All women should know skin type matters!

Skincare products all have different formulas. Did you know that? It's ok if you didn't. Using a product built for dry skin when you've got oily skin isn't going to give you a beautiful glowing face, that's why each of our products is specifically designed for dry (including sensitive skin), combination & oily skin types. 

Sage skincare products are...


Formulated by an Esthetician

esthetician developed skincare products

Our products were developed by Sage's certified para-medical esthetician Barbara, those are fancy words for skin expert. You won't find comparable exfoliants, shampoos, acne treatments, or anti-aging creams on the market since each product has been uniquely formulated for your skin type by Barbara over the past 36 years.


water free skincare

No water? You heard right! Water-free means Sages products are more effective because they're highly concentrated with active ingredients. Your other skincare products take longer to produce results because they're extremely diluted. Want a clear, glowing face? Then its time to make the switch to water free skincare.  

Made with Aloe Vera

aloe vera based skincare

Aloe Vera is our first ingredient! Why? Aloe vera is an ancient miracle plant said to help with healing, combating acne, fighting signs of aging, moisturizing & reducing redness. 

What Sage customers are saying...


"A friend recommended that I try your products and I am so glad that I did. She had been using Sage for years and has amazing skin so I thought "can't hurt." I've used very expensive skin care lines from Saks and Neiman Marcus for years. I can honestly say that your line is better. I noticed measurable results in less than 30 days and your advice about icing was spot on. I've never written a testimonial for anything before so let that in itself [speak] to the quality of your products. Thank you."



"I've always tried tons of skincare products in the hope that sooner or later one will work the way they say it will. I read InStyle and Allure, hunting for the skincare program that will help me to get the clear skin I want so much. Yeah, right. More money wasted and hopes dashed again. Then there's Sage. No unrealistic promises, just truth. Faithfully use the products according to the instructions, give yourself a little time, and you will see improvement. It's so simple, and know what? It works! Go ahead and get your hopes up because this time your high hopes are based on a company that is led by a person who tells the truth."



"Thank you Barbara! I have been using your products for less than a week and today I left the house for the first time since age 16 without foundation! I can't believe how much my skin has improved in such a short amount of time. The scattered pimples I had the day I started are completely gone. A red mark from an old pimple is also gone - after two months of trying to get rid of it with Estee Lauder's Fruition and Advanced Night Repair. My skin is not NEARLY as oily through the t-zone as it was before. Yesterday I thought to check my face in the afternoon (hours after washing it) and I couldn't believe how healthy it looked. Not slick and oily like it always has before, but fresh and clean. And all this after 5 days! You are amazing. Thank you!"



"A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a few of your products to try. I want to tell you, I have never been in love with a skincare line before and it has happened with Sage! My skin looks and feels smoother and healthier after just these past two weeks! I am so very anxious to try more of your products in the future. I've been to so many dermatologists in my life and I'm finally confident with my skincare regimen. Thank you so much for your products!"