Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?

One of my clients once told me that if she took all of the money she had spent on makeup for the last 15 years and invested it at only 5.5%, she could retire long before age 45 and live quite comfortably for the rest of her life. In addition to spending a small fortune, she has never really liked the way her makeup looked on her skin. She complained of not having that flawless, smooth and glowing look we are all taught is ours if only we buy that special foundation, powder, blush or eye shadow. The bottom line is that all the makeup in the world can do very little for your appearance without the right palate.  The key to a flawless makeup application is preparing the skin to accept the enhancement of cosmetics.  
Twenty billion words have been written on cosmetics in the last two years alone. By ignoring the hype and concentrating on the basics, you will come much closer to achieving what you are looking for than you ever have before. When a painter prepares a canvas, she starts by stretching and smoothing the canvas.  Without doing so, the application of the paint will not create the definition of color and light that she desires. Think of your skin as that same canvas. Dead skin cells (keratinocytes) and Sebum (oil) create layers of dry and uneven texture and smudged color on the skin.
Spreading foundation across these canyons and craters is like trying to cover a six-week-old apple that has been "air drying" on your kitchen counter.  Following the steps below will create the perfect palate for the application of cosmetics.

1. Moisture/Mask. If you wake up feeling dry, tight or flaky (remember the image of the air-dried apple!) do not put on makeup before applying a generous portion of your Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask.  Leave on for as little as 5 or as long as 30 minutes.  Rinse or gently remove with your Corrective Beads and water.

2. Exfoliation. By using your Corrective Beads over the residue of your Gelloid in the morning, you will notice a 25% improvement in the TEXTURE and SMOOTHNESS of your skin which affects your make up application!

3. Cleansing. Your Facial Shampoo is a water-soluble, biodegradable, NO TEARS, lathering cleanser that can be used at night as well as in the morning

4. SPF 27 Protection. Apply a pea-sized shape of SPF 27 (year round!) on DAMP skin and spread gently across face, neck, and eyes. Use an additional pea sized shape on your hands.

5. Glycolic Acid. Apply a flat dime's worth of your Smoothing Gel w/ AH8 or Smoothing, Firming & Brightening Creme directly over your SPF 27 in the morning. Spread gently. Do not rub. The Glycolic Acid has been hydrolyzed to penetrate your skin.
6. Follow your glycolic acid with a dime-sized shape of your Hydrating Emulsion and/or Gelloid or protection. Spread gently. Do not rub.
These simple steps, which take about two minutes, prepare your skin (The Canvas) for your makeup. Obviously, the application of foundation must be done correctly for maximum effect. However, without the steps outlined above, you will have the flat or dull looking skin. Even those of you who are genetically blessed and wake up looking absolutely gorgeous will notice a new radiance and glow before cosmetics are applied.
A small amount is all that is necessary. Apply a nickel-sized amount to the back of your hand.  Using a synthetic foundation brush dip the tip in the foundation and start blending starting from the sides of the nose and blending up and out toward hairline.  Use more in areas you feel you need more coverage.  Be sure to get under the jawbone and over the eyelids so that no line of color or shadow shows when you are finished.  Unlike a sponge which absorbs 70% of your product and gathers a lot of bacteria or your fingertips which can absorb about 30% and give an uneven coverage, a foundation brush hardly absorbs your product and gives a flawless finish.  Be sure to wash in between use by using your Facial Shampoo or hair shampoo.
Do not use compact powder, always use Loose Powder for a flawless and un-caked finish.  Loose powder comes with a shaker top or lid so a small amount of powder may be put in the lid.
Take your powder pad (do not use a brush, cotton ball, puff or sponge) and press down firmly on the powder.
Grind the pad with the powder firmly into the palm of your hand.  This "fixes" the powder into the puff.  Since the powder in IN the pad not ON it, you may now begin applying the powder to your skin.  Gently, but firmly, Roll & Pat the powder on the surface of your skin including eyelids and neck.
Using a larder "powder only" brush 2 inches in diameter, gently remove or lightly brush off any residue of powder on the skin.  Try this procedure and see what you think of the improvement in your makeup.  This application "fixes" or sets the powder on the foundation.  It will now appear smoother, more flawless & radiant, but most important-it will not wear off by noon.

One Last Piece of Advice
Now that your canvas is ready for the application of color enhancement, blush, lips, eyes, etc., remember that LESS is definitely BETTER.  By applying small amounts of color you may always add more if necessary, however, it is very difficult to remove too much.  When using applicators or brushes, brush gently on the product and tap off excess or blow gently on the applicator before applying to your eyes, cheeks, etc. This prevents the sprinkling of unwanted color in the wrong place and controlling the intensity of the color.
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