Tips & Hints for Clearing Acne

1. Use COOL water when you cleanse with our Aloe Vera Exfoliant and Aloe Vera Facial Shampoo. Avoid long, hot showers. Heat and steam cause swelling of the skin, irritation of Rosacea and makes zits larger!

2. If possible, keep your acne treatment in the refrigerator. That would be our MSSR Liquid, Zit Zapper, Miracle Zit, Fix Zit, Biological Redefining Mask. You’ll get better results sooner when the product is cold!

3. Always ice your face for one minute with an ice cube or our re usable ice cubes before applying your MSSR Liquid, Zit Zapper, or Miracle Zit / Fix Zit before you sleep at night-- you will get much better results!

What strengths do Miracle Zit and Fix Zit come in, and which is right for my skin?

Miracle Zit and Fix Zit both come in four different strengths of Benzoyl Peroxide for your various needs. Particular areas of your face or body and different types of zits may require different treatments!

Fix Zit is a kinder, gentler version of Miracle Zit. It has the same ability to kill acne, but is not as irritating to sensitive skin.


5% Miracle Zit or 5% Fix Zit are to be used on normal to sensitive skin for both area and spot treating. 5% XX Miracle Zit and 5% XX Fix Zit are for sensitive areas of drier skin that need a boost to kill particularly difficult lesions on sensitive skin!


10% Miracle Zit or 10% Fix Zit are to be used on oily areas of the skin, including Body Acne, and also for spot treating "Big Mothers".


10% with Sulfur Extra Strength Miracle Zit and 10% with Sulfur Extra Strength Fix Zit are to be used on extremely oily and acne-prone skin, as well as body acne, and for spot treating "Big Mothers.”

Can I use different strengths for different areas on my skin and how do I do it?

Of course you may, that is what customizing is all about!

Here’s an example: 

For a very oily t-zone, use the 10% for an area- treating tool. Spread a medium coat after icing on the oily area.

Next, Spot treat any lesions you can see or feel with 10% or XX Miracle Zit, or XX Fix Zit to kill the zits!

If your cheeks are dry and tend to be sensitive, first buffer this area with Old Lady Cream, and then area treat with 5% Miracle Zit or Fix Zit to avoid over-drying your skin. If you have any lesions you can see or feel in the dry areas of your face, spot treat them with 5%, 10% or XX Miracle Zit, Fix Zit, or Zit Zapper depending on the size of the zit.

Always make sure your Miracle Zit or Fix Zit has totally dried on your skin before you go to bed. Change your pillowcase every other night so there is no build up to get in your eyes while you are sleeping! Use old pillowcases and towels so that you do not accidentally "bleach" your good linens!

May I use Miracle Zit or Fix Zit for anything besides acne?

These products work well to control oily areas on the skin. You do not need to have acne to use them; oily skin is all that is needed. In the evening after Corrective Beads, Facial Shampoo, and icing, apply a thin coat of MSSR Liquid, Smoothing Gel, Retina, Renova, Avita, etc. Then apply a thin to medium coat of Miracle Zit or Fix Zit to any area at night that is oily during the day!

ZIT ZAPPER the Magic Bullet :) and Mother Strickland’s Skin Relief

Zit Zapper is the perfect tool for those of you who are sensitive or allergic to the main ingredient in Miracle Zit or Fix Zit: Benzoyl Peroxide. MSSR Liquid is the perfect tool for those of you who are sensitive to AHA products and also have Rosacea. It may be used morning and evening to remove zits and to control oily skin. Zit Zapper and MSSR Liquid are applied as follows:


Corrective Beads

Facial Shampoo


Apply Zit Zapper or MSSR Liquid on damp skin for area treating as well as spot treating individual lesions

Wait one minute

Re-dampen skin and apply SPF as directed

If you have only used Zit Zapper or MSSR Liquid for spot treating then apply your Smoothing Gel and or Smoothing Firming & Brightening Crème as usual

If you have used either for area treating Smoothing Gel is not necessary in the morning.

If you use it, apply Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask or Old Lady Cream

 If you use it, apply Smoothing Firming & Brightening Creme

Apply makeup


Corrective Beads

Facial Shampoo


Zit Zapper or MSSR Liquid for area and/or spot treating

If skin is dry, apply Old Lady Cream

Smoothing Gel or Smoothing Firming & Brightening Creme

Miracle Zit or Fix Zit if you use it for area and/or spot treating

These instructions may be personalized for your individual skin and its specific conditions.

How do I do a BOOSTER DOSE on my skin?

Booster doses increase your results. If you’re being really good, icing every night, area treating and spot treating, and all of a sudden you reach a stand still in clearing your skin, or wish to move things along a little more quickly,

A BOOSTER DOSE is the answer!

When you have 2 – 4 hours please do the following:

Cleanse with Facial Shampoo

Ice your face

You may buffer with Old Lady Cream before Miracle Zit or Fix Zit, if you are dry.

Area and spot treat with the appropriate

product and strength (Miracle Zit or Fix Zit come in varying strengths). Be sure to spot treat any lesion you can see or feel on or under the surface of the skin with the strongest product your skin can tolerate.

After 2 – 4 hours rinse very gently with a cool, wet cloth

Follow with your usual evening routine

HELP! I am using my Miracle Zit and Fix Zit like you said and am all dried out.


If you are using your Miracle Zit or Fix Zit as directed and become "all dried out" this is what you do:

Discontinue Miracle Zit, Fix Zit, and Zit Zapper for two days except for spot treating

Discontinue Smoothing Gel and Smoothing Firming & Brightening Creme if you are using it

Apply tons of Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask as a mask whenever you can, especially first thing in the morning, and under and over your make up as a moisturizer.

Use Old Lady Cream sealant over the Gelloid Moisturizer & Mask under or over your make up as needed

After two nights:

Start using Smoothing Gel and/or Smoothing Firming & Brightening Creme again during the day, over your SPF 27..

Start using Zit Zapper, MSSR Liquid, Miracle Zit, or Fix Zit every other night for area treating and every night for spot treating

After a week use it two nights in a row for area treating and every night for spot treating

After three weeks use it three nights in a row for area treating and spot treat every night

Continue increasing usage until you have returned to every night

Continue to spot treat every night!


If you find that you need Miracle Zit or Fix Zit to control acne or oily skin, but you just can’t tolerate it every night, there is a solution! First, skip two nights of Miracle Zit or Fix Zit. Then treat your skin by area treating every other night and spot treating every night.

As you use Miracle Zit or Fix Zit, your skin adapts and becomes less sensitive. With continued use, your skin will adapt, and your acne will clear quickly. Individuals with sensitive skin who start Miracle Zit and Fix Zit in the winter and use it every other night for area treating often find that as the weather warms up that they can use it more frequently and their acne fades away.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact me at

HELP! My Skin is Clear until My Menstrual Cycle and then BIG MOTHERS explode on my face!
The bane of all women is "period" breakouts! Your skin can be absolutely gorgeous all month and then, WHAM! Big Mothers explode on your chin! They are generally unsightly, large, and painful. These lesions are like time bombs waiting to go off. Why does this happen? On the fifteenth day of our cycle we make estrogen to ovulate. On the 18th day of the cycle we make progesterone (women’s version of testosterone or androgen) to stop the ovulation. It takes roughly 10 days for this to travel through the blood stream and affect your skin, bringing you to the beginning of menstruation. The other extenuating factor is stress (which also exacerbates acne), which can turn a blackhead or whitehead into a Big Mother overnight!

If you know when your cycle is starting (because most women break out the day before, day of or day after the start of menstruation) you can control and eliminate these yucky decorations to your face by doing the following:

Five days before your period is due, start icing the area that normally breaks out for one minute after Corrective Beads and Facial Shampoo. Apply Zit Zapper or MSSR Liquid then Miracle Zit or Fix Zit for area treating every night.

Spot treat anything you can see or feel as well. This allows you to kill the zits under the skin before they explode all over your face. Icing also allows your skin to heal more quickly because it reduces swelling and inflammation. Spot treating and icing will prevent a large hole from forming from the zit!

If you can see or feel a really nasty Big Mother arriving, do a Booster Dose or two as well to make sure they die under your skin.


How does the use of Sun block SPF every day affect my Acne?

SPF is very important in creating a flawless complexion. With daily use, the discoloration from a lesion (zit) will not last for months and months, but only a week at most. This means that your face looks healthy, smooth, and even much more quickly! So when your face is clear, instead of having red, blue or brown "blotches" from old "tombstones" or zits which cause you to look like you are still "breaking out", your skin looks even and smooth! SPF also helps protect you against skin cancer, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Why are Miracle Zit , Fix Zit, Mother Strickland’s Skin Relief and Zit Zapper different from "over the counter" acne medications?

1. Our products are pure Acne Medication and contain no Comedogenic (acne causing) ingredients to prolong your acne. For an example, look at the labels on prescribed or over the counter acne preparations and you will find that 99% contain Isopropyl Myristate (the main ingredient in drain un cloggers), which actually cause more lesions (zits) to form on your face. These bases are used because they make the acne products feel smooth and creamy. However, we use non-comedogenic substitutes to make our Zit Zapper, MSSR Liquid, Miracle Zit, and Fix Zit smooth and creamy while not causing more acne!

2. Miracle Zit, Fix Zit, and MSSR Liquid and Zit Zapper come in many strengths, giving you the right product for your particular skin conditions. With our products, you can use different strengths on different areas of your acne, which means you CLEAR your skin much more quickly! Fix Zit and MSSR Liquid and Zit Zapper are good for more sensitive skin and Non-Inflammatory Acne (blackheads, whiteheads, the occasional pustule or papule: Grades One and Two). Extra Strength Miracle Zit and Extra Strength Fix Zit are good for "Big Mothers", mature nodules, cysts, and pustules or Grades Three and Four. It can be used on the whole face or for spot treating.

How long should a bottle of Miracle Zit or Fix Zit last me and how do I know if I am using it correctly?
One 8 ounce bottle should last you only two (2) months if you have Acne on your face, because you are treating the whole face with the medication. Miracle Zit and Fix Zit are NOT used sparingly. Your face will become Acne Free, the product will be gone and you will know you have used it correctly!

Why can't I just SPOT TREAT my Acne?

Many of us are tempted (and the instructions on over the counter products for acne often tell us) just to treat the zits that we can see. However, a ZIT takes 90 days to form and if you don't treat the whole area that is breaking out, then you will always be getting NEW ZITS!

Always apply Miracle Zit, Fix Zit, MSSR Liquid or Zit Zapper to the entire affected area and a dot on any lesions that you can SEE or FEEL under or on top the skin.

How long should I use Miracle Zit or Fix Zit?

It takes a minimum of three months to totally clear Acne using Miracle Zit or Fix Zit every night. This time may be shorted considerably by icing your face and using your Miracle Zit or Fix Zit on top of Smoothing Firming & Brightening Creme or Smoothing Gel, which also fights Acne. Never wear Miracle Zit or Fix Zit during the day unless you are at home and out of the sun. Benzoyl Peroxide makes your skin potosensitive.

How do I know if I am allergic to Miracle Zit or Fix Zit?

Hardly anyone is allergic to Miracle Zit or Fix Zit, however, most "over the counter" acne preparations tell you to discontinue using them if irritation or dryness develops. So....many individuals assume if they get dry or irritated that the are "allergic". Miracle Zit and Fix Zit cause dryness because the Benzoyl Peroxide "eats" all of the oil (sebum)-- the glue that holds bacteria and dead skin cells (keratinocytes) together to form a zit. It also eats up or destroys the bacteria! If you start using it slowly and AS DIRECTED then you will achieve glowing results and acne free skin! You may also moisturize during the day with Gelloid Moisturizer and Mask, Hydrating Emulsion, and Old Lady Cream.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about using the products you have purchased from us. We will be happy to individualize your particular regime!

How do Miracle Zit Zapper and Mother Strickland’s Skin Relief help clear my Acne and Rosacea?
MSSR Liquid is loaded with Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid (the naturally occurring moisturizer in human skin). Both calm and soothe skin that has: acne, redness, irritation or dryness, oiliness and Rosacea. Zit Zapper is also loaded with Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid, causing the product to penetrate quickly to remove acne, dryness and oiliness.

How do Smoothing Cream and Smoothing Gel help clear my Acne?

Smoothing Firming & Brightening Cream and Smoothing Gel contain Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy (Glycolic), Vitamin C, and Beta Hydroxy (Salicylic) Acid. These acids are in a group called Rapid Exfoliators, which means that they remove excess dead skin cells (keratinocytes) and help prevent lesions (zits) from forming. Salicylic Acid is also an antibacterial which fights the Anaerobic Bacteria that live in the skin without oxygen and cause the formation of Acne. Because these products remove the dead skin cells and oil (sebum), your skin can not join with the bacteria and form a zit!

Why do I need to use my Biological Redefining Mask 2 or 3 times a week and how does it make my pores smaller?

These masks literally remove dead skin cells (keratinocytes) and excess oil (sebum) from the pores, which leaves your skin totally smooth, oil free, and flawless looking. The pores "disappear" because there is not any debris in them to attract light and look dark or big. It also reduces acne lesions or zits in size and duration. When you use Biological Redefining Mask in combination with your other acne products, your Acne clears much faster and your skin will be healthy looking and oil- free!

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