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Easy Use At Home Spa Treatments

Every face deserves the care and attention of a spa therapy. With Sage Skin Care’s at home spa treatments, this advanced skin care is available any time at a fraction of the cost for professional applications.

Feel fresh with our DIY facial kits with micro peels. Micro peels balance the complexion and deep clean the pores. This 3-minute treatment abolishes dull and tired looking skin in favor of a soft, smooth glow. Do facial peels at home and know that you’re getting a safe and quality treatment.

If you need something a little more intense, try a chemical peel at home. Oily or sun damaged skin may need deep exfoliation as often as every week. The Papain Enzyme Facial Kit is perfect for this skin type, leaving the face gently refreshed, soft and radiant.

Sage Skin Care’s micro and at home chemical peels are easy to use, relaxing and safe. Start browsing our do-it-yourself kits below.

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Re-Usable Ice Cubes
Our Price: $4.00

The Vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids in our At Home Peels guarantee the most effective at home peel program available.  Revive and enliven your skin as you reduce fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and enlarged pores. ICING BOOSTS THE EFFECTS OF THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN YOUR PRODUCTS
Place these 5 plastic ice cubes (filled with non-toxic liquid) in the freezer and use them over and over again without the mess of a ‘watery’ meltdown!
Papain Enzyme at Home Facial Mask Kit
Papain Enzyme Refill Kit
Our Price: $51.00
Micro Peels (Now using environmentally safe Jojoba Oil Beads) - 6-8 PEELS
List Price: $150.00
Our Price: $72.00
Save $78.00!
This is a luxury spa treatment is perfect for those of you who want to do a deeper exfoliation on a weekly basis and rid your skin of dead cells (keratinocytes), excess oil, dry or dulling looking, and sun damaged skin. This peel reveals smooth, fresh, soft and glowing skin in just three minutes! It is wonderful for waxy worms (sebaceous filaments), discoloration, oily and dehydrated skin, flat, dull or tired looking skin!  ONE peel retails in salons or clinics for $150.00 or more.  There are 12-14 peels in this two ounce container!
Papain Enzyme at Home Facial Mask Kit
Skype Consultations
Our Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $75.00
Save $20.00!

Get your online consultation set up TODAY!!!! Get a one-on-one, face-to-face analysis with Barbara Strickland, C P E.

For years in her clinic Barbara did face-to-face consultations with her clients. We receive so many requests from clients to meet with her, we are please to offer this service via SKYPE.

First, purchase your consultation.
Second, fill out your Skin Analysis and provide your SKYPE address, and lastly,
Barbara will contact you to schedule your consultation via request through SKYPE upon receipt of your Skin Analysis.

The more detail you provide us, the more in depth Barbara can be with you at your consultation. She will go through the analysis step by step discussing your skin and it's specific needs and conditions! Learn what products will work for your skin and it's specific conditions and which ones do no good at all and/or may actually harm your skin!

You will be provided time during your consultation to ask questions on any concerns you may have about your skin, products, allergies, medications, aging skin, acne and Rosacea. In addition, you will be given written instructions about your skin and its specific conditions upon completion of your consultation. You have access to additional questions directly with Barbara, by contacting her at


This is a luxury spa treatment is perfect for those of you who want to do a deeper exfoliation on a weekly basis and rid your skin of dead cells (keratinocytes), excess oil, dry or dulling looking, and sun damaged skin.
This is a luxury spa treatment will give you the look and feel of a salon treatment for a fraction of the cost!  You will receive enough product for a minimum of 5 whole treatments which retail in salons or clinics for over $130.00 each!
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