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Looking for a way to absorb that excess oil? Start using our clay mask 2-3 times per week.  

Biological Redefining Mask
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This ultra-creamy clay mask is remarkable in its ability to effectively remove oil, dead skin, blackheads and clear clogged pores. This is a must for everyone who wants clear, glowing, and breathtaking skin.

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Want your face to glow? Uncover a fresh layer of vibrant skin, fade fine lines & even out dark spots with one of our weekly peels. We offer a physical peel (micro peel) & chemical peel (papain). What's the difference? The papain is gentler on your face. Go with the papain if you intend to peel often. 

Micro Peel

Reduce wrinkles and lines by getting rid of dead skin, oil and bacteria with this weekly deep exfoliator. This peel is a stronger version of a our Aloe Vera Exfoliant.

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Papain Enzyme Facial - Combo Skin
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Papain Enzyme Facial - Combo Skin
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Get rid of blemishes and dull looking skin with this weekly deep exfoliator. Made with exfoliating enzymes from Papain (Papaya) this natural exfoliator will reveal beautiful, soft and supple skin in a matter of minutes! 

The kit includes: 

10 Mini Facial Enzyme Peels (Two 1/4oz pots in your choice of Regular or Extra Strength)

4oz Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask

1 Stick

1 Fan Brush Applicator

Kit or Refill:
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