Miracle Routine - Combo Skin (2 oz)
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Miracle Routine - Combo Skin (2 oz)

Our 4 step Miracle Routine will change the color and texture of your skin in 24-48 hours.

We all have it, however, most skin care routines ruin it by causing acne. Barbara developed this routine in her salon 36 years ago exclusively for her clients, now its available to you.

Finally get the results you've been seeking in so many other skin care products from this single routine.


Step 1: Aloe Vera Exfoliant (2 oz) - 1 bottle
Step 2: Aloe Vera Facial Shampoo (2 oz) - 1 bottle
Step 3: Ice - 1 pack of 5 reusable Ice cubes
Step 4: Aloe Vera Sunscreen - SPF 27 (Bonus: 4 oz) - 1 bottle

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