing up more soreness, and they also look smaller...good riddance!

I've been icing my face as recommended...I've been doing it morning and night, since I want the most improvement possible (in the shortest amount of time, of course!).

I switched to the make-up you recommended as well.

Susan B.

Dear Barbara, I just received my newest shipment of Sage products which included some lovely surprises from you! I was so pleased to see the wonderful body products that you sent along. It is really commendable to see a company that works so well with it's customers/clients. You really run your business very well and I am very happy that I came across the ZeroZits website nearly two months ago!! You have made a believer out of me and I really love Sage Skin Care. Thank you for your wonderful service and I cannot wait to give my new products a try! Have a great day

Dana D.

I waited quite impatiently for products to arrive

I knew that they would be there -- rushed from work 'cause I don't drive

I got home and I spied the little package on my bed

I couldn't wait to try them -- I did everything you said

The products are fantastic -- everything you say is true

Your eyes don't burn from washing with the Sage Facial Shampoo

The grains are oh so gentle -- makes your skin feel soft and clean

The Gelloid locks in moisture -- it's a very good routine!

The sunblock absorbs easily -- the ice at night feels great

It's true when you say icing helps the products penetrate!

I'm glad I found your website and I'm glad I spent my dough

On a group of facial products that just make my skin aglow!!!!

Thanks so much -- look forward to using your products every day now!

Ilona F.

Dear Barbara Thank you for sending me the re-formulated products. The 6% smoothing cream is wonderful - no stinging or burning. I have tried the creamy facial shampoo and I like both formulations so I am not sure which one to order. I will be sending an order soon and I have checked the order page on your web site. How will I order this product? Also do you recommend the biological re defining mask for my skin? I am so pleased with the way my skin is looking since using Sage products. I actually went out without wearing foundation today! Everything that you promised has happened and I am delighted. I would also like to say that I think that your customer service is excellent. Thank you so much for ringing me at home, it was lovely to speak with you. When you asked for my telephone number, I gave it but didn't think you would ring when you realized I lived in England. But you did and it was very kind of you. With best wishes

Karen W.

Hi Barbara,

I saw my dermatologist today. She said that I was doing a lot better. I told her that I've been using Sage now.

I checked the Sage ingredients with her and she said it was fine. I even told her about "icing", but she didn't say anything.

She told me to keep using the Lustra, but actually I've already discontinued that after you told me that it was comedogenic. My skin looks fine without it (I never thought the Lustra was helping). She said that the bpo and retin-a should take care of the comedogens. But I don't want to take any chances!

I forgot to tell her that I stopped taking my antibiotic after using Sage. She did say that when I try to get pregnant that I should discontinue the monodox and that I will probably get a new acne breakout. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'm not going back to see her again.

I truly believe that discontinuing Cetaphil and other products that contain bad ingredients really stopped my inflamed acne from proliferating beneath the surface.

There was this one stubborn small mother on my cheek that has been there for over a month. I think the bacteria was growing underneath the skin and nothing

was penetrating it before Sage. It has finally dried up into a smooth scar. I know it's healing! Miracle zit works! Thank you!

Lisa C.

Dear Barbara and others at Sage,

This is the first time I have ever written a cosmetic company to praise them for their products. I am 57 and have been a cosmetic junkie since I was a young teenager and have ALWAYS been disappointed.

I received my "try me" kit on 1/2/01 and am already seeing remarkable improvement in the appearance of my skin. I don't know how you are able to succeed in producing a product that actually works when so many have failed but please keep up the good work.

As a 15 year breast cancer survivor I am also delighted to see that you donate a portion of your proceeds to this worthy cause.Please feel free to use my testimony in any way you believe to be appropriate. Wishing all of you a healthy and happy New Year

Barbara C.

I got a sample of the 2% MSSR with my last order and I can't believe the difference one little product makes. I never knew that my complexion could be clearer! I thought that it looked nice a smooth before the MSSR. But after a few days of using it, I have a rosy, clear, clean, healthy complexion! I sometimes get red cheeks and I thought, uh-oh, I might have Rosacea (sp?). But now the redness is gone, and I have "commercial" skin. You know, the skin those women have on the commercials after they wash their skin with the product being advertised. And I'm working on the recent breakout I've had with something I ingested. (can't quite narrow it down, but I've stopped drinking cranberry juice, and I'm cutting back on the high sodium foods). Point is, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It really brightens the complexion. Can't wait to try the masks. :)


The products are working wonderfully. I had an area on the right side of my face, near my chin, which I believe had been traumatized during a facial. I had a patch of pimples there that refused to go away. Since I've been using the Sage products, my face has become much clearer.

I had been going to and reading the review of your products over and over again. I finally built up the nerve and faith to place an order, and I am very grateful that I did so. I love every single product that was sent to me!! I was surprised when I emptied out the contents of my package and saw such an ample supply of samples. I printed the instructions off of the website and have been following the steps religiously. I am very much interested in your fading products. I do have some darks spots that I

would like to fade. I am excited that my face is almost completely clear. Usually, immediately after I have washed my face, I can literally see oil forming in my forehead area. As soon as I have blotted my face dry and have looked in the mirror again, I would be shining. I have noticed that this isn't the case after using your products. My t-zone area does not appear as shiny. There is a fresh glow to it, but it does not have a greasy appearance. I am very proud of myself for taking that leap of faith and placing an order. I wish I would have done it sooner. I can assure you that I am now a certified Sage customer. Your dedication, time, effort, professionalism, and concern is worth praising. Never before have I dealt with a company that has put so much care into it's customers. I am especially grateful for all of the information and knowledge you provide. With much thanks,

Tomia L

I must begin by stating that I have NEVER called or e-mailed any company to compliment their product. However, I feel compelled to e-mail you to let you know how relieved and happy I am to have found your products and your web site. I have only used the products for three days and I have noticed a tremendous change in my skin. The only products that previously worked for my skin and newly discovered adult acne was Proactiv. However, when faced with the choice of acne ridden skin or dry skin, I chose to have dry and flaky skin.

Not only do your products work as promised, your web site is very informative and answers so many questions about why my skin reacts the way it does to certain conditions. I also really appreciate the detailed instructions. I am so pleased that I have already reordered. Congratulations on the great products! I look forward to trying many more. Thanks!

Silvana R

Dear Barbara (and everyone at Sage),

Happy Thanksgiving!! In the spirit of giving thanks, I thank all of you who have made it possible for me to look in the mirror and like the complexion staring back at me. I started using your wonderful products in June. I ordered a try-me pack at a time when I was thoroughly disgusted with my skin. In fact, if your products did not work for me, I was going to make an appt. with a dermatologist. I don't need a dermatologist. I don't need a ton of makeup to cover up my blemishes. Five months after using Sage, I can proudly show my face to the world!!!!

I will be spending Turkey Day with my family. I KNOW they will notice the drastic improvement in my skin. Perhaps they won't say anything (brothers, what can I say!!), but at least I will feel confident knowing that I look my absolute best. And, for that, I am truly thankful. I have wasted so much time agonizing over my skin in the past. The face is the first thing people see, so I was always disappointed to have to wear makeup not

to enhance my beauty, but to cover up bad skin. Now, makeup is FUN!! I still get blemishes, but NOWHERE NEAR what I experienced in the past. My skin is soft and smooth and I am proud of my new Sage face. Thank you, Barbara. NOTHING has worked for me like Sage. I am truly thankful for you, your staff, and those wonderful formulations that have cleared my skin of the pain that once was...acne. Yours Truly,


Barbara, You have made me very happy! I have some more strengths to work up to!! My skin is pretty tough so when the 30 percent is used up, I'll go up a level (which I think is 40 percent). I did discover that neck skin is another cup of tea when it comes to drying products. I have learned to really Gelloid that area and not to use hardly any 20 percent smoothing gel there - too drying and then I flaked out (literally). I should have mentioned this sooner, but WOW - your products have made such a difference in my skin. No blackheads left. Rare breakouts, especially BMs. My skin is smoother and makeup looks better on it and it makes me feel better about myself every day when I look in the mirror. ALSO - you have helped my conquer my constantly oily skin! Now, at the end of crazed work days, I have only the lightest layer of oil and that's usually on my forehead! I don't use the smoothing gel there in the AM because it seems to make the oilies worse. Finally - I'm using the 4 percent MSSR and it works beautifully. You are a Godsend, Barbara! Someday I hope I can come to St. Louis and meet you in person! A Fan,

Lori F

P.S. Have used the sponge a couple of times, might try to use it always! And, when I run in the mornings before work I use OLC to buffer the elements. Today I ran in -2 degree (with wind chill) weather and felt great when I finished.

Hello Barbara and All!! I just wanted to post a short note to tell you and everybody else on the Sage Forum, how beautiful my skin looks!! :-) I hate to brag, but for once in my life I can look in the mirror and say WOW...there are no zits to zap! No redness and no uneven skin tone!!! Like everyone else here, I have tried EVERYTHING, and now I can honestly say that I have found products that do exactly what they promise and I will never change again! :-) Thank you so very much Barbara and Sage and thank you ladies and gentlemen for all of the wonderful posts. I have gotten some great recommendations and info. on makeup and other stuff that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. If anyone out there is not sure whether they should make the decision to try sage...please do, you will not be disappointed! :-) I hope I get to meet you Barbara and Joanna in Dallas!! Many, many Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Robin F

GOOD GRIEF///// I just typed a 5 minute post to you, then hit the wrong darn key and 'poof' it was gone... ok try again. but am tired...shall try to be more succinct/////)Lots of LUCK!) NEVER IN MY ALMOST 50 YRS. HAVE I FOUND A PRODUCT and A CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP AND FORUM SUCH AS I HAVE WITH SAGE!!!!....that is as 'to the point' as I can get...!......I CAN, in my heart truthfully say, that if not for you/ life would be "not as it should"....~~!! SAGE and its CUSTOMER SERVICE are not only amazing, but CONSISTENT!!!! THAT is something!!!! and YOUR PRODUCTS....well, I have NEVER LOOKED AND FELT BETTER since I was 18 yrs old!!! 49 now...that is way too many yrs to have wasted being 'uncomfortable in my skin'///// anyway....I am most lucky to have found you/SAGE/Forum/People on Forum.....let me tell you...I have not had such happiness with complete strangers (in the beginning) in my whole life!!!....I have made such friendships here....and that is a fruitful experience!!! feel that the post I 'destroyed' was much better composed, yet, I just want you to know....that, well, geeze,....I believe in and Trust SAGE/YOU......!!!....!!!!

Kristy L.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to FINALLY find products that really work! I have been dealing with adult acne well, all my adult life! Not bad acne, but enough to make me feel as though my skin did not look its best! I've always said I would pay any price for a product that work and believe me I've spent a pretty penny in my life on many a false promise by most of the cosmetic companies! For the first time in my life I've cleaned out my drawers, medicine cabinet and every other place I kept other products and lines "just in case my skin might adjust to them later." I am so happy to have found you guys! Thank you so Much! Ps- I have started using the eye cream, and after only a week I can totally notice a difference!


I just wanted to send this thank you for having such a wonderful product available!!! I can't rave enough about your products and how they have changed my life! REALLY! I am 7 months pregnant and up until my fifth month (the month I discovered Sage) was going through hell with my acne - Sage Skin care has now made me love my skin once again. I just wish that I could let others know about your products when I see them with the same turmoil that I had of trying to cover up horrible blemishes and being a hermit because of it. I just wanted to portray the happy me on the inside about this little wonder growing inside of me but when I looked in the mirror all I could see was a mess, and it made me sad. You have changed my life and I am now a committed user of your products! Thank you so very much - and whenever I get the chance, I plan on changing another persons outlook on their skin and let them know about Sage. Thanks again!

Misty S

I ordered the try me pack for my daughter, Megan and what a difference! We had tried numerous different remedies for her acne but nothing worked. I had heard about Sage through the Cosmetic Connection, but was still not really sure I should order something unfamiliar to me over the Internet. We gave it a try and have been so pleased with the results. Her acne has cleared up and her skin is so soft and smooth. Thank you for not only making a wonderful product but I also appreciate all the information you offer on your website.

Anne W.

I recently received the Sage Try Me Pack for Acne and Sensitive Skin. I also received samples of smoothing cream 12+20% and smoothing gel 12%, OLC, all strengths of fix zit, biological redefining mask, and gentle facial shampoo. So far I really like the products. It has taken me a while to get used to so many steps (I'm pretty low maintenance) but my face looks pretty good. It looks very healthy, and not dried out. I think one of my favorite products is the sunscreen. I always knew I should be wearing it but they were always so greasy. This one is not too greasy once it absorbs, and a little goes a long way. I am now a sunscreen convert. I also like the bio redefining mask, I've never used a mask that doesn't dry on my face but my face certainly looks good when I remove it. The facial shampoo does not dry out my face, and the grains are awesome! I like the fix zit but found that I could use higher strengths without getting really dry. Though I will still stick with the lowest strengths that work for me.I was really concerned about the price of the products, but it does seem like they go a really long way because you only use a little. I think I will try to figure out which products I like the best when I order the larger sizes. My biggest problem is not really breakouts but small bumps and waxy worms which have decreased a little. I may eventually try the bha for this because I've heard so many good things about it in the forum.I am very satisfied with these products and think that customer service makes it even more worth it! Thank you for asking how I was doing with them!!


Hi Barbara!!! Just wanted to tell you again how much I love your products. I am so happy, and I cant tell you how many compliments I get on how beautiful my skin is. It is amazing how it changes your personality and your outlook on life, when you feel good about yourself. It sounds strange, but you perform magic, you really do!! It must be so rewarding to help people feel better about themselves, you are a marvel. I cant wait to get your cosmetics when the come out, if they are anything like your skin care, they are going to be fantastic. Oh, and I read on the website that you are writing a book: Congratulations!!! When will that be coming out :-) Take care!!!!

Mary S

I have received my products and have been using them for about 2 weeks... I must say, I have noticed quite an improvement in my skin. My face seems much less oily and doesn't get as shiny as is did before using your products. I also have had very few breakouts since starting, and hopeful that once I have used the products for a longer time, they will be few and far between. I hope that your products continue to work as well as they have been. I am very optimistic. Thank you for inquiring. Also, I also want to say that it was exciting to receive such a variety (and quantity) of products... It made me feel that you were actually interested in helping me have beautiful skin. Thank you.


Dear Barbara: It has been 90 days since I began using your skin care products. It had been 31 years up to that time of living with, coping with, hiding from and unsuccessfully treating my skin for acne. Those who have personally had to deal with it know the frustration and hopelessness of the current treatments. Beginning at age 12, my skin began to break out. Somewhat of a young age to start, it really wasn't that severe until I reached the age of 15. By then, the cysts began. If you've never experienced that, you are truly blessed, because it is hell for a teenager. You can't really hide them with Clearasil. Between the ages of 15 to 30, I probably had well over 300 cysts to deal with. It ruined much of my adolescence and confidence as a young man. Between 30 and my present age of 43, I would have a few cysts now and then, but mostly breakouts around the nose, mouth and chin. Although not as unpleasant as their larger cousins, it still was a source of embarrassment for an adult to continue with acne. On September 2, 1998 I said goodbye to acne. Unbelievable as it may seem, I am completely acne free. Having used the grains, facial shampoo, gel and Miracle Zit (oops...and the SPF 25-ALWAYS WEAR IT) for these 3 months, by face looks totally different. Although some of the deeper scars remain, my skin is clear and blemish-less. It is unbelievable, but I'm looking in the mirror and the mirror doesn't lie. I really can't tell you how thankful I am, and how thankful that my children will not have to endure what I did if they have the same gene that I inherited. If I had the marketing skills, I would be your top salesman. I would shout it from the rooftops and give your card to everyone that I meet that has that need. If I had the venture capital, we would launch a national campaign and get your products into the hands of the millions of young people and adult that suffer from acne. Many thanks for making my skin better. I am healed. God bless you, Barbara and staff.

Robert H.

I became a client of Barbara Strickland soon after I moved to St. Louis five years ago. Cursed with acne and oily skin since my teens, my complexion had always been a source of aggravation and embarrassment. Age and ignorance only added to my woes. Barbara's no-nonsense, down to earth education and products have produced skin that

is soft and smooth and glowing. She is a magician! My then teenagers loved her as well. She cleared their tough acne problems within weeks with simple but effective treatments and products formulated especially for them. We are so grateful to have found her! Even though we are no longer in St. Louis, she is never farther away than a quick e-mail when I have a question or need a product!

Bonnie K.

Just wanted to say I am enjoying your products. I have been using them over the weekend and can already see improvement in my skin. I also wanted to let you know that I was really impressed with your customer service. You don't see service like that everyday. Thanks a lot for all your help!!!

Amanda D.

What can I say about the care at Sage????It is part of my life like flossing and putting in my contacts! I have been coming to Sage for 14 years and have seldom missed a month except for illness. I originally received a day of beauty at the old Sage and was impressed immediately. I have no way to judge the success of Sage and Barbara except to say that at 51 years of age I get almost daily comments on "what lovely skin you have". The biggest compliment is that I have referred many clients to Sage and they too became regular customers. I saw what she did for a 25 year old woman who had been plagued by cystic acne for years. The acne had affected her personality and social life. I encouraged her to try Sage. Barbara was able to tell me that the young girl would have 90% improvement in 3 really was a miracle. Her skin is so lovely that one would never think she had been troubled with acne. I never worry about my skin...Barbara knows it better than I do. I implicitly trust her. She keeps current of all the media hype on skin care and sifts through it for me and bases her answers scientifically. She is a gem!!

Dr. D.

Barbara is a God send. I was cursed with acne from the age of 13. It was impossible not only to clear up my acne, but to find products and makeup that didn't contribute to it. Then I found Barbara. She taught me the importance of the "correct" skin care, and how to achieve glowing healthy skin in a no-nonsense, effortless manor. She is always on the cutting edge in skin care. My acne has cleared and now Barbara and I are concentrating on the smooth, lineless, markless skin that everyone is striving for. I have great confidence in her products. I know they won't break out my skin, are on the cutting edge of research and know that my money is well spent.

Denise B.

Barbara - Thank you for the call today to see how I am doing. I'm delighted with the products, and my skin looks great! Everything smells and feels so nice, I really look forward to my new skincare routine. Blemishes that had persisted for 4 months cleared within a few days. I'll let you know when I need to re-order. Thank you for a superb skincare line!

Kristin H.

Barbara, XX Miracle Zit is THE ticket for me!!! It works incredibly!!! After just two nights of using it, my skin is remarkably clear of the little ones and that big mother I've been battling is almost a memory now! It's exactly what I needed!!! YES!!! And for the first time since I can remember, I wake up without an oil slick on my nose!!! I am so excited!!! But I just HAD to tell you that YOU, my new best friend, are a miracle worker!!! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kelly B.

Barbara, I just received your products yesterday, but I cannot believe how soft and smooth my face feels after only one day!!! And my makeup stayed on all day, I usually have to reapply after lunch!!

Marlene K.

Barbara, Just wanted to say I appreciate your help and assistance and quick answers to all my questions.

I will rave about your customer service because that is such an important quality for a skin care line. I have called some people in the past and they can't even tell me what is in the products and then if they find the ingredients, can't even pronounce them like you said! That is just an insult to the consumer.

You are very helpful, friendly and certainly have given me hope for my skin. You just brightened my weekend and I look forward to trying your system!

AGAIN, THANKS SO MUCH. I CAN TELL YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AND YOUR WORK, and I know that if I have a problem you will certainly be there to help.

Charlene P.

Hi Barbara, Thanks for checking up on me. I received your products a few days ago and already see an improvement in my skin. They are incredibly gentle and not too heavily perfumed which I like. Thanks once again for your great customer service, and speedy delivery of your products, I thought they would take far longer to arrive. Best Wishes

Melanie H.

Dear Barbara, I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful you are. First, the service I received from you was excellent. Not only did you respond to my questionnaire the same day, but, I spoke to you on the phone the next day and you really answered my questions and made me feel at ease. Today, I received a call from Sageadvice saying that a gentler corrective grains was being sent to me by regular post. Are you sure I'm the right person to send it to? I mean, the products I received from you yesterday seem to be perfect for me. I don't seem to have any problem with the first corrective grains that you formulated for me. I just wasn't sure if I might be receiving someone else's product. But, if it was meant for me, I'll definitely use it too. I followed the instructions of what to start doing before my products arrived. I've always washed my face with cool water but I do take hot&steamy showers (bad girl). Well, I took your advice and stopped that. It's hard, but already my skin's not so itchy. And the ice cube, what can I say? I can't believe such a small thing could make such a big difference in my facial skin. The flaking stopped and the small red splotches that I get from retin-a disappeared! My skin seems less sensitive now. My products arrived yesterday and I started using them immediately. I love all of them. I think the gelloid and the grains are my fav. The gelloid really sinks in and doesn't leave my face oily at all just moist. I followed the 'am' routine this morning and my skin is so smooth and has a nice soft freshness. All this after just 24 hours. The SPF25 is the first sunscreen I've used that didn't leave my face shiny and heavy. The grains are great. All the flaky skin is gone now. Wow. The glycolic cream was so gentle. I had absolutely no burning or stinging or redness. I am happy with the products you blended for me. Has soon as I finish my try me pack, I'll be ordering the regular size products. It's definitely worth it. And I feel good because I know I'm taking care of my skin with products that are meant just for it and no one else. :) [Oh, I put my retin-a on hold for awhile. If my skin stays the way it is now, I don't think I'll need that medication any more :) ] Again, thank you for all your time that you spent on me. I'm sorry I've been rambling on so long! Take care. Bye

Anee M.

Dear Barbara, I just wanted to thank you so much for calling me at home last night to answer my questions. I can't tell you how impressed and amazed I continue to be at the care and time you put into every one of your clients. Well, I must say, after just one night of use, I really think I am hooked!! ) I used the Miracle Zit last night, and followed the morning routine today, and my skin looks SO MUCH HEALTHIER!! My cheeks are much less red, and they actually feel soft and smooth for the first time in months.... the retin-a had made them flaky and hard. After the morning routine, I could actually smile without feeling like my face was going to crack!!! ) I think I will be doing a lot of smiling today! I really think you are right about the retin-a... I think I will stop using it. It doesn't seem to

be helping at all, only making things worse, even after 2 months. Thank you again for all of your time and care. I will keep you updated on how things are working out for me. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Megan N.

Received my Heavenly Body Try Me Pack and SPF25 a few days ago. I am so pleased with the results of these products; I have placed an order for the Combo Skin Try Me Pack. I filled out my profile last week, but have not received a reply yet. I know you are very busy, but I am so excited about these products, I couldn't wait to order! I have suffered from eczema most of my life, and have always had dried, itchy skin. Your products gave me immediate relief after only one application. I have also noticed my skin stays moist all day. Thank you for such wonderful products.

Kathleen L.

Hi Barbara!

I started on my products on Tuesday evening and wanted to give you an update. I'm using a Combo Skin Try Me Pack: I am absolutely in love with the facial shampoo and the Old Lady Cream (which I find less greasy than the Gelloid). I will be ordering more of these real soon! I'd always thought my skin was smooth but let me tell you, it is *really* smooth now. I swear my skin is fake -- it's *too* smooth to be real! I haven't really noticed any fine lines diminishing but I suppose it can't work miracles overnight :-)

So overall, so far, so good. I'm being extremely diligent in following the directions to a 'T'. If you can think of anything else I should know, please let me know. One final thing, you know those commercials for Clairol Herbal Essences (where they imply that the products are better than sex) -- the facial shampoo could be used in that commercial. Words cannot describe how much I LOVE that stuff. :-)


Melissa P.

I just wanted to let you know I am thrilled with the products. I have been only using them for about 5 days now, but I absolutely love the products. My skin really feels hydrated, but not greasy. The scent of the products is absolutely wonderful (especially the corrective grains and 12% smoothing cream). I will let you know the longer term effects once I have been using them for a while. Your customer service is also EXTRAORDINARY! I will highly recommend your products to my friends and family. Thank you.

Dawn L.


I've used my products you formulated for me three times now, and it's hard for me to believe, but not only do I see a difference and feel a difference, but I've even managed to start feeling better about myself. I had gotten to a point after trying everything else

out there and spending all that money only to have the same problems of giving up on all of it and your products were the last I was going to try, and believe me, it's not like I haven't always taken care of my skin because I have, but I've not ever had results like this so quick. The AHA is not upsetting my skin; my skin feels soft, never dry and not itchy anymore. I will not use anything else again, just wish I'd known about it sooner. Thanks also for the consideration and prompt delivery, and by the way, I'm not one to gush over anything so this has really been a lifesaver for me. Thank you.

Vicki D.

I have been using the product now for about 5-6 days and WOW!! This is absolutely the best result I have had from any skin regimen forever! I have tried several treatments that seemed to work, but did not live up to the long-term benefit I expected. I am hoping that this one continues to deliver in the long term what it is in the short term... My oiliness during the day and waking up in the morning is GONE! My makeup stays on all day long.... and my face is not shiny or oily only an hour or so after washing. Even during my period (and I received the product just before that!) NO BREAKOUT!!! And that is the real test of anything for me!

Especially now that I am in hormones seem to be on a much steeper and deeper roller coaster than puberty! My husband has been amazed that I am getting zits with menopause! And so am I!! Another thing I wanted to mention is that I normally do not use any type of moisturizer because of the oiliness...and with these products, I use ALL of the moisturizer products...the sun block; with smoothing gel; gelloid creme and the OLD lady cream and literally watch it soak into my face! I am religious about doing what the instructions say and am stunned! With all that water left on I thought this would never soak in and I would be oilier than ever...but NO WAY!! My skin is smooth and literally glows! As I said, if this continues to deliver what it has in the past week, you have a client for life! I don't think any of us baby boomers are ready for middle age...much less late middle age!! And my skin has not looked this good for years! And I am nearly 52! YEA,

Barbara! This combined with my new HGH spray and I swear I will look younger than my daughter... Thank you!!

Linda E.

Dear Barbara:

I was wondering about the biological mask. Also, I have been going to someone for the pumpkin enzyme treatment (she won't put glycolic acid on my face because of the rosacea..) but honestly since I started using your products my skin feels and looks so much better, the smoothing cream and other products are just so gentle, and I am starting to get compliments. So, I was thinking about doing peels myself with your

glorious products?? What percentage would you suggest starting out? I can't wait to place my first BIG order. I just love ALL of your products. Skin and bath. Thank you for your time :-) and my skin thanks you!!

L Kats

Barbara -

I purchased your Trial Kit for Combination Skin. It arrived yesterday and I raced home from work...I could not wait to try it. I cannot and I mean CANNOT tell you how much I love all of the products. The samples you included are fabulous. The products smell terrific...not medicine-y like some of the other lines I have tried and they do not leave my skin feeling tight or irritated. I had a cyst on my chin the size of a dime. Other products I had been using (like the Retin A) only made the patch appear just would not heal. Last night I applied the XX Miracle Zit (you were kind enough to include a sample with my kit). Barbara, the cyst that I had suffered with for weeks has almost completely disappeared! I followed the instructions exactly... I am not a wearer of sunscreen because I was afraid it would make me break out even more and leave my skin feeling greasy. I used yours this morning and I am very pleased. It absorbed in no not greasy...smells terrific...and my skin feels so smooth. Thank you again for all of your help. I will definitely be coming back for more!! Maybe, when you get the chance you can email me more about the other products in your line. I usually go to a salon for Glycolic Peels and / or Mask Treatments. Even after using your products on 2x, I am sure I am wasting my money on these "Salon Treatments". Can you help me pick out other products from your line that would work for me? I am interested in finding out more about the Biological Redefining Mask, The Ooeey Gooey Peel Off Mask, and the At Home Peels. Are they for me? Should I be using them? Will I see added benefits? Also, do you also have a body wash? I work out religiously and sometimes (especially in the warmer months) I am prone to minor breakouts on my upper chest. I know you are if you have the time you direction in this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Thank You Thank You, Barbara!

Shannon G.

Hello Barbara and staff:

I just had to email you and say a very BIG THANK YOU!!!! I have only been using your products for ONE WEEK, and what doctors and internal medications and external medications and billions of other skin care lines could not do, you have done. My acne is well on its way to disappearing COMPLETELY. I have followed your instructions religiously and gotten instant results. I have honestly never experienced anything like this. My self-confidence is coming back, and I haven't worn any makeup on my face in three days. There's nothing to hide!!! I can't believe it. You all are an absolute Godsend, and I will be touting your products until I fall off the face of this earth. Thank you so much for ending the embarrassment, low self-esteem, and actual physical pain (from the "big mothers") that I have suffered from for so long. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my


Rhonda R.

Hello Joanna and any/all Sage folk,

A thousand thanks for the excellent service. I had to write an unabashed praise-filled email on my first day of treatment with my Sage Acne Try-Me Pack, and I am not even at a week's worth of use now, but...I am utterly impressed and delighted. My nasty, chronic, ten-year's-worth-of-all-kinds-of-eruptions, bothersome and tiresome complexion is finally under control. Can I say wonderful? I have thrown away all of my other skincare, including very, very pricey and very, very ineffective jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes (it's strange to realize that all of those things that I thought were doing a decent job do absolutely nada when compared to Sage!) The Sage products have gently healed my bigger blemishes, including cysts, and have also kept any potential new blemishes at bay. I am incredibly faithful to the entire regimen, and I am a new believer in the power of your daily SPF. When my trial sizes run out, I will be ordering full-size replacements. At that time, I would love some input from your excellent staff. I now look forward to every morning, where I can leap out of bed and run to the mirror to see what hasn't popped up! I can't wait to see how things look in a couple of weeks! I am now a faithful Sag-er, for life, and I will be recommending this line to all of my skincare-craving friends. Again, I am forever grateful.

Stephanie D.

Hello Joanna,

I am THRILLED. I wrote an email to Sage about a week ago. I have been using the products for about 2 weeks now, and I am amazed at the improvement in the way my skin looks and feels. As I said in my previous message, you have been able to do what all kinds of doctors, internal and external medications, about a zillion skin care lines, and experimental drugs and therapies have not been able to do: clear up my acne. I have suffered from some of the most painful acne -- big painful cysts. These, in addition to every other type of blemish you can imagine (whiteheads, blackheads, comedones, you name it) have left me very self-conscious and feeling terrible about myself. I finally feel like I can hold my head up. I am not embarrassed to wash my face at night and go to bed with my spouse looking at me (I used to wait until the lights were out or he was asleep). I can wake up in the morning and look my boyfriend in the eye, instead of rushing off to the bathroom to shower and "cover up". I can live without constantly wondering what is going to "explode" nest on my face, or go through a day without wondering if my makeup is still covering my zit, or if it wore off exposing the huge red cyst or whitehead, or if anything new has developed in the past hour. I will never be able to explain exactly how wonderful and freeing this has been, or what it has done for my self esteem. Nor will I ever be able to thank the wise people at Sage enough. You people REALLY understand skin. Finally, someone that truly lives up to what they say they can do. I had basically given up hope. Thank you for giving it back to me. So I guess it's safe to say that I love your products and am completely satisfied!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Very sincerely,

Rhonda R.

Dear Barbara,

I have been using the Sage skin care products for about a month now. Wanted you to know that I'm doing great with them. My skin is looking really good, a sentiment I cannot express about some other product lines I have been persuaded to use in years past. I love the smell and feel of the Facial Shampoo, and the sunscreen is working out quite nicely.

I am in my forties, and have had acne since age sixteen. Three decades of suffering from this disease has given me a pretty thorough layman's grasp of the problem, and what aggravates and improves my complexion. I have been through antibiotics, both topical and oral (a mistake), dermatologist's office treatments with dry ice, sulfur, and resorcinol, one course of Accutane, and all the attendant woes and stress.

I did feel fortunate that when I was about 30, I found a wonderful (now out-of-print) book called CLEAR SKIN, which was written by an Albuquerque, New Mexico dermatologist by the name of Kenneth Flander- Meyer. He was the first dermatologist I ever ran across who troubled himself to write and publish vital information about acne treatments. His main point was that acne is a 24 hr./7 days per week disease, and how it is important to be very consistent when using drying-and-peeling agents like benzoyl peroxide and/or Retin A. His advice "took." I got at least an 80% improvement in following his regimen, and then I started to wonder. Why hadn't I received such advice from the seven previous dermatologists that I had consulted? Trying to give these prior doctors the benefit of the doubt, I decided that maybe a lot is "assumed" about patient compliance. Or in a few cases, I suspect that they didn't know their stuff (incredible). There WERE at least a couple of dermatologists who seemed to care very much, and wanted to help me. They were the ones I saw about every 6 weeks, once upon a time.

Now, Dr. Flandermeyer's information did not mention icing (which I am enjoying very much each evening), nor did it caution about hot showers and getting too hot doing outdoor activities. I am following your advice. Maybe I'll be 98 to 99 % clear the next time I write you!

To close, here is an aphorism, with a slight twist: "Those who can, sweat. Those who can't sweat, have acne." Kindest regards.

Sherry P.

(P.S. Love the humor on your web site)

Thank you for all of your help, Barbara. One of the things I noticed about all of your products is that they are very gentle. I used to wake up with red irritated skin but now for the first time in years it is soft and clear. First products I have found that actually work and do what they say they will do. The dermatologist was concerned about me using Retin-A in addition to the home peel. But then no one else has products quite like yours. You seem to know your stuff!!


Hi Barbara, I received my order today! Thank you very much for the samples it was very kind of you. I can't wait to try out the biological refining mask. Today I had a massage with the beautician that I used to go to for my acne and she cannot believe how good my skin looked! Apart from the red marks left by some of the nastier one's my skin has been clear and soft and if one did crop up then all I did was use some miracle zit (fantastic stuff). I am a true convert to your philosophy and products since what you say is exactly what they do. You have also helped me save money believe it or not. Before I found you and your products I would buy at least one skincare product a week to help me with my acne and sensitive and red skin, department store or chemist, I was desperate. Now I don't even glance that way any more. I will keep buying your products as long as you keep selling them! And finally last but not least your customer service is phenomenal especially when you consider that we are on the other side of the world from each other! So once again thank you, Very best wishes and kind regards.

Ivana Z.

I absolutely LOVE the products. Over the past 12 years, I have tried just about every brand of skin care on the market, I even paid $300 to have glycolic peels at a skin spa and nothing has even come 1% close to helping my skin like these products have. I never had a face full of pimples, but usually always one or two and when they went away they would always leave small marks. After using your products for 3 days my skin is completely different. After a week I have no pimples, and you can barely see the mild scarring I have on my cheeks. Everyone has remarked how nice my skin looks. These products are worth every last cent and then some. I am overjoyed!

Niki E.

Dear Joanna,

I absolutely love my new skin care products! I have been amazed at the difference in my skin. I have never been happier with anything I have put on my face. Thank you so much!!!

Alecia F.

Dear Barbara:

Just a short note to let you know how much I love using your products. I am most pleasantly surprised as II must have tried every single skin care line in creation and found one that can compare to the results from using your products. The icing is superb and really makes a difference. I have already reordered the cleansing grains and shampoo. I am really a Sage fan now! Thanks so much.

Anne O.

Dear Barbara,

I just started a new position -- one of my new co-workers was trying to guess my age. He guessed 27 -- I am 37. My fiancé tells me I am looking younger every day. I do feel terrific, and your products have given me an extra boost! I am faithfully using the smoothing creams on some of the heavier lines (i.e. neck, over hands, chest, knees) and the Gelloid and Old Lady Cream everyday, in addition to Retin-A once a day.

Andrea M.

Dear Joanna:

I must tell you that I purchased these products with a great deal of skepticism. After a week of using them, I am a believer. Usually within a week the newness of a new skin care routine wears off and I am back to square one. I have been searching my blackhead prone areas daily with astonishing findings. No new blackheads! Hurray!!

During the last 2 weeks, my only daughter got married, my parents were visiting and we are trying to sell our home. Under these circumstances my skin would look terrible. My skin still glows and feels better than it ever has. Thank you so much for the products and your e-mail. That has never happened before either. I do have one question. I have normal skin prone to blackheads and breakouts. What brand or type of foundation and blush should I be using? I don't want to do anything that will disturb the balanced skin I now have. Sincerely,

Lisa B.

Barbara - Greetings!

Thank you for including the list of "Bad Ingredients" on you web site. I jotted down the really nasty ones and have gone through my make up drawers. I pitched just about everything. I never imagined products...even the really expensive ones contained... so much junk. I take the list to make up counters so I can check out the ingredients before I buy. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a really good foundation.

You see, I have been using all of your products. I have seen such a huge difference in my skin ... it is unbelievable! I definitely do NOT want to go and junk it up with a breakout causing foundation. It will soon be time for me to replace my foundation. I am almost out of the one I currently use (Serious Skincare's Moisturizing Foundation). Although I am not seeing any major problems with this one ... I wanted to see if you have heard of any foundations that work well on or are targeted for acne prone skin. I

know you don't usually deal in make up...but I thought if anyone would would be you.

Thanks for your time!! God Bless!!

Shannon G.

Hi Barbara,

I had to send you another email in praise of your products. My skin (and this is no exaggeration) has not been this clear in over 10 years. I have tried everything. Murad, Clinique Acne products, Mary Kay Acne products, Serious Skin line, Triaz, Retin A, Erythromycin (all prescriptions). The doctor wanted to put me on Accutane but I refused, too many side effects in my opinion. I have had people comment on how beautiful my skin is looking and I refer them right to you. My husband who is a total skeptic (he has seen all the money I have spent in the past) had this huge zit on his forehead I put some of the XX Miracle Cream on it and when he woke up this morning it was all but gone. He was amazed. He always used Tea Tree Oil for any pimples he would get, he never got many but now he tells me he'll use my stuff. Thank you once again for your wonderful products!!!! (-:

Patricia B.

I'm in love with Sage! I've been using the products for a week and a half and my skin is absolutely transformed. I've had an embarrassing combination of rosacea and dry skin for what seems like forever, and have tried every lotion and cleanser on the market - they never worked! For the first time in many years, the texture of my skin is smooth and my skin tone is evening out. I'm hoping that as I use the 12% smoothing lotion I will see even greater improvements over time. Never did I think I would give a testimonial like this for any product, but nor did I think I would ever have my old skin back. Thanks so much, Barbara Strickland and Sage. You've earned a customer for life!

Jennifer H.

Dear Barbara: I am writing to you again to let you know that your products are the best. I have been using the products for approximately 4.5 weeks and since I have starting to use the smoothing cream at night, I have seen dramatic results. My skins looks

luminous, clear and healthy. I think the smoothing cream after icing at night makes the greatest difference. Sincerely,

Anne O.

I have been using the combination skin try me pack for almost three weeks and am ready to order additional supplies. The 6% blended smoothing cream works well on my skin without affecting the rosacea. I would love to try the at home peel but am not sure it would work on my skin. I'm also confused about when to use the gelloid as a sealant or the old lady cream Also am ending a thirty year relationship with dermatologists and can't thank you enough. Any help that you can offer is appreciated. Thank you.

Elizabeth N.

Dear Barbara:

This is the ultimate compliment: this morning, my fiancée looked closely at my face and said, "It's amazing how clear it is -- I can't believe it. You look younger now than you did when I first met you." He and I met three years ago when I had barely turned 34. I don't know if it's the combination of anti-oxidants and vitamins that I started, your skincare program, lots of water, a little Retin-A now and then, all of the above, or what. Now if I can only get my body into shape, I'll be happy. (LOL) Got any miracles for that?


Good morning, Barbara and the whole crew!

I just want to update again on the incredible success I am still having with these fabulous products!! I am still getting the occasional "zit" but they last a much shorter time and I an mot having the pre-period breakouts that I have been experiencing. I simply cannot say enough about these great products...I am a raving fan and will continue to only use them on my special face! :-)...I literally tell everyone who will listen to me about Sage and recommend that they all give it a try! My dream come true would be if you would come out with even a "basic" makeup line...but so far, I am one happy girl! Thank you from the bottom of my aging heart! !

Linda E.

Dear Barbara,

I went out of town for the holidays and my skin turned into a complete disaster. Even with the MetroCream it looked splotchy and red. I just used the Gelloid as a mask this morning before I showered and, Walla! The fine lines seemed to disappear before my eyes, and my skin immediately regained a youthful glow. I will never leave town again with my Gelloid. Do you by any chance sell buckets of this product?? LOL

Someone asked me why I purchased my products through the internet, and stated that I could buy the same things at a drug store. I stated that after trying just about everything out there, including the more expensive lines, i.e. Estee Lauder, that your products were the only ones I found made to go with skin, that so often that both the more expensive and inexpensive lines have irritating ingredients and fillers. I found that even the dermatologist recommended lotions; soaps and creams have harsh ingredients. I still can't believe that Dove is the most recommended soap among doctors. I haven't used soap and a washcloth on my face in years! Talk about major bacteria! You should rename Gelloid the Fountain of Youth Cream...can't imagine a day without it!



About 2 weeks ago I received an order of gelloid from you. I had requested samples of some of your body products. Needless to say, when I opened up my box I did not expect to see such generous samples!! Thank you very much. I am already hooked on the heavenly oil! I will definitely be purchasing these products in the future. An update on my skin. My face is looking great. I still get some Rosacea flare ups (stress) but your products have helped a great deal. Plus I have fewer breakouts. Today I visited my dermatologist. She said my skin looked good. I told her I was using a new skin care line. I also mentioned to my doctor the icing of the skin and the applying products over the sunscreen. I know these have been controversial. Anyway, she backed up everything you say on your web site! The icing helps with the inflammation and redness and it will not hurt or worsen those tiny red lines from rosacea. She said the sunscreen on wet skin helps it penetrate through the skin layers and will not decrease in effectiveness when other products are applied over it. Which explains why your sunscreen keeps me from getting red when others have not! Thanks again for your help and service!

Patience R.


Hi. I don't know if you remember me, but I have been using your products faithfully since ordering a few months ago. I had written in my skin profile that I have EXTREMELY SENSITIVE skin. No products, including those formulated from variously well-respected dermatologists in New York City and Beverly Hills, could help me, and many of them just irritated my skin further. Nothing has made such a difference as your products and icing my face morning and night. Whenever my skin starts getting too dried out, red, inflamed and irritated, I know that my showers have been getting too hot and I have to tone it down. Within a week, my skin is happier. I don't get as red and irritated after exercising either. I'm very grateful for that. I can't say enough about your sunscreen. I use it faithfully everyday!

I have never used a sunscreen that didn't sting and I was never able to tolerate more than two or three days in a row of wearing sunscreen without severe irritation. Your formula is a dream. I've been wearing it for months now, rain or shine, and it feels wonderful when I put it on. Thank your so much! Do you think you will ever develop a self tanner? Since my skin is so sensitive. I have been introducing new products slowly. I use your daily shampoo and SPF 25 everyday. I also use the 20% smoothing gel on my nose- it works wonders. Thanks in advance. And keep up the good work.

Elizabeth C.

Hi, I have been 4 weeks now using the oily skin pack with a few goodies on The side for acne. I am seeing quite an improvement and that is saying a lot For my skin!! The zits are disappearing and the lines around my eyes are Getting finer with the gel and cream. The crinkles under my eyes are slowly Getting better too!! I'm very excited about that, at 44 yrs old I don't want To look older!! The icing feels great and I'm up to twice daily on the gel And smoothing cream. I was skeptical but the products are speaking for Themselves!! I can't wait to see what results the next 4 weeks bring!!!

Nancy S.

Joanna thanks for checking on my progress. I've been using your trial pack for a week now and I like the results--my skin is in the process of clearing. I like the fragrance of the products as well--not "mediciny" like Clinique. I like the fact that you have addressed the dryness problem with the gelloid. In the past, using other benzoyl peroxide products, my skin would be dry and flaky--but your system eliminates this problem. I also like your "system" approach to skin care with the use sun block specially formulated for acne skin, and the "icing" technique alone seems to be helping a lot. Oiliness seems to be under control and I no longer have to wash my face four of five times a day. I look

forward to ordering the smoothing cream and bleaching lotion, once the breakouts are fully under control, which at this rate should be a few more days.

Paul B.

Dear Barbara,

After using my combination skin try me pack for only five days, I am in shock. I cannot believe the difference it has made in such a short period of time. This is usually the worst time of the month for my skin but it looks great! I am telling everyone I know about your products, they are absolutely fabulous! I do, however, have one small problem. Upon receipt of my try me pack, I noticed the smoothing gel had leaked and was completely empty. I have been using the 12% smoothing cream on all of my face and have been quite happy with it- no oily problems. I was going to email customer service about the smoothing gel but am not sure if I should use that since the cream has worked well. Should I stick with just the smoothing cream and if so, should I try the 20% smoothing cream? I have not been able to try the gel but I do tend to dry easily Thank you for your help in this matter.

Nikki T.

Hi Barbara:

Your products are fabulous!!! I recently ordered the Try Me Pack for Combination Skin and am beyond thrilled with how my skin looks. Thank you for making such great products available. I recently saw a post on Beauty Buzz that said you would be offering a re-formulated 20% smoothing gel that isn't as shiny on the skin. When will that be available, and do I need to specify that request when ordering? Also, I am a California State Licensed Cosmetologist and plan on opening a salon/supply and wanted to know if I would be able to sell Sage? Please let me know what your requirements for re-sale are. Thanks again. This is the first time, in god knows how long, that my oily, acne skin prone has looked so fabulous. Take care,

Danica G.

Hi Joanna,

My face has never looked and felt better. I have spent years and thousands of dollars searching for the "right" products for my skin. I could never find anyone who was expert enough to help me. I even went paid for professional facials twice a month. Even that

did not work. In fact, my face felt and looked husband begged me to stop going. I tried products from expensive to cheap. Nothing worked.

In just a week of using these products there is a definite improvement to my face. I'm on my way to to order more supplies Thank you.

Rhondall R.

Dear Joanna,

I appreciate your follow up email regarding my purchase of the At Home Peels and Bleaching Lotion. I received the products about 5 days ago and used the peel immediately. I couldn't believe the difference after just one peel. My skin felt so soft and smooth. In fact, I emailed Barbara the next morning to tell her how pleased I was. Since she suggests using the peel every 5-7 days, I am planning to do my next peel tonight. I am also using the Bleaching Lotion twice a day and am anxious to see some fading of the brown spots (sun damage).

Thanks again for your interest. As soon as I use up some of the skin care I currently have, I am planning on trying the try-me kit for dry skin.

Kathi L.

Hello Joanna,

Thank you for the follow up. It's been almost a week since I received and started on the products. I think they are terrific! In particular, the corrective grains, and facial shampoo are great. The SPF25 sure beats what I'm using now with no shiny residue. Also, the smoothing gel/cream is the only one I've tried that is greaseless and completely absorbs into the skin. I must say the icing is quite an experience! I feel really refreshed afterwards! I find the gelloid works much better for me if I apply it to a very wet face. I like the samples of Miracle Zit. I'm still trying to figure out which strength is the best one for me with my oily skin, breakouts and dry spots. Once I can figure that out, I'll be ordering the full sized versions of all these products. I've been thinking of the "At Home Peels". Are they very strong?


Arlene Y.


Your shower gel is absolutely AWESOME...the results using a shower sponge then following up with the Luffa are just MARVELOUS::::jumping up and down with a big smile on my face:::: I tried my old product again (the one I used to use before yours) which was allegedly nondrying and it made my skin itch! And this is allegedly one of the leading bath gels on the market. .yikes!

PS. I am pleased to say that I haven't had to use Metrocream/Gel on my face in over a month now! The trips to the doctor and to an esthetician are OVER (so far) ...she called the other day to ask me why I hadn't been in awhile...I didn't have the heart to tell her I found someone else..XOXOXO


I received my order and have been thoroughly impressed with all of the products. I sent my comments from my computer at home but wasn't sure if your received it. The grains are fine and gentle and rinse off in a breeze (the Clinique product would be so difficult to remove that I wouldn't use it). The shampoo took off the sticky eye pencil that no other facial cleaner other than an eye makeup remover would take off. I'm so surprised that it is tear free. The SPF 25 goes on nicely with water and doesn't make me feel like I'm at the beach (fragrance). And I can finally moisturize without worry. I'm also enjoying the smoothing cream and miracle zit. I've been using the lower strength ones first. I wanted to check what kind of results people have seen with the Bleaching product. I have that sun spot on my cheekbone the size of a quarter that I've had for over 10 years. Do you distribute samples of that product? I continuously see great testimonies on the Beauty Buzz message board and now understand how great your products are. Thank you!

Wendy A.

Barbara, I received my Sage last night!

I was so incredibly excited to try the products! While at work I printed out the directions on how to use everything. I read it so carefully and even double read some parts to fully memorize how to do everything. (Now, if I only put that kind of reading and dedication to my school work I could be getting straight A's!) I took out all the products and carefully examined all of them, almost like they were pieces of art. I opened them all up to smell them and check out their consistencies. All of the products have virtually no smell to them. It's very faint and pleasant. I was very pleased so far. I took each bottle and read the instructions on the label, then double checked the instructions that I printed up.

Now it was time to try out the products! I used the grains first, like the directions said. I found this product to have a nice, pleasant scent to it. The grains were small and they did not feel scratchy on my skin at all. I massaged my face for about 20-30 seconds and then washed it off. Next, I used a small dab of the cleanser to take my eye makeup off. Again, this had a really nice, pleasant scent, almost citrusy. I rinsed my eyes and then proceeded to cleanse my face. I have to tell you, I was really impressed with this product! The only cleanser that I had been using up until yesterday was the Serious Skin Care Glycolic Cleanser which has been a favorite of mine. The Sage cleanser, I feel, absolutely beats it, hands down! This is the first and only cleanser that I have used that has removed all of my makeup and made my skin absolutely clean without making my skin feel dry and tight. My skin felt absolutely supple!

Next, I used the 5% Miracle Zit on my cheeks, nose, jaw line and chin. This is where I am most prone to breaking out. I had been currently using the Serious Skin Care Clearz-It, and I must say, the Miracle Zit beats it hands down! The MZ absorbed right into my skin, where as the SSC would not absorb into my skin, leaving a sticky and tacky film on my face. I then applied some blobs of the XX MZ to a "big mother" that I had on my chin. It's pretty much gone this morning. That's all I did last night, and I couldn't believe how quickly I did my skin care routine. I felt as if I had missed something, but I didn't.

When I woke up this morning I had virtually no oil on my face! I couldn't believe it! Every morning until today I had so much grease on my face I could fry chicken with it! This morning, NO OIL! I didn't use the Gelloid because I didn't feel to dry this morning. I think I will try it tomorrow morning. I used the grains and the cleanser and again my skin felt absolutely wonderful! After my shower, I patted my face slightly with a towel and then applied the sun screen. This is the first sun screen I have used that did not fell greasy on my skin. Then I used the 20% Glycolic Gel on my face and a dab of the Gelloid as a moisturizer. My skin feels incredible! Now, I look forward to cleansing my skin! I can't wait to how the long term use of these products will benefit my face! Thanks so much, Barbara!!

Emma Y.


i came home today, my wife said, "whoa...your face looks great you look 10 years younger!"..well, barbara, wendy's right, my pores look smaller my skin looks smoother the color is even.. thanks for the great stuff.

i join wendy in saying, "yeah, barbara is GREAT!".. and you can quote this on the internet if you like... 'looking 10 years younger.."

howard t

Dear Barbara

I also want you to know that my skin is looking better than it has looked in years! The only time it has been almost clear (besides now) since childhood is when I was between the ages of 19 - 23 and was on the Pill. That helped my skin, especially the last 6 months or so before I stopped taking them. When I went off the Pill, my skin broke out horribly! It was so depressing - I mean, I had clear skin all those years, and then I suddenly went back to looking like I did in high school. I know people had to wonder what happened to me that I started looking that way again! I tried different skincare lines, like Proactiv, Alpha Hydrox, Loreal, etc and even the dermatologist, but nothing helped very much. The medicine the dermatogist put me on dried my skin out so badly that I felt like I better not smile for fear my face would crack! (haha) I was ready to give up - it was a terrible time dealing with my skin. Then earlier this year, I noticed that not only was my skin breaking out, but it was leaving scars! Not just the usual red marks, but it was leaving my skin uneven and with some tiny pits. I knew I HAD to take action - no longer could I just be passive about my skin. So I started spending a lot of time searching the internet for acne forums and such. I found some good tips and things to

do which helped my skin some (like taking vitamins, drinking lots of water), but nothing was really clearing it up. Then I found, and there were tons of posts about Sage. It's funny because I had run across your website once before when someone mentioned it on an acne message board, but I just looked briefly at your webpage, feeling like it was probably just more hype like the others (sorry Barbara, I know better now!) But if you've had acne as long and as bad as me, you do get skeptical when a company promises they can clear your acne - because that's what all the others said too and it didn't help. But when I saw all those posts on beautynet, I got very interested. There were so many people raving about it. I had been reading a lot of Paula Begoun's stuff prior to that, and your way of doing skincare seemed so different that I didn't think it could be good for the skin... but I was desperate and reading your testimonials was probably what convinced me (along with everyone else's raves!). I felt like Sage could be the answer to my prayers. So I got my try me pack and the rest is history as they say!

The products have really kicked into gear for me since October, and I am seeing such good results! My skin is so smooth and glowing - the pimples are clearing up big time, and those @@$%&** red spots are going, going away!!! Yeay!!! Well, Barbara, I could go on and on, but you are busy and I don't want to take up anymore of your time. Thank you so much, Barbara - your products are a God-send, and I am so happy I found them. Yours truly.

Paula W.

Dear Joanna,

I have been using Sage for almost a week and I love it! I have so many skin problems and everything I was using only made by skin worse. With Sage, my skin feels clean but not dry, supple but not greasy, and clear but not irritated! I will definitely be following up with an order for more of the Exfoliator, Skin Shampoo and Sunscreen. With these three products, I won't ever need to try another skin care line again. (By the way, I have oily but very sensitive skin. My skin is much less oily after using your products, and I am not experiencing any sensitivity. Other product lines either make my skin feel oily or irritated, or both.) Thanks again and I am so grateful to have discovered Sage.

Suzanne S.

You products are WONDERFUL! I am currently using the cleansers and my skin is soooo soft. Honestly I never thought it was possible for my skin to feel like this -soft like baby skin. I don't like to put a lot of new things on my face all at once but perhaps you can reccommend another product that I might also enjoy good results with. Thanks very much. I am very pleased.

Deb K.

Dearest Barbara,

thanks for taking the time to call me today, I really enjoyed talking to you today, you are as kind as you are generous, that is why you are in *demand. In today's world of coldness at Dept. stores, you are a blessing to us, you are *real* &have quality products, I love all your products, my next purchase will be the body goodies, I have that oil you gave me as a sample, another winner!!!,I will want big sizes of that one ,plus all the rest, thanks again, you are so loved by so many, you can be proud of that, I am enjoying my new products, talk to you soon, Bye for now, A Happy Customer,

Linda H. Folsom, Calif.

Hi Barbara,

I am writing (pleased as punch) to tell you that the milia around my eyes are GONE!!!! (gone, gone, gone--yippeeee!!). I was told--can't get rid of them--they're genetic, they're from high cholesterol, etc, etc. Nope--comedogenic products were creating my milia, and now that I am using Sage products, those darn ugly milia are gone. Can you tell I'm thrilled??

Judy M.

Dear Barbara,

I cannot believe it but after moving my office all day, my face is not even fact I had to go look and see if I had washed it and forgotten I even did it. NEVER HAS THAT HAPPENED. I have been only using the cleanser for TWO days...and nothing else. YOU ARE A GODDESS!!! By this time of the day (8:00 pm) I am ready to fry french fries on my forehead. THANK YOU and I will await my next addition instruction after the the SPF. I am worn from the move and I think I need to retire to bed with a bag of M &M's.

Gretchen M.

Dear Joanna,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and Barbara for your great service at Sage. I have been faithfully using my products for a month now and the difference in my skin is nothing short of miraculous! I have tried EVERYTHING (like everyone else!) to tame my oily, acne prone skin for the last 25 years (including countless trips to the dermatologist) and have never had the kind of success that I have with Sage. Thank you for your suggestions for foundations to use - I have been using the L'Oreal foundation you suggested and just love it. Not having my makeup slide off my face after an hour or two is just great - in fact, I can wear my foundation all day with no powder, and only have to gently blot excess oil once all day long. My skin is still oily, but nothing like it was before! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Sage now has a life-long customer! Sincerely,

JoAnne S.

Dear Joanna,

Thank you for your lovely follow up letter. I did receive my Sage products and have been using them for about three weeks now. So far my face looks and feels great! I'm having far fewer breakouts than I normally do (caused mainly by the cosmetics I use, I think) and those I do have heal quickly. I particularly like the fact that the products aren't irritating and even the very emollient products (i.e., the Gelloid) don't cause any flareups. I've been so pleased that I am planning on reordering very soon! Thanks again,

Suzanne K.

Hi, Joanna!

Thanks so much for the message. Today is actually the very first day in about ten years that I've gone without wearing foundation--just loose powder. It's a huge milestone for me! My skin has never looked so clear or felt as soft as it does after using Sage for only one week. I am so happy with these products. I'm telling everybody I see--all my friends, my boyfriend, my sisters, my co-workers...Again, thanks so much for the follow-up. I will be re-ordering very soon! Love,

Jennifer W.

WOW!! Read my mind!!! I was going to e-mail y'all this week to let you know how fabulous I think this product is! No kidding, I've tried a million skin care lines and even though my face may clear up or feel better in the first day or two, your products have made my face look and feel great AND seems to continue to improve! Bottom line: I love this stuff! I'm planning on ordering more and I'm also sending your website to a friend of mine in Texas so that she can get the trial size package for her skin.Thanks for being clairvoyant!

Fran V.


I've been using the products for about 2 weeks now, and so far I love them! The dryness & irritation I've been experiencing from using retin-a has drastically improved. My skin looks and feels so much better, and the blackheads that I had on my chin and nose are almost totally gone! I just cannot believe the difference. I'll be purchasing one of the reorder kits sometime in December. I love the products and the service I have gotten is wonderful. Thank you to everyone at Sage:-)

Kelly P.


I just wanted to check-in. I'm happy to report that after more than a week of using your products, I have suffered no rashes, blotchiness or irritation - a virtual MIRACLE (no

pun intended) for my ultra-fair, highly reactive skin. The extra strength Miracle Zit has been very effective on a couple of cystic lesions, stopping them before they fully developed. I've worked my way up to the 10% solution for my forehead, nose, and chin, and also found that to be effective at preventing breakouts. I used the extra gentle grains and facial shampoo samples you sent for Week 1, then moved up to the regular strength versions. I'm very pleased. Yours is the first cleansing grain product that did not worsen my acne or simply tear up my skin. During Week 1 I also tapered off my use of Retin-A, Renova, and Benzamycin, as I wanted to really test your acne treatment products. Again, I'm happy to report that my acne is clearing AND I've nearly stopped use of the prescription items. This has greatly reduced the redness and peeling on my face, and eliminated the need to apply a ton of moisturizer every morning, mid-day, etc. I find that the the smoothing cream generally provides enough moisture to allow smooth application of makeup in the morning, and it gets me through the whole day. If I'm going to be in an extra-dry environment or on an airplane (a rather frequent occurrence for me), I do use the Gelloid product and find that it does what you promised, but I generally use it just under my eyes and on my hands (I LOVE it for my hands, by the way).

I have not really worked my way up to the Smoothing Gel - as stated in your instruction sheets, it stung a bit and I decided that I'd rather use the gentler Smoothing Cream for a while. Also, I haven't tried the Old Lady Cream, because the Gelloid has been sufficient. Finally, because I've had so much trouble with sunscreens in the past, I decided to wait until next week to introduce that product. Based on what I'm finding so far, however, I have great faith that your SPF will work out.

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful this product line is for someone who has highly sensitive and reactive skin (I'm not exaggerating - I can remember being hauled to emergent care more than once before I was even in kindergarten, because some soap product left me flaming red and raw). I am very impressed with your level of knowledge AND the fact that you've kept this product line affordable. I wish you continued success and will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you,

Amy O.

Dear Barbara, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your products since August and I am so pleased with the results! My skin hasn't looked this good or felt this smooth since I was about eight years old. Really, I'm just as smooth as my five-year old nephew! My complexion is virtually flawless. Still a bit oily, but not a blackhead or whitehead in site. I quickly got rid of some bumps on my forehead that even Acutane didn't work on. I went through my cabinets the other night and got rid of all my old products. I'll never use anything but Sage again. If you ever start selling stock in your company, I'm in! Just one request: WATERPROOF LABELS on all the products would be very helpful. I put clear packing tape on each bottle to keep the labels on, but that's not foolproof. Thanks!

Diana S.

No are giving a greater saving than you thought....or giving a little too much of a savings......anyway looking forward to getting my RO/kit I am running out of just about everything!!!! Just one more thing.... My husband usually has a remark about how much I spend on useless skin care stuff, when I told him he said it was well worth it...that my skin looks great and what ever I needed to get to keep it this way to get it. He knows how much my acne problem bothers me and what I got through each morning to try and hide it as much as possible. When he said that I almost cried. Actually this weekend I only wore a little concealer and some powder and sure was nice....thanks again for your wonderful have a customer for life!!!!!!!


Dear Barbara, Joanna and everyone at Sage:

This year on Thanksgiving I will be especially thankful for Sage Skincare and everyone that works there. I am 39 years old and can honestly say, this is the first time in my life my skin is starting to look good. I have been going to the dermatologist since I was 13 and have tried everything with the same results, acne, dryness, rashes and ugly skin. Since I have been using Sage for approximately one month, I notice a major improvement. Barbara and Joanna have been extremely helpful whenever I had a problem. I am very thankful for having found you on the internet. I have tried every since type of skin care line and have never been happy. I could never use a sunscreen, moisturizer or cleanser without a reaction. I was always very self-conscious about my skin because it never looked good.

I just wanted to take this time out and say Thank-you for everything and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sincerely,

Nancy F.

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for taking the time to ask about how I was liking my new Sage products!!!!!! Well I have to say that I could not be happier! These are by far the best products I've ever used. My once combo/breakout prone dull skin, is now on its way to being the best it's ever been. I love all the products. They are so gentle and nonirritating. I've used the bio. clay mask 2x so far and its so much better than other clay masks I've tried .It doesn't dry and crack on your face and leaves it so soft and smooth. The smoothing creme and gel are also great, along with the MZ I really think this has helped tremendously at clearing my skin. I can't wait to try the facial peel, I think i'll request a sample with my next order. I think I'll be needing the shampoo and grains next. Anyway, I love these products and the care and concern that Barbara and her staff have for everyone is amazing.

Everyone has been so nice and helpful and I can't wait to see continued results with these fabulous products. Thanks a million

Dan Y.

Delighted that you are booming - but of course I recently stocked up with products so I can be smug. Seriously, for those of us who are far from teenage years but used to cringe when watching Clearasil adverts or the like (you know the ones - product XYZ gives you control over your skin - exit young gorgeous 15 year old with swinging ponytail and perfect skin to a crowd of waiting equally gorgeous boys) which made out it was DIRT that was causing zits (see - the cotton ball comes clean!) you have been a wonderful find. I should weep at the amount of money I have wasted over the years with high end, drugstore, derm and home remedies (don't ask about these it gets embarrassing the things I have smeared on my face), but I won't because I have Sage now! I still get the odd nasty zit (can a zit ever be anything other than nasty?) but they clear much more quickly and I no longer have the ropes of hard lumps along my chin, neck and jawline that I had when I first rang you in June of this year. I no longer worry about what will have appeared overnight either! Don't get so massive you can't entertain us as well as clear our skin will you..??!!!

Helen B.


It has been a few weeks since I have emailed you.

I just wanted to thank you for my sister's on-line skin analysis. In your email to her you included some links to Cosmetic Connection's review. The panelist provided quite along review. It was a nice review although in it, she mentioned that the Ooeey Gooey Mask was not one of her favorites.

I guess to each his/her own (as they say) ... but I must tell you I find this product to be fabulous. It is one of my favorites. You were kind enough to include a sample in my last shipment and I love it so much I certainly will order. When ever I find my skin is looking dull or lifeless, I use this mask. The results are incredible. After removing the mask I can see al of the yucky dry flakes and "junk" the mask has removed. Not only does my skin feel super glows. I also find that my makeup goes on and looks better. Thank you again for all of your help with my skin care regimen.Best Regards,


Thank you for replying...I have to say, i feel I will soon reach that point where I will not have to put anything on my face, if i don't want to. I could have never believed several months ago that I would look this good. It makes such a diff. in my confidence level....I teach college freshman, and they can and will pick out anything to pick a teacher apart. Now I don't have to worry about my appearance. Also, getting ready for school is so quick because i don't have to spend time covering up things!

When I placed my last order, someone gave me a generous sample of the body oil...whoever that was.thanks! that will probably be my next purchase. I don't know how you all have time to answer all your mail and keep up with things..I''ve been reading beauty lately and all the girls there talk about service making or breaking a company. You guys certainly come out on top. I'm thinking xmas gifts for my mom....maybe some of the body products. Again, a big thank you.



I've been using your products for a little over a month now, and the positive change in my skin is so exciting. The skin I have now is the kind of skin I have most wanted in my life: smooth, clear, non flaky, no blackheads, no gross oily shine, small looking pores, non blotchy etc....etc..... I have settled for a while with skin that was not great thinking that there was not much more I could do for myself. That what I was doing was as good as it was going to get. I've spent so much time, money and personal anguish over my skin it's a sin! Thank you for your wonderful products and service that is unmatchable! I can't imagine being without your products for one day! Thank you again!

Linda W.

Hi Joanna,

Thank you so much for your follow up letter. I am so IMPRESSED with your company's customer service. In this day of "thank you have a nice day, take your money and I don't what to do if you ask me a question" the employees of Sage sets an excellent example of how it should work. I read the message board almost daily and every question is answered. It is truly amazing!! OK enough about you -- now about me.....I am totally in love with every one of the products and everything is working great. Sincerely,

Anita N.

Tell Barbara I would have never believed it!! In only 6, yes six days, my entire face was zit free and looked absolutely wonderful... I am still using the products and you can count on a reorder from this satisfied customer.Many, many, thanks.

Deborah L.

So far, so good. I am still in the testing stages (with all the miracle zit doses), but even though I had sever acne problems/oily skin my entire life, yours are the first moisturisers to not make my skin feel oily at all!!! I thought of this as a minor miracle and am trying to convert my sister (a Murad user, and an even worse sufferer of acne) to Sage. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your very specific directions on how to use the products and how to incorporate each and every product you purchase into the skin care routine. Also your advice on exercise and your face is excellent. Dermatologists haven't the slightest at what to say when you say something like "I break out every time I exercise". Also your Acne sufferers support system, via the internet is probably the best thing I've ever seen. I was a silent sufferer my whole life--ashamed about my acne and terrified to talk about it because I felt somehow I had caused it or was less of a person because of it. I was soooo emberrased about it, I would blush when I went to the dermatologists!!!! I also love the personal advice you give to everyone in the forum. The Acne detectives list is BRILLIANT!!!! I have always thought that there were products that caused acne even though they said they didn't!!!! That list makes me feel SSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo empowered. I don't psychologically feel like acne is completely out of my control anymore. Or in the hands of a stupid dermatologist (I've spent THOUSANDS on visits to the dermatologist for every month of my life!!!! AND on very expensive medication!!!!!(I've been on accutane 3 times!!!!)) I am currently PMSing, not to mention super stressed from my dog's recent death and my granfasther's recent major zits yet. My skin looks smoother, feels smoother and healthier. Thanks, Sister!!! Sincerely,

Carolyn Y.

Thank you for your recent letter about the products I ordered. My order was actually a re-order of products I've already used. I've got to tell you this: Your products have made my face look better than any other. My history with acne is a long and dreary one. Since the age of 25, I've been to dermatologists, done the Retin A bit, antibiotics--oral and topical, as well as two courses with accutane. Though the Accutane kept me clear for about a year (just minor erruptions) the acne came back each time. During the past year, I've done Power Peels to help with some of the scarring and have improvement. During the past year, I also discovered your products. I'm convince that the exfoliation that can be done with your at home peels as well as the cleansing products are the key to success. Usually, a product will work for me for a short time, and then I'm back to where I was. But I've been using the Sage products for about 9 months now, and am still amazed at the efficacy of the products on my skin. So, when I tell you that your products are the best by far, it's an opinion based on a lot of experience (and expense on products that have not worked, despite their claims). Kudos to Barbara and all of you at Sage Sincerely,

Deborah A.

First, I have to say how much I love and am totally thrilled and satisfied with your products!!! I know people probably tell you they have tried "everything" and nothing worked, but that is literally the truth for me. I used to work in the cosmetics industry, so I have tried many of the department store skincare items, in addition to products from infomertials, the drugstore, healthfood store, you name it! I have very sensitive, yet breakout prone skin, and nothing seemed to address all of my problems. My skin hasn't been horrible in the past, but it's never been terrific, and that's what I have been on a quest for. Since I started using your products, there are many days that I go to work and elsewhere with NO MAKEUP ON! The days that I do wear some, I look even better because my skin looks so good. A thousand thank you's!!!

Tammi S.

Well, it has now been a week since I started using Sage and the verdict is in....Everyone is right. This is the greatest stuff. I am finally getting the routine down so that it doesn't take so much time, but I really like the products. My only problem is that I get water everywhere!!!LOL I have taken to wearing a terry wrap so that it absorbs all the water that drips. Using the cold water makes a great difference. I had been using warm to hot water on my skin--no wonder it was dehydrated and tight!!! I have been a SSC user for many years now and, frankly, have to admit that I have had great success with the products. (To be honest, glycolics in general have given me great success) However, as more and more products have been added, I have been confused on what to use, when to use it, etc.

As a result of using so many different products, my skin has become very dehydrated. I must add that my primary concern is not acne. Fortunately, years of facials, peels and more peels, have that problem under control. My biggest concern is aging. I am 48, but I choose not to look 48. I am never going to be 18 again, but I do want to look as good as possible. Because I am very fair, I never have been a sun worshipper so I am not paying for tans twenty years ago. However, in my early years, we didn't know about sun blocks and just the normal day to day living has caused some damage. Fortunately, I don't have have lines and wrinkles and only have a little lining under my eyes.

I have found with Sage that my skin is much softer and doesn't feel so dried out. I really love the Gelloid and use is every morning and on Saturday I really slathered it on and left it for 15 minutes, after doing the Biological mask. My skin was great. I love the grains and the facial shampoo. I am sure that I will need to go stronger once it gets warmer and my skin gets oiler. Everything is working great and I am very pleased with the results.

The SPF 25 is the best I have ever used!! I have tried many, many different types and have found them greasy or slimy or they just didn't work no matter what the SPF was. I was out all day Saturday and the sun block worked great. I wasn't red when I got home. And, the stuff doesn't smell once it is on and it is absorbed all at once by the skin.

Finally, the Claw and Paw (I love that name!!!) is great. I have been using it on my hands and it really works. My hands don't look like dried up prunes. The weather here in Denver has been very dry and windy and my hands looked horrible.

Sorry to go on and on, but for those of you who may be reading these threads wondering if this stuff is as good as they say, IT IS. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. After one week, I think I can fairly say that you get the same anti-acne and anti-aging benefits that you would get with SSC or other lines, but you don't get the irritation and dryness.

Thank you, Barbara, for creating such a wonderful line and being so supportive of all us. I learn so much each time I read the new threads. I look forward to continued us and look forward to trying some of the products that I haven't yet tried--body products and the at-home peel.

Keep up the great work!!!

Patti C.

I know I have thanked you before, as have others, and I don't want to be redundant but I was looking at my skin today and to be totally honest, I don't recognize it. I can not remember (if I try, I can picture myself at the age of 10 or so, not worrying about my complexion, not afraid to look in the mirror to see what new problem I would have to deal with) when my skin has looked so good, so clear, so "normal". I have been to dermatologists both in the US and in Europe, and no remedy that I have been prescribed (or of course anything that I have gotten over the counter or in dept. stores) has ever come close to achieving the results that I have attained using your products. I just find this so remarkable, I can't get over it. I honestly believed that I would have to suffer through life being self-conscious and with low self-esteem.

My younger sister saw how I had suffered with my complexion - and unfortunately also inherited the bad-complexion-gene herself - and is dealing with the same problems that I had (note past tense). She has seen the results that I have achieved with your products and she recently placed an order herself. I look forward to seeing her with the same increase in confidence that I have experienced.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you from myself and from Katherine. Best regards,


hi to all! i received my order on saturday, jan. 8, and everything was fine.

this is my second re-order of products (a try-me kit, and one re-order kit before this) and i am loving them all. the grains and cleanser make my super oily face really clean, and i especially love that even the extra strength cleanser doesn't sting my eyes when i use it to remove eye makeup. i alternate now with mz 10% and xx mz, also use 20% smoothing gel, and gelloid/old lady cream on neck and around eyes. of course i use my spf every day. i treat with bio mask at least twice a week, and at-home peel about every five or six days. i find it particularly effective if i use at-home peel one night, bio mask the next that third day my skin is looking excellent.

i have removed every other skin care product from my home! and believe me when i tell you i have tried absolutely everything on the market, regardless of the cost. these products are straightforward, and most importantly, they really work. no frills, just skin that gets better all the time.

i have also simplified my makeup routine and use only color endure liquid or youngblood mineral foundation, with almay or t. leclerc powder. i have found that i am no longer compelled to jump from skin care or makeup lines, in a desperate search to find something that will truly make a difference. i have found what i will use, for as long as you guys keep making the products...

is this enough of a followup, or did i chew your ear off too much??? the bottom line is... i'm so glad i found you! it is by far the best "perk" of having finally jumped into the computer age!! "bye, till my next order!

dena m

Dear Sage Customer Service,

I have been using your products since the beginning of the month, and I was very pleased with how quickly I received my order and also with the many generous samples that were included. Although I had some irritation when I first began using the products (mostly due to my ignorance and assumptions about the products), my face now is looking and feeling wonderful. The Sage messageboard and website have been, and continue to be, very informative about how to use my products, and how to change usage based on how my skin is looking and feeling. I am currently putting together another order (I am still trying to determine which M.Z. strengths are best for me) and hope to send the order soon. No other product line has worked so well for me. It is still hard to imagine that I could have clear skin someday, because I cannot remember a time in the past when I ever did. I am looking forward to continuing to use these products, and I appreciate your fine products and customer service. Thank you! Sincerely, Tina L.

Since Barbara has officially announced the product...I shall share my experience w/Zit Zapper.

I have been using Sage products since November...broke out w/cystic acne (unrelated to the Sage)on one side of face. The bumps were very painful and quite purple. Unfortunately, I was unable to get an appointment with my dermatologist until the middle of February (how is that for good patient relations....grrrrrrrr). I contacted Barbara, left a message...she immediately returned my call. After explaining my quandary, she sent me a generous sample of Zit Zapper. I received it last Friday...have been using it twice daily since then. The good news is that yesterday (Monday) the pain and purple color had completely diminished, and the bumps are completely gone. YES, I SAID GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! The product did not cause any dryness or irritation on my skin is exceedingly sensitive/oily. Interestingly enough...the XX Miracle Zit did not help to eliminate this crisis...but the Zit Zapper did.

Sooooooooooo....for all my fellow Sagers, take it from someone that has seen the results...this stuff is MIRACULOUS.

Deborah in TX

I have to agree with everyone else on this one. The Zit Zapper really does work. I have been using Sage since October. Initially, my skin cleared and was glowing, then suddenly, for reasons I have yet to discover, I started breaking out in every type of pimple imaginable about six weeks later. It was unreal. No amount of booster doses with XX MZ was helping at all. ( Barbara sent me a sample to try right before the holidays. I started using it twice a day, applying XX MZ with it at night and soon, the breakouts virtually ceased and the marks from previous breakouts began to lighten. It'll be a month officially tomorrow that I've been using it and my face has done a tremendous turn around. It's smoother and I have no active pimples! I wish I had taken before-and-after pictures. I'm so grateful for the improvement. I'm so glad we'll be able to purchase the Zit Zapper because it really is a "miracle"


Just want to let you, Beloved Barbara, as well as everyone else here know that I concur with the general consensus that the ZIT ZAPPER really works...AND without causing any dryness, redness, or irritation! It has helped my oily skin look and feel less oily, yet smooth and definitely clearer and softer. Between the one time I used the At Home Peel I just received and my use of the sample of ZZ you sent, my skin looks remarkably better in spite of my using those stupid (#&#)%(&# Obagi products that no-doubt contained pore-clogging crud (how's that for a run-on sentence?! No one ever accused me of being a woman of few words-ha!)! Barbara, I honestly think you have a SUPERIOR product in the ZZ unlike anything else on the market and anyone who tries it will be extremely pleased with the results. That's why I'm pre-ordering the 4 oz. bottle!Thank you, Blessed Barbara!

Marti C.

Mizz Wonderful!

I just have to jump on the bandwagon to let you know how very, very pleased I am (along with a bazzillion-gazzillion other Sagers) with everything about Sage ~ from the product, to you, to your staff, to the website, to this forum! Everthing you are affiliated with is so effective, efficient & user-friendly ~ thank you! You're the best! I placed my reorder last Wed (with Christy, she is soooo great!) & recd it today, WOW, just like Christmas all over again! Just one thing I noticed, one of the pots of Body Acid was screwed on at an angle so it leaked out. There's still about 3/4 left though so no problem ~ just such a shame to waste any of it! I realize you must be receiving tons of orders a day so trying to get them out must be frantic ~ I wouldn't have mentioned it except I noticed that a few people on this board have also been receiving "leaky" containers. Just thought I'd mention it again if you'd like to mention it to whoever prepares the orders. Still, whereas I might have sent it back to any other company, I've been soooo happy with Sage that it really doesn't even bug me! And that's saying a lot since I'm pretty persnickity!

Anyway, this is sooo long it probably put you to sleep ~ good! You must need it working so hard for all of us! Appreciate it a lot though! I can't tell you enough how happy I am with Sage! Sager for life,

Marie L.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I like the cleanser and grains. For the first time in years I feel really clean when I use it and my skin feels like it is breathing, it doesn't feel tight and dry! I firmly believe it looks better and brighter than it has in years and smoother. I am getting rid of the blackheads around my nose and on my chin and bumps seem to be disappearing. I think I need to order the bleaching cream and probably the at home peel. I will do this shortly! The Ooey-gooey peel is the best...the defining mask is seems as though my skin works best with the gentle miracle zit...and the smoothing cream the 20% seem to work best. I haven't begun to use the smoothing cream at night yet...I believe the instructions say to wait 4 weeks.

As I check my budget, I intend to order the body try me pack also, because my skin on my face is getting better each time I use it. The ice cube technique is also wonderful as it tightens. I don't know how to thank you for this product!

At first I thought it was rather expensive, until I used the products and they go far and I am really impressed. I hope with all my heart that you do not disappear.. I wouldn't know what to do. I am going with my church in May to Israel... on a pilgrimage...and you know what I asked them? Will I be able to get ice? Europe and I guess Israel...seem not to be big on ice, so if you can give me any tips how to go two weeks in case I can't let me know. I haven't had one of those big "mother's since I started using the product!

If I had to sum it up, this is the best product I have ever used! Instead of putting expensive creams like Estee Lauder, trying to get rid of wrinkles developing and clogging my skin is breathing and I look and feel better about myself! I am 58 years old and people say I look less tired and younger. The thing is I am not stressed in

the wallet...this product is used sparingly as you recommend and lasts a long addition my large pores are getting smaller and I am just really pleased!

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKKYOUTHANKYOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR DEVELOPING THIS! It is wonderful to find a company that doesn't put profit first, but the quality and for the people. It is everything I heard it was and more! I saved for a long time to go to Israel....but was worried what the zits and blackheads would do in the heat....and dryness! Well that is the amazing thing I no longer feel dry...I feel moist, my makeup goes on smoother and I need very little, in fact I may be able to go without. That is how good my skin is looking! Thank you,

Carol Ann P.

Dear Barbara and staff, Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I can see why so many on the Sage Advice Forum comment about this.

I have been doing well... very well, with the products. I just placed my third order and can't wait to get the Emulsion. I have post-menopausal skin and it is brighter and so healthy looking now! The adult acne along my chin line is totally gone, except for a few spots that need fading. I am looking forward to trying all of the products as time goes on.

Thank you so much for taking such a caring interest in your clients. Please don't ever go to QVC or HSN! I know that was mentioned on the forum. I believe when you sign a contract with "those people" you will sign your life away and not be able to continue with your one-on-one comments and advice. Taking the time to give advice and "talk" to us in this way makes all the difference in the world!

Oh, one question...Barbara how do you feel about Laser hair removal? I have been considering this due to the post-menopausal facial hair I now see. My skin is looking better so my hair is showing up!! Just wondering if this is really safe for the skin.

Best wishes and a wonderful New Year to you all,

Fran F.

Joanna: Hello. Thank you for the update. I am thrilled that Sage is doing so well. I began the Sage Skin Care regimen in the middle of May 1999. The order arrived at my home when I was in the hospital having my baby. I was scheduled to stay a few days and asked my husband to bring the package; I couldn't wait to rip open the box. The corrective grains and facial shampoo were the first cleaners to touch my skin in the four days after having my son.

So, it's been about nine months that I've been using the grains (for normal skin), facial shampoo, gelloid, sunscreen, smoothing cream and my favorite, miracle zit cream. All I can say is sign me up to be your spokesperson!!!! I no longer wear base, just a little

powder, eye makeup and lipstick. I've received comments from my co-workers on the clarity and smoothness of my skin. I am a true believer.

I placed my second order in July and believe it or not am just about ready to place another order. Despite the products being a bit pricey, I only need a small amount thus causing the products to last a long time. This $10.00 will come in handy. I'll call to place an order over the phone. I'm also interested in the mask.

Stacy A.

Hello, Well, I'm hooked. My story, I'm sure, is not unfamiliar. I decided to try Sage a couple months ago even though I was pretty satisfied with the skin care regimen I had. For about a year I was happily using MD Forte products with great results. I still had the occasional break-out and my skin could get quite oily during the day but I thought that was the best it could get. Well, needless to say, I'd heard all the raves about Sage that I decided to try the Miracle Zit 10% since I had just run out of my Persagel. I got the Miracle Zit and you wisely sent samples of the other stuff along with it. I started out slow vowing I would not start using another skin care line when I was happy with the one I had. No surprise to you the Miracle Zit was awesome. I don't break out much but when I do benzoil peroxide products work best. The most wonderful thing about the Sage Miracle Zit was it NEVER dried out my skin. So after a month of using it I couldn't resist the temptation to try the Facial Shampoo that I had sitting by my sink. Wow, another success and with this I noticed my skin felt perfect after cleansing, no tautness at all. Also, I began to see that my face remained almost oil free during the day. Slowly I added the other pieces (today in fact I finally purchase the gelloid since my sample if finally running out).

The best compliment came last week when, feeling good about myself, I decided to try a new foundation and went to the Bobbi Brow counter. There the makeup-artist had me sit in her chair and proceeded to remove all of my make-up while I cringed (since I've become so used to covering things up). Anyway, she told me that I had very nice skin. Can you believe that? She matched me with the perfect Oil Free foundation and told me I didn't even need a concealer. Needless to say I walked out of there with a single purchase and a big smile on my face, thanks to Sage. I cannot thank you enough for your great products. I've been marketing them to all of my friends. You all have been so generous with your products that the only complaint I have is I can't stop buying the things I try:-) Well, thanks so much and keep up the good work!!! Love


Tell Barbara I would have never believed it!! In only 6, yes six days, my entire face was zit free and looked absolutely wonderful... I am still using the products and you can count on a reorder from this satisfied customer.Many, many, thanks.

Deborah L.

hi Barbara and joanne, my face is lookin good! the girls at work are commenting on it. no more barnacles on my face heheheh. and my skin looks and feels really soft. my pores are almost invisible, my zit scars are fading quite nicely. my face feels like a babys butt! and my boyfriend says i glow! hehehe i made my mom sit down and i used it on her one day, just one, and even she had to admit her skin looked and felt better than she remembered it feeling and looking even after just one use. especially after the biomask. when she rinsed i flipped out. it is so amazing, that stuff. i still havent convinced her to let me get the line for her, she says she is too lazy to use it. but i was the laziest with my skin and i actually look forward to using sage morning and night. so i left my samples i was given with her to try out. so shell probably end up a convert, too :) i plan on getting the velvet for her, though, she does use body cream. so thanks! everything is going well with my face hehehe


Joanna, A quick story I would like to share with you and Barbara, John was in Vancouver, BC a week ago on business and had a few hours before he caught his flight home on Sunday night so he did some exploring in Vancouver and came across a skin care store called "Saje". He thought the name was spelt wrong but he figured he would go in and pick me up a little gift. John, remember the name of the product I use on my eyes and asked if they had any Old Lady Cream. They started laughing at him and he quickly figured out that he had the wrong product line and left. With all the products I've used and thousands of dollars I've spent over the past ten years we've been together, high school sweethearts, I was really touched that he is now endorsing the purchase of a skin care line. Who knows, I might even get him to start using it. Anyways, thanks for the excellent products and the customer service continues to be exemplary.

Candice J.

Dear Barbara, I wanted to drop you a line to tell you my skin is already looking much better. I know you have spent many years formulating quality products, that it would be inconsiderate for me to not take a few moments and say THANKS!!! Firstly the skin on my face is improved after one week of use with the combo try-me-pack. However the news gets better. I suffer from severe eczema on my hands and some on my face. I had been using other products that were considered to be made for sensitive skin, but what a bunch of foo-faw! After this week with Sage, my hands are not all cracked and bleeding as usual. Also there is more moisture retention. Yes I have been using the remnants of my grains and shampoo for the backs of my hands! What a helpful tip especially for someone like me. I really can not tell you how important my hands are to me. I am an artist and there were some days that my hands were so swollen and cracked it just hurt to hold a paint brush. I get teary thinking of this, because to an artist to not be able to paint is debilitating to the soul to say the very least. Likewise I

decorative paint/faux finish to make my living .And who wants to feel like hell everyday at work? Anyway I send hugs to you in St. Louis all the way from Atlanta. Sincerely and with much appreciation,

Julie McN.

Not a question, but: I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent product. I've had problems with hormonal acne around my chin and mouth for over 10 years (I'm 36). I've tried everything, even the new "differin" which is supposed to be "gentle." My skin has been so dry and angry from this stuff, you were a last ditch effort. I can't believe the difference!! My skin is so soft and supple, and I haven't had one pimple or cyst around my chin since I've started using it! I never knew what to use, and it seemed like every time I tried to moisturize my skin, I'd break out, so I'd stop moisturizing- and then when I stopped moisturizing, I'd be so dried-out, I'd get those "big mothers" you talk about. What a frustrating cycle. I just wanted to say to ANYONE, especially us older gals who still suffer from breakouts- TRY THIS STUFF. You won't be disappointed. My skin has never been softer, smoother or more healthy- not even as a teenager. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Kim T.

Hi Barbara, I just wanted to give you a special rave on the sample of claw and paw that I received recently. For the past six years, I have been battling dry and peeling lips, partly my own fault for developing a lip biting and picking habit. One doc even did a biopsy. I have tried every over the counter and prescription ointment on the market, but everything slides off and I'm back where I started. A few days ago I started using the claw and paw on my lips and lo and behold, I can't pick, lick or bite my way through this stuff! Also, it stays on and keeps the moisture in and I don't have to reapply every ten minutes. Thanks so much for this product! Also, in case I haven't told you before, my face has never looked better...i even went and got a short haircut, to show off my face! A clear face shouldn't decide our happiness in life, but my not clear face sure made my life miserable for many years. I wish I had met you many years life probably would have been different in many ways. Thanks again. A devoted customer,

Laurie K.

I started Sage this past Nov. with the Acne Try Me Pack along with Gelloid and OLC. I have since incorporated the Bio Mask, Ooey Gooey Peel and AHP with NO problems or adverse effects. when first starting the Try Me Pack, I did experience some drying during the first few weeks but I just cut back on the MZ some and my skin returned to normal. the AHP is wonderful, I'm up to about 5 min. now with the 40%(I have pretty tough oily skin). the AHP leaves my skin so clear and smooth(a refined texture even on the areas where I have a few stubborn blackheads). it is a must have for me. the other must have is the Gelloid. I know some here are sensitive to it, but I wouldn't do the AHP

with out the Gelloid, I apply it right after as a mask. I have yet to experience crusty, burned skin thanks to the Gelloid. I also use it as an eye cream. as of today, my skin has not looked this great since I was on Accutane. although Sage "ain't cheap" it has been worth every penny. my skin tone and texture is significantly and noticeably more clearer. my acne break-outs are now only during PMS, which I have learned to pre-treat, lessing the number of zits to 1 or 2 and allowing them to heal much faster. the acne spots have significantly and noticeably faded, so much so that I use much less foundation and only to spot cover. this is my routine: A.M.

Reg. Grains Reg. Shampoo Ice entire face Bleaching Lotion on acne spots(after drying face) Gelloid on eye area Cold water to re-wet face SPF 20% S-gel let dry & make-up P.M. Reg. Grains Reg. Poo Ice entire face Bleaching Lotion (as above) Gelloid on eye area Cold water 20% S-gel let dry OLC - as needed anywhere I'm dry MZ area and spot treating AHP - every 5 or 6 days Ooey Gooey - 1-2x/week at least 2 days after AHP Bio Mask - 2x/week during PMS, otherwise 1x/week

I have been conservative with my purchases ONLY buying what I need and that I know will work for me AFTER sampling it first. it is also a plus for me to use a line that I can use ALL of the products without worrying about if it will break me out. as long as I continue to get the results I'm seeing now I will be using Sage. Thanks Barbara for a wonderful product!


Dear Barbara, I simply must thank you for what your products have done for my skin. After about two months of use, my blackheads are pretty much gone, and I haven't gotten an inflamed zit in a long time. The BMs never get a chance to mature and develop, and I am working hard to win the war against the waxy worms. I have lived with acne for about fifteen years, and I cannot tell you how much more confident I feel now that my skin is clearer. I have been gently "nudging" my DH into ordering Sage and filling out a profile (he rarely gets zits, but has oily skin), and my mother, who had seen me suffer all those years with acne, is so happy that I found something that works for me. I am finally getting a sense of what my real skin looks like. I am so thankful that you developed these products and attend to your customers in such a personal and caring way. I am now glad also that I allowed my DH to talk me into buying a computer, because without it, I never would have found Sage! Thank you:)


AT HOME PEEL on SPECIAL?!?!?!? YIPEEE!! This is what I've been waiting for, dear Barbara! Now is a good time to tell you how I REALLY feel about your AHP product...

First, some background info...PS (pre-SAGE), I used several different glycolic acid products such as A-Cute-Derm's glycolic acid lotion for oily skin-15%, Serious Skin Care's Glycolic Renewal Lotion, a brand of home peel that I can't recall the name of (does that give you an idea of how UNimpressed with this product I was?!), and the infamous Obagi product line, which includes a glycolic acid cream. I also had a series of glycolic acid peels done by a plastic surgeon. All these products helped TO A DEGREE, but none bowled me over with their results--not even the doc's peels. Then I discovered SAGE AHP...

The FIRST time I used SAGE's AHP I noticed more of a positive difference in my skin than I had with ALL the former products and with each subsequent use, I have been more and more impressed with the obvious improvement--there has been a DRAMATIC reduction of whiteheads, blackheads, pore-size and sun-induced discoloration (and I haven't even started using SAGE Bleaching Lotion yet!) and my skin looks much more even in tone. The few fine lines I had developed on my forehead and around my eyes are also fading away! Truly, this has been, by far, the most dramatic improvement in my skin I have seen ever with any product or procedure! And the fact that I can effect such wonderful changes in my skin by MYSELF at HOME (with your guidance, Barbara), already makes SAGE AT-HOME-PEEL the BEST DEAL my skin ever had....and now that its going to be on SPECIAL, well...I don't see how I could afford NOT to take advantage of this! I am very sincere in my thanks to you for providing such powerful products along with your personalized guidance, Barbara. There is nothing like SAGE available anywhere at any price

* +* marti *+*

Hello Joanna & Barbara:

I just received my Acne Try-Me Pack last week, and my 13-year-old son and I have been using it. I wanted to compliment you on the products and thank you for sending the many samples I was not expecting. My son and I have both noticed dramatic improvements in our skin with NO new breakouts. What a miracle. Like so many of your customers, it seems like I have tried everything on the market or in the MD's office, and now that my son is going through puberty, it broke my heart to see him suffer with acne so soon [must be my genes :( ]. Anyway, I will definitely be reordering soon. I think I'll wait for "Joanna's Birthday" special on Friday, then order a combination reorder kit, if that's okay, at the end of the month. It seems to contain all the products that I'll need until I need more of the specific acne products. I think my formulation is working for my son and I, and neither one of us has experienced any irritation at all. Again, thanks a lot, and I'll be reordering soon!

Deborah M.

Barbara -

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE Sage. I've been using it now for two or three weeks, and the difference in my skin is amazing. I can't tell you how pleased I am. I had been very depressed because although I have experienced breakouts since I was 13 or so, they seemed to get particularly stubborn since I turned 30 in November (hormonal, I assume). Not just on my face, but on my chest area too, which was incredibly annoying. I was very frustrated with the situation. I was skeptical about trying a new line, but decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did. Everything has worked wonderfully for me so far. Please tell me Sage products will be available forever! (Or at least the rest of my natural life! :)


Barbara, thanks for your response. I wanted to let you know it's true what I've read about your products. My skin is clearer, softer, and smoother than it's been for years (I'm 46). The corrective grains and facial cleanser surpass anything and everything out on the market. Actually, your whole line is terrific! I don't know how you figured out how to make your products the most effective ones I've ever used, but, at the same time, the most gentle to my skin. I thank you, my skin thanks you, and please, keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for your follow up email. I have indeed received my products, and have been using them faithfully since day one. I must tell you, quite truthfully, that I cannot recall having such smooth, blemish free, soft skin since before I was 12 years old! In short, I am amazed! I LOVE my products and have experienced immediate, dramatic improvement in my acne, without any excessive drying of my skin .My face feels soft and smooth; my complexion has taken on a rosy glow. Within two days of using Sage products, I began to receive compliments at work for my beautiful skin.

I have tried every over the counter acne medication, as well as Retin-A, andoral and topical antibiotics. Nothing, NOTHING, has ever given me the beautiful clear skin I have now after using my Sage skin care products for three weeks. I just finished my period with nary a blemish. Not one! That has never happened before!!

I know I sound like a commercial for your skin care line, but I can't help it. I have several other friends ready to try your cleansers. I'm thrilled with the samples of Smoothing Cream and Redefining Clay Mask I was sent. I will be ordering full size bottles soon. I've also gone through all my make-up, disposing of all comedogenic products and replacing them with those listed as 'safe'.

Thanks so much for my lovely skin. To tell you the truth, I never knew I could have such a wonderful complexion. Please, please don't ever stop making these incredible products!!! It's taken me 25 acne filled years to find you...I hope I'll have another 25 blemish free to enjoy because of you all!! Sincerely,

Kate A.

It has only been a week, but I wanted to tell you how much I love your products! The gelloid is wonderful, it hydrates but doesn't break you out or clog pores at all. This is coming from a person who has been told by dermatologists and makeup artists that she

doesn't need moisturizer. I used it one night and one morning, and that day and ever since my skin has had a glow that I hadn't seen since I was a teenager. I have always been very hesitant to use any benzoyl peroxide products because they would dry out my skin terribly and wouldn't get rid of the pimple anyway. The Miracle Zit is the first Benzoyl peroxide product I have ever tried that actually works. The 5% has worked very well for area treating, and I love the XX with sulfur, you can truly put it on at night and in the morning the zit is practically gone! The gelloid in the morning is great to ease the dryness from the Miracle Zit.

It's only been a week, and I just keep looking in the mirror and can't believe how good my skin looks. I think the previous instructions I have been give by dermatologists and para-estiticians has left out the important step of moisturizing, because I think my skin was really dried out before. I will let you know again in a few weeks how it is going. I really appreciate your excellent customer service, and I appreciate Barbara personally e-mailing me to clear up some questions I had.


hi! I just received your email, and I love your skin care line. I am so glad I found you. I have always had good skin until I tried the obagi skin care line ($$$$big bucks). for the last six months my skin has broken out. it did improve my skin texture and pigmentation but I kept breaking out. I finally gave up against by skin care specialist advice. she kept saying it would get better, but I was tired of having one good week and then having a fourth of July party on my face!!!! it has been six days since I have used sage and I have been breakout free. my skin looks great and my friend Jessica is going to try sage after sampling my products and seeing how fast my skin cleared up. I would like to ask how I can try your eye cream? I saw on the forum where they were talking about it but I did not see where to buy it. my eye area tends to get dry and since I like sage so much I would like to try your eye cream. do you send samples? thank you so much I am happy again


Six weeks ago, approximately, in a supposed "weak" moment, I ordered the Sage acne try-me pack. I figured I had nothing to lose, and all these people on the forum couldn't be Sage converts unless there was a reason, could they?

I am just finishing up my samples of grains and poo, the UPS man just dropped off my new 8 oz sizes, and I just ordered the special of the month (my beloved 20% smoothing gel). The only other products I love more than these are the Biomask (next purchase), the Gelloid, and oh, yes, the sunscreen (love that smell - yum - summer at the beach). The results of all these products is what I love the best though. Much clearer skin, absolutely phenomenal reduction in new acne lesions (I've had dermatologists who couldn't beat these results), and I absolutely glow. No oil slicks anymore, and my makeup (safe, of course) goes on much smoother and prettier. All because of Sage. The only thing I can't abide by is that darned ice. Sorry, Barbara, that is like torture to me. It's brain freeze x 100. I do it as often as I can, and will surely do it more when the hot weather hits upstate NYS later this year. Anyway, thanks for a great product. I

haven't had much to do with customer service, as I haven't felt a need to contact them, but I'm very pleased with how quickly deliveries are made.

Ann S.


You are a miracle worker, and when I look in the mirror I can't believe it. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease and in addition to all of the other problems that go along with it, I got acne from hormonal imbalance. I tried all sorts of medications (oral and topical), but nothing helped. I also have tried soo many skin care lines. I didn't think that a skin care product could clear hormonal acne, but it has. It is comforting that I can at least treat on of my symptoms so effectively. Considering the sensitivity of my skin and the havoc the different and other products wreaked on my skin, I can't believe that these products are so effective and gentle enough for me. I'm usually allergic to everything. I'm sorry for going on so much, but this has been an ongoing battle to control this disease and at least I can have control in one part. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a godsend. Sincerely,


Just thought I'd update you all. I wasn't able to log on to the forum for the longest. I've missed you guys. I have been receiving sooo many compliments on my skin and continue to refer people to the web site (even strangers! I becoming like my mother and grandmother! YIKES).

I don't know any better way to describe the change in my complexion than to say that I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. No tightness, itchiness or irritation. No outrageous break-outs. Others have nailed it when they say their skin has normalized -- skin tone and texture. This definitely makes make-up application a breeze! My husband has even been dabbing into my Sage stash. LOL. I remember a time when I was afraid to look in mirrors because I knew I'd be so disappointed. Those days are gone.

I did have a recent breakout and couldn't figure out what was going on, until the other day I noticed my son wiping his soapy hands off on my washcloth (bar soap full of comedogenic/irritating culprits)! But even my husband remarked that he really could hardly tell I'd even broken out!

I have to say, the greatest compliment I have received was one evening when my husband said, "I like it now that you let me touch your face." How very sweet. And I have you to thank Barbara! Sincerely,

Ginger B.

Dear Barbara,

This is an email to thank you for making such incredible products and sharing such great knowledge and advice about 'skin'. Just today, I was so pleased when my trip to the Lancome counter brought such fabulous compliments about my skin. The SA was working on my chin to try out a new foundation and as she removed the 'bare' and

hardly there minerals off my face, she just kept saying 'Oh my goodness, your skin is so nice, so poreless, so smooth, so pretty, my goodness your skin is so beautiful'...And that was just my chin!!! Where BM's usually live(but not now, thanks to you Barbara and new Fix Zit). I was just so blown away...And when it finally hit me, I was only thinking one thing:"Thank you Barbara, I wish you could be here to hear this"....over and over again. I haven't felt this good about myself for quite awhile now, especially when it's my TOM. I mean, my skin has actually been pretty good due to use of Fix Zit. Thank you so much for taking so much time to constantly improve and make new products to help each and every one of your clients. It's the love and care that you put into making everyone happy and helping every person to take good care of their skin. Thank you for just 'being you'--->Barbara Strickland< Chocolate-y Smooches!!!

Anne Y.

Hello Barbara and Sage Ladies,Well I have been using Sage for 5 days now and feel I can give you some feedback on my experience. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! I can't express my absolute delight and satisfaction in an e-mail well enough. I believe I have finally found the skin care regime of my dreams.

From the very first application, I was shocked. All the raves I had come across are true! My skin is responding beautifully. There is a light creamy rosy color to my face now (once chalky yellow) and it is soft and dewy looking opposed to the flaky, dry look I had for the past 2 years from SSC. Totally opposite ends of the spectrum - and hey, I haven't even gotten into the SC /SG , Bio mask or AHP yet! I can hardly wait to see my skin after those are incorporated into my skin care routine. Your SPF is THE BEST ever - I feel wonderful wearing it and secure knowing. I am protected from harmful rays. I am also using the Body Beautiful try me pack and am equally impressed. I had no idea my skin could feel so soft without being greasy. And the results were IMMEDIATE.


Didn't know where to put this but just wanted to let you know that your products are incredible. I have been using them for a while now and at 29 I finally have skin I am not afraid to look at or have others see. I love the Miracle Zit 10% it is wonderful. Thank you so much for making these products. The XX Miracle Zit is great during my period week, really helps a lot. Yours truly,


Barbara,This Fix zit stuff is great, truly great!! Since starting with Sage 2 months ago, my skin has improved tremendously. It has responded so well to the grains & poo & zitzapper & emulsion & smoothing cream--I can't get over it! Although, from the samples that came with my try-me pak, I was disappointed to find that my skin could not tolerate area-treating with the Miracle Zit (even the 2.5%)--I have always been sensitive to BP products, they usually overdry my sensitive skin (& old MZ did too).

Well--no more whining . . . I can use the 2.5% Fixzit (even 5% FZ) without any problem!! And boy does this baby work--a total "Zit-killa!" I was in need of some help recently because I tried out a new foundation that I sort-of knew would mess with my skin & within a day "break-out city." Fortunately, the FixZit came to the rescue of this Sager in distress & cleared things-up overnight! What a winner!! Thanks for your peerless products!! lotsa smooches & hugs,


I've only been using it 4 days, but...what a difference! I've tried Proactiv, Murad, Clear Logix, Neutrogena products,Tea Tree Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxybalance, organic herbal washes, soaps... I had ordered Retin-a over the internet from New Zeland that that helped alot but it was SO easy for me to use it too often and end up red and peeling for days so I used it inconsistantly. A few days before I got Sage I broke down and made an apointment at a Dermatologist's office.

(I don't want to make it sound like I have a pizza face-my husband would see acne products and say,"you don't have acne all that bad"-but I had it! And I'm 30! And my skin even when I didn't have too many zits just looked unhealthy. I could cake on make-up and look OK, but.. YUCK!) The dermatologist recommended I see my family physician to get a referral so my insurance would cover it. He gave me a perscription for Benzomiacyn(sp)? and told me to use Neutrogena Acne wash. That seemed to help somewhat, but I was a dry flaking thin red skin looking mess!

Before the Sage products came I used the bad ingredient list and purged my shelves. That helped! I've also been doing what I can on the inside-colon cleansing(I break out around the mouth which is supposed to show toxin build-up in body) taking my vitamins, reducing carbs.

When I got the Sage products I decided to use them exclusively and stop Retin-a and Benzomiacyn since I couldn't tell what ingredients were in these products and use Sage only. I've spent lots of time on the internet researching the products to make use I'm using them correctly. I do it as per directions as much as possible (even ice!!). and I'm so happy with the results so far.

I'm an oily/dry...I saw some women on the forum complain about this-oily skin that's dry on top. The other products just seemed to dry up my skin, make it thin and flaky with oil on top. I would always have white/blackheads, but the products would "lock them up" so they wouldn't get worse or come out. The Sage products seem to soften all my skin and it lets go of all the bad stuff-in a good way! My skin actually looks so much thicker and smoother and it's very soft! Problem areas that I have always had are going away. I was thinking about ordering the Bleaching Lotion, but my discolorations are fading. My skin looks better than with the Retin-a without all the problems. My pores are getting smaller, too!

I love all the different products so I can customize day by day. Great products and information-I'm very happy so far! I'm cancelling my appointment with the Dermatologist-I don't want them to mess up my skin!



I just want to thank you and Sage Skin Care for the excellent products and service. When my husband and I decided that we were ready to start a family, I knew that I needed to stop taking antibiotics (which I have taken off and on for years) and find a skin care system that worked for me. So, back in October I researched some options and decided to give Sage a try. Much to my surprise, after suffering with acne for almost 15 years, Sage cleared my skin right up! I haven't been to see my dermatologist for over six months now. It is truly a miracle!

I found out in April that I am pregnant. In my last order, I asked for a sample of a product that might ward off stretch marks. When my order arrived I had a nice little package of body shampoo, body cream and body oil! That is what prompted this note to you. I was so thrilled to get these sample products. It was so much more than I expected. This is an example of what makes Sage such a great company---individualized service! I am a complete believer in your products and have recommended them to my family and friends. Thank you and everyone else at Sage for the products and awesome customer service!


Laura L.

My name is Amy George. I have been a Sage user/lover for some time now. I recently ordered Smoothing Cream and received it yesterday. I was very surprised by three generous size samples of the body products. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how impressed I am with Sage, the people that work there and the products. You make your customers feel special and that is a very nice change from most of todays businesses. Thank you,

Amy George

I need to write to you all at Sage! I am that person who always wanted to write this type of letter, but never found a product worthy of it. Sage has changed my skin and my life... I have always had OK to bad skin...3 months before my wedding, under dire stress (school, work, wedding...), my face looked horrible! I was literally sitting at the computer in tears when I happened upon Sage. I had 2 big mothers and little bumps all over my forehead at the time. I thought about friends and family seeing me at my wedding and I just wanted to look as glowing outside as I felt inside. With the wedding only 3 months away, I gave my last lifeline to Sage. It was the one of the best choices that I have ever made. Within days, my skin looked different. Within about 2 months, it began behaving differently. I no longer stressed about my wedding day and how I would look. I had a new confidence. I swear that I have tried everything and nothing has ever done what your products do. I had bumps on my forehead for 5 years that are now GONE! I am a smart product consumer now! I trust Sage immensely! Your staff is amazing, intelligent, and caring. I am hooked for life. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the great work!


Dear Joanna, My B-day is this week , July 19th, and I will be ----ugh----shall I dare say 29 ?!!!!!!! Thank you for considering me in the drawing.

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Sage products! At the present moment, I have encouraged a total of FIVE people to use Sage products ! They all have had successful results and remind me every time we see each other !

I am a walking advertisement for Sage in which people comment on how beautiful my skin looks. I have never seen such an incredible difference in my skin-------------- and I am an ESTHETICIAN !!!!!!!!!! I have used the best of the best products- you name it - I have tried it: PTRoth, SkinCeuticals, GlyMed, Pevonia, Cellux C, Dermalogica, Murad, Jan Marini, Yonka, MD Formulations, PhysioDermie, etc., etc., etc. Also, I have the most delicate, couperose, and sensitive skin on earth !!!!!! When are you going to provide back bar products -if ever ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, again, for your on-going education to the public, your excellent work ethics, and your good spirit ! You are making an impact in more ways than you can imagine. What a standard you have set Sincerely,

Danielle L.

Happy Birthday Barbara!

Just a note to thank you for your dedication to your customers and your great products.

The last few years for me have been quite difficult with divorce, job loss, parents' illness and my own depression. As a result my health and my skin has taken quite a toll. For my acne, I tried every product under the sun, but nothing has worked as well as your skincare line. The grains, the cleanser, zit zapper and the smoothing gel have transformed my skin. And I'll never forget the day I sent my email with my skin analysis, and you called me only hours later at ready to talk about my skincare needs!! Very impressive.

I must say that as I shop around, no one, I mean no one is providing the same quality of products with the care and concern as you. Sage is truly unique and when someone compliments me on my skin, I always recommend you and your products. Congratulations on your birthday!! LOL,


Dear Ms Barbara,

What can I say when I have so much gratitude and appreciation for you and your products. It's so hard to say everything that Sage has done for me! I could start with the best skin I've had in years! And it's only been 6 weeks! I could say that the products are a delight and a real treat to use, that the fragrances are divine. That the worry and anxiety I experienced with my oily, broken out maturing skin is a great burden that has been lifted from my life. I worried that not only would I still have acne as I get older (I'm 45) but wrinkles to go with it! Now both are vanishing right before my eyes. If its' too much to say this is a small miracle in my life, I just wouldn't know what else to call it! The pebbled sun damaged skin on my chest and arms are disappearing, my folliculitis has not flared up once since the body acid and fz. I was a walking skin disease testimony - but now I'm a testimony to what Sage can do! Oh gosh, it's been a

Godsend. And now my daughter is beginning to experience the Sage miracle. For me, it been S-age Reversal! (Say is that a T-Shirt slogan?) Bless you Barbara, and Sage and the wonderful Sage staff that feels just like family. You truly have my admiration for the soul in Barbara's body! Miracle worker ISN'T too strong a description Very sincerely yours,



It was my fourth year of serious Scuba diving that I looked forward to every year. In the boat that takes divers to the scheduled dive site, I began looking at all the other divers. Most of the divers were VERY tanned, the kind that takes hours of worshipping the sun to achieve and looked physically fit. When I started looking at their faces I was really shocked. Their bodies looked younger than their faces, and when they smiled it was even worse!! I always wore a hat with a bill to shade my eyes, but they didn't even wear that.

When I came back to the States from Roaton, Honduras, I vowed that I would never look like that! My husband, Edward, was scheduled for surgery to correct a deviated septum, so I accompanied him to his last doctor's appointment before surgery. Of course I love my husband and wanted to be supportive, but really, I wanted to ask the doctor, who was also a plastic surgeon, a few questions of my own. When I asked him what is the REALLY best way to protect my skin, he immediately answered "Call Barbara Strickland at Sage." His quick response really caught me off guard. When I asked what SAGE was, he said, "It is the only skin care place I recommend."

When I got home, I looked up the phone number immediately. I called the number and a very pleasant voice answered and, in response to my many questions, she explained I must schedule a consultation with Barbara Strickland, the owner. She also assured me that all of my questions would be answered during the consultation. I made my appointment for the first possible date available. When I met Barbara, it was "like" at first sight, and I became an instant convert to the "Sage way" and have been a faithful client and friend ever since.

At the time of my conversion, I was working at McDonnell Douglas, now The Boeing Co., as a Team Leader of five people to assess company's Business practices and procedures in Accounting, Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality systems. During this time I was also a Procurement Agent on the F-15 fighter aircraft program. I traveled a great deal in these positions and all across the U.S.A. I received compliments on my "beautiful skin. Every time I receive these compliments, I think "You should have seen me as a teenager with oily skin and pimples!"

Now, I'm 55 years old, and can still fit into my bikini, and have really clear, young looking skin. I always listen to Barbara's recommendations on skin care, "WEAR YOUR SUNBLOCK EVERY DAY, have the series of peels in the spring and fall, and a monthly peel at a minimum. I had NOT planned to go gracefully into middle age. Unlike Ponce de Leon who NEVER found the Fountain of Youth for which he searched the entire world; I found mine at SAGE! I know I have definitely found the fountain of youth; because, in my first month of employment at McDonnell Douglas, I was taken around the department and introduced to my new co-workers. During one of these

introductions, I met a rather stout lady who seemed nice enough, but not overly friendly, shall I we say. For some reason or another we began to talk about age. When she asked mine, I candidly said 44. When I answered quickly, and without embarrassment, she almost fell out of her chair, literally, since she was perched on the edge of it! She did not believe I was that old! So, of course, I walked back to my desk and retrieved my wallet with my Drivers' License to prove it. She never got to liking me. Thank you BEAUTIFUL Barbara.

Gloria W.

Kudos to all at Sage for an incredible product and amazing service. Barbara has a wonderful gift and I'm so glad she has used it to it fullest potential! Sage has changed my life. It's easier to look people in the eye now. I don't brush my hair toward the sides of my face to hide "big mothers." I don't get up before everyone else to put on my makeup. I can exercise without make-up. I don't HAVE to wear foundation! I went swimming for the first time in 12 years a few weeks ago. My boyfriend is amazed at the difference in my skin. What's most shocking is that I have suffered for more than a decade with acne and it only took Sage about a month to bring me back to peaches and cream...something that I thought I would never have again. My pores even look smaller. I am 28-years-old and have suffered from acne since my late teens. Like so many of your clients, I have tried it all. I tried Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Antibiotics and Persa-Gel. All my purchases were geared toward finding the right foundation to hide my blemishes. I worked for Estee Lauder Corp for a few years and thought that I would get the inside scoop on fixing this luck. Aveda, Origins, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Dermatologica, Neutrogena, Oxy, Cetaphil, Prescriptives, Clarins, ProActiv, Murad, luck with my skin. I was losing hope. That's when I discovered Sage by way of Heather Kleinman's Cosmetic Site. There just seemed to be something a little different about this one. I was also impressed that one of the CEOs suffered from genetic acne and her skin looked beautiful from using Sage. The burden of bad skin has been lifted. I feel like I'm not distracted anymore by this problem. There's a wonderful sense of freedom. Again, thank you for Sage Skincare. You have yet another loyal customer. It's exhilarating to dump bins of old cosmetics and skincare into the garbage knowing that I now only need a few things from Sage to take care of my skin and to dress it up with make-up on special occasions.

Kristie E

I have been using the sage products since the first part of February. I am really glad that I have continued using them up to this point. My skin feels fantastic. There was a

time not too long ago when i could run my hands over my face and feel several "bumps" under the skin. Not to mention the contstant breakouts. Now, I usually only get the "tom" breakouts, and an

Occasional zit. And to think, I don't even use any of the "specialty" products: ahp, smoothing cream/gel, etc. I only use the grains, poo, mssr 2%, SPF 25, and when needed, the mz w/sulphur. I cannot believe the difference in my skin in the last few months. I have also cut out most of the iodine, red dyes, (cranberry juice,) etc. I try to only buy "sage safe" items no matter what it is. Barbara is definitely right about the things that can cause acne in people's skin. I have started my son on the basic items just recently and I can see a slight improvement in his skin in just the past week. Of course, he is dipping into my supplies . . . He has the same skin problems that I described in the previous paragraph. I am hoping that it works as well for him as it does for me. But I will have to make sure that he sticks to the routine as I have. We all know that kids can get a little slack, for lack of a better word. In summary, I am very happy with this line of skin care. The customer service and the speediness of the deliveries have amazed me, to say the least!!! I simply cannot believe how fast I have received items that I have ordered via the website. God bless everyone at sage skincare, and keep up the good work!!! Thanks to Barbara (and all the rest of you) for all the help you have given me on this forum. Now, all I have to do is figure out

How to keep paying for these products!!! God bless you.


Hi Barbara,

"… I will always say that Barbara did WONDERS for my life and me. I was on accutane at the time, breaking out like crazy and SO self conscious so she did wonders for my self-esteem as well as for my face. She truly is amazing!"

Jill W

"I only started using Sage the end of January, and my skin looks and feels wonderful…and gets better each week! After my second AHP, I thought my skin looked as good as it did after a full TCA peel from the dermatologist last year. Without the pain, and 10 day recovery!! Thank you."


"First of all, I'd like to thank you for deciding to go into this line of work. I will someday write a lengthy testimonial, but every time I try I go off on a tangent as to how it changed my life in this way or that way, and how I could go swimming now w/o a 2nd thought about some zit that will be revealed (I won't, because I'm lazy, but I could), how I can wash my face in front of my boyfriend, how I can use makeup for fun rather than restoration, how I can get a haircut w/o worrying that the shampoo-er is going to

mess-up my carefully-concealed forehead, all sorts of little things that I don't worry about anymore.

Its so funny because I take it for granted, which is such a luxury. Now & then I get silly and take chances w/ makeup and remember quickly that I was not born w/ clear skin, and I straighten up, throw out the new powder & in a few days I'm clear again. Which is another thing I am grateful for – the education you provide – I used to believe that w/ the right acne-fighting products I simply wouldn't break out, no matter what cosmetics I used, now I know better, and I think that is half the battle.

I began using Sage a year ago after an unsuccessful stint with Retina Micro. I had just discontinued using an awful moisturizer that the derm had recommended when I went in for my Retina, and by the time I rec'd my try-me pack my skin was actually clearing in comparison to the previous months, so I emailed you to find out if I could incorporate the Retina into my Sage routine. I have to admit that at the time I had little faith that an obscure product I found on the Internet would work better than a prescription product. You responded w/ how I could use Retina w/ Sage but asked that I use only Sage for a short time so that if I were having problems you would be able to help me better. Anyway, the Retina is still in the fridge, untouched.

I have never before been able to use a moisturizer of any kind w/o breaking out (which is a shame because w/ all the savage zit products I was using, I really could have used it) Gelloid & OLC were really the items I found most frightening, and I have used them for over a year w/o no problems at all. I also just got the MSSR mask I am enjoying it as well. Miracle Zit works wonderfully and does not irritate my skin in the least, I love the Bio Mask and the Bio Mask w/ BHA even more. The AHP makes me look like a 28-year-old newborn. Something, and I don't know what it is, has nearly eliminated all those wormy-things on and around my nose!? Who knew? I just wanted something to get rid of the ones I can see, so that was like getting a free gift w/ purchase, and don't get me started on all the generous samples I've rec'd."

Laura P.

"I am truly in love with your products!!"

Katie V

"I ordered your 4% MSSR…it's made my oily, mildly-acned skin look incredible…this is the first skin product that I have 100% wholeheartedly recommended to others!"

Chaweon K.

"I've been on every medication under the sun for the past 6 years and I've given up on dermatologists! I've gotten better information from your site than anywhere else- THANK YOU!!!

Alexandra M.

"A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a few of your products to try. I want to tell you, I have never been in love with a skincare line before and it has happened with Sage! My skin looks and feels smoother and healthier after just these past two weeks! I am so very anxious to try more of your products in the future. I've been to so many dermatologists in my life and I'm finally confident with my skincare regimen. Thank you so much for your products

Melissa L

I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU.

I have spent several thousands of dollars over the last 5 years trying many different product lines from over the counter (clearasil, oxy, neutrogena)to very expensive (origins, prescriptives, aveda, helena rubinstein, lancome, mario badescu, la prairie), dermatologist prescriptions (retin-a, cleocin, differin, tetracycline, teromycin), t.v. advertisements (proactive, murad) etc...those are just to name a few!!!!! and nothing has ever worked. I don't know why your product works so well on my skin. but it has cleared up tremendously and the tone looks great. my roommates compliment me everyday on how great my skin is starting to look great and i have only been using your products for 3 weeks now. so thank you, and fingers crossed that it stays this way!


I'm so please with my Sage experience. I'll admit that at first, I was wondering "hm, can I spend this much on skincare", and then realized with all the stuff I kept buying and not liking or not getting a good result from, I was spending far more than I would with a solid brand I liked! I'm glad you offer the "Try-Me" Packs because I don't think I would have purchased full sizes off the bat. Plus, hello, THANK YOU for giving out such great generous samples, I already want to buy like 5 more things just because I loved the samples.

Rebecca V.

I just wanted to say thank you!! I have had problems with acne since I first became a teenager (I am now 31 years old). I have tried every potion and skin care line on the market, just to attempt to control my acne. I have never found anything that works as well as your products do. I am almost 6 months pregnant and my skin looks great!! With all the increased hormones, etc., I fully expected my face to look terrible during

my pregnancy. I love the way my skin looks and feels. Your products are amazing. They really work!! I can't thank you enough! Thanks again for creating such a great product line!

Angie H

I just wanted to say thank you!! I have been using Sage for around 8 years. I started using it when everything else had pretty much failed me in getting my skin clear to my satisfaction. Over the years I have been pretty much faithful, although there were a couple of times curiosity got the better of me and I tried another line only to find that it was not Sage, nor was it close to it. Now I'm not saying that other skincare lines out there aren't good, I understand that everyone's skin is different and what works for one person might not work the same way that it works for another.

I recently started having troubles with my skin again. I got tired of using the Miracle zit mostly because I have a 2 year old daughter that sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to come sleep in our bed and her face sometimes touches mine and I didn't want to irritate her skin with the benzoyl peroxide. I found that if I didn't add MZ to my regimen it wasn't a big deal. I didn't break out at all and I mistakenly thought I no longer needed it. About 3 1/2 months later I started breaking out on my chin and upper lip. I tried to control it and became impatient that it wasn't clearing up quickly like it had in the past. My impatience led me to another skincare line.

I used that line for about 4 weeks, the time allotment for it to work. Well, all I got was more pimples and I found myself just about every day longing to go back to Sage, skincare that I know works for me. But I had to give it the full 4 weeks to make sure it wasn't just doing the purging thing that they say it's supposed to do. When I did go back to Sage, I found myself talking to my skincare - saying "Hello old friend".

It has taken less than a week and I see a major improvement in my skin. It is clearing up and the marks are slowly disappearing. The key to this recovery - and the one thing that the other skin care made me realize - was to simplify. I had gotten to the point in my Sage use that I had added more steps than was needed and used more MZ than I needed to. I was also using stronger strengths than my face now needed and that contributed to the condition my skin was in when I decided to try the new skin care. When I went back to using Sage, I had to remember where I started and what worked for me. When I did that, my skin started to improve and react the way I wanted it to. I still use MZ, but just a smaller amount that actually dries on my skin and doesn't stick to my hair or pillowcase.

I wrote this lengthy post in hopes that it will help anyone who might feel that Sage is not as successful with their skin as it once was. If it takes trying a new skin care line to satisfy your curiosity, than that might be what it takes for you to put your whole heart into your Sage routine. The most important thing to remember is that you know your skin the best, and when all else fails, simplify. Exfoliate, cleanse, treatment, moisturize - and always use SPF. A true Sage believer,


Subject: Happy skin girl in 2006

Hi Barbara,

Happy New Year!

You haven't heard a peep from me because I've been soooooo happy with my products. The Basic regime with the Fix Zit (and alternating Retin-A) has completely restored my skin. It hasn't looked this good since my twenties, and it looks pretty darn good! (I'm 43, btw.) I've made it through the last two periods without ONE hormonal zit. I cannot believe it. The cold water in Maryland is cold enough to not even ice. Ice water comes from the tap! After years of money and time at the dermatologist, I am one grateful, happy camper. May the new year bring you all of your biggest wishes--one of mine has come true with a bang!



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