11 ways to combat dry skin this winter

Is your skin feeling dry and tight -- even itchy or flaky? Any number of things can strip your skin of its protective oils leaving you high and dry. Relief is within your grasp though. Use this guide to do away with your dry skin itchy skin! 

SOS for Chapped Lips  

No one is immune from dry lips in winter! Here’s how to cope: drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and use a humidifier at home. Liberally apply a beeswax balm to your lips like our Claw and Paw which is honey, lanolin, and beeswax. Put this on every time you go outside. Avoid being in the sun and wind too much. Don't lick your lips -- it may feel better briefly, but it only makes chapped lips worse.

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Soothes, coats and eliminates dry, rough or chapped skin from psoriasis and eczema. Helps create a buffer between clothing. Can also be used by you doctors who are washing your hands a million times a day.

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Give Dry Hands Extra Care

Your hands may be hard hit by the cold winter air. Washing your hands frequently helps eliminate cold and flu germs, but it also increases dryness. Wear gloves every time you go out, hands are more exposed to cold than other parts of your body. Give dry hands some extra TLC by using a Claw and Paw Cream when you wake up, after each washing, before you go to bed, and any time your hands feel dry throughout the day.

Choose a Winter Moisturizer

Should you change your facial moisturizer? Absolutely if you are feeling dry with products on!  If you usually use a light hydrating emulsion go to a winter formula and/or Gelloid as a moisturizer and follow with a heavier sealant like Old Lady Cream, at least on dry skin patches... Apply after a warm shower (more on that later). 

Decode Moisturizer Choices

Humectants -- like urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol -- absorb water from the air. They are oil-free. Emollients -- like mineral oil, plant oils (like jojoba oil), petroleum jelly, lanolin, stearic acid -- help replace oils in the skin. Many moisturizers contain a combination. You may want to use these under your anti-aging creams in the winter and especially under products like retina and Renova! 

Adjusting your Facial Shampoo for Winter!

The same products that keep your face looking fresh in the spring and summer may cause skin problems during winter. You may wish to adjust your Facial Shampoo formula to a more gentle version in the winter! If you feel dry after cleansing then move to a more gentle version!

Clear Away Dead Skin First

To get the most out of your skin and skin care, EXFOLIATE twice a day gently to clear away bacteria, dirt, sebum or oil and the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin is very dry without product on it apply Gelloid or Old Lady Cream under your exfoliant! Gentle exfoliation done twice daily with Corrective Beads improves the quality and texture of the skin by 25%. Do this over your make up in the evening, if you wear it, and first thing in the am over Gelloid or Old Lady Cream if you wake up feeling dry!

Winter Showers

A shower can add water to your skin -- if you keep it short and sweet. Long, hot showers can actually draw water from your skin and exacerbate acne and Rosacea.  Appealing as a hot shower on a cold morning may be, lukewarm water is a better choice. It won’t strip away skin's natural oils.

Use Heavenly Body Shampoo, Heavenly Body Oil and Gelloid Moisturizer and Mask in the Shower!

Lock in Moisture After Your Bath

Right after you step out of the tub, pat skin dry and apply moisturizer like Heavenly Body Oil and Heavenly Body Velvetto damp skin to retain the water your skin just absorbed. Don't stop there: Liberally re-apply Heavenly Body Oil and Heavenly Body Velvet at night before sleeping especially to troublesome dry skin patches.

HINT: If you soak in the tub use Heavenly Body Oil in the Bath to soak in for the extra luxurious skin! 

Plug in a Humidifier

It's cold outside! So you're staying inside, with the heat on. That warm, dry air can mean parched, dry skin. Use a humidifier to restore moisture to the air. You can find inexpensive models at most drug stores. Put one in your bedroom; better yet, invest in two or three and place them strategically around your home to stave off irritated, itchy skin this winter.

Lube Your Locks

Protect your hair this winter by shampooing every other day instead of daily. Shampoos and excess shampooing can strip hair of moisture. Use warm water and a mild shampoo with sunscreen. Apply extra conditioner to keep your hair hydrated, shiny, and soft. Gelloid Moisturizer and Mask is a fabulous hair conditioner and moisturizer!   Don't over style with the blow dryer or flat iron. And protect your hair from the elements by wearing a hat.