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Reduce Wrinkles & Aging Effects With Anti-Aging Creams & Treatments

Sage Advice customers know how effective and rejuvenating our products can be. From the Mother Strickland's Instant Line Reducer to Smoothing Firming and Brightening Creme, we have created several products to provide glowing skin day after day.

Wrinkle Reducing Cream

Mother Strickland’s Instant Line Reducer instantly soothes away expression lines and deep wrinkles. With the added peptides, you get the wrinkle reducing benefits long term. It works to reduce sagging and loss of elasticity to reduce marks of aging in the neck, jowl, smile lines and crow’s feet.

Anti-Aging Creams

The Smoothing Gel 20%-AH8 is one of our most popular products and our best anti-aging cream for oily skin types. This is the only product on the market using Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 together with 10% Alpha Hydroxy acid. With these active ingredients, as well as glycolic acid and other effective ingredients, the gel provides relief for oily and acne skin while minimizing the look of acne scars, wrinkles, discoloration and uneven textures. The Smoothing Gel 20% without Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 provide the same benefits for normal to dry skin types.

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Mother Strickland's Instant Line Reducer Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Creme with STEM CELLS
This modern day line reducer instantly smoothes away expression lines and deep wrinkles.  The added bonus of peptides also gives you cumulative long-term results!  A complimentary source of Calcium and Essential Amino Acids, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extracts as well as Vitamins A & E work quickly to target areas that have extreme sagging and/or loss of elasticity; such as neck, jowls, smile lines and crows feet.

See dramatic , visible results, instantly!

Firmness and elasticity increased 80% of the panelists after 1-2 months.
A safe, effective anti-aging and skin-lightening agent that helps with anti-oxidation, collagen formation, the inhibition of discoloration in any area that is dull, mottled, or displaying fine lines (ie: under-eye and eyelid area, nasal labial folds, upper lip, chin, neck and hands)!
Smoothing Gel 20%-AH8 Eye and Lip Balm
Smoothing Gel 20%-AH8
Our Price: $81.00

Eye and Lip Balm
Our Price: $56.00

Our version of Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Crème for oily skin.  As far as we know, there is no other anti-aging product out there for acne/oily skin types.  Made with 20% Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A & C, and the new skin plumping peptide-Argireline. Use on the eye area, lips or the entire face.  Our Eye & Lip Balm moisturizers, soothes, reduces redness, inflammation and fine lines.  Hylauronic Acid, a naturally occurring moisturizer in your skin, is loaded into this product to give you maximum results.
Luxury Eye Relief Smoothing Gel 20% - DISCONTINUED - ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Luxury Eye Relief
Our Price: $61.00

Our Price: $66.00
Sale Price: $33.00
Save $33.00!

A fantastic, silky eye cream made with our signature Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Gel in a luscious creamy base.  A touch of Glycolic Acid works on those stubborn crows feet and silky Bee Propylis Gel (the FINEST in moisture) for a heavenly eye treatment!  A tiny bit goes a long way.  Your weary, tired eyes will thank you for it! Contains 20% Glycolic Acid and is for very oily and/or acne prone skin.  This gel minimizes acne lesions, wrinkles, discoloration, rough or uneven textured skin and enlarged pores.
Re-Usable Ice Cubes Skype Consultations
Re-Usable Ice Cubes
Our Price: $4.00

Skype Consultations
Our Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $75.00
Save $20.00!

Place these 5 plastic ice cubes (filled with non-toxic liquid) in the freezer and use them over and over again without the mess of a ‘watery’ meltdown!
Get your online consultation set up TODAY!!!! Get a one-on-one, face-to-face analysis with Barbara Strickland, C P E.

For years in her clinic Barbara did face-to-face consultations with her clients. We receive so many requests from clients to meet with her, we are please to offer this service via SKYPE.

First, purchase your consultation.
Second, fill out your Skin Analysis and provide your SKYPE address, and lastly,
Barbara will contact you to schedule your consultation via request through SKYPE upon receipt of your Skin Analysis.

The more detail you provide us, the more in depth Barbara can be with you at your consultation. She will go through the analysis step by step discussing your skin and it's specific needs and conditions! Learn what products will work for your skin and it's specific conditions and which ones do no good at all and/or may actually harm your skin!

You will be provided time during your consultation to ask questions on any concerns you may have about your skin, products, allergies, medications, aging skin, acne and Rosacea. In addition, you will be given written instructions about your skin and its specific conditions upon completion of your consultation. You have access to additional questions directly with Barbara, by contacting her at



Anti-Aging Eye Cream

One of the most marking and memorable features is your eyes. Use the best anti-aging eye cream available to keep your eyes looking youthful by tightening and brightening your skin. Luxury Eye Relief is an eye cream with cold pressed Aloe Vera with a touch of Glycoloc Acid to take years of aging away from your eyes.

Sage also has an eye and lip balm that soothes and reduces inflammation, redness and fine lines. While it's specifically for the eyes and lips, it also works on other areas of the face as it's loaded with moisture. The Smoothing Firming Brightening Creme is an effective anti-aging tool for most skin types. The gel works to lightening and reform collagen with anti-oxidants. It will decrease the look of fine lines and brighten dull skin tones. All of Sage's anti-aging treatments provide an incredible service for customers, but the Lightening, Brightening and Redefining Illuminator with Cosmocair is a top seller. This product not only lightens but also removes discoloration.

Sage Advice provides the ultimate relief and treatment for aging skin. If you want the healthy glow again, try any one of these products to see a difference in your skin. Not sure what products are best for you? Complete our Skin Analysis and we will make sure you get the proper blend of products for the condition and needs of your skin!

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