Stop battling acne, do this instead.

Raise your hand if you're the person in the room with acne-prone skin. Let me guess, you've tried every clear skin proclaimed remedy under the sun; banana peels, potatoes, non-comedogenic treatment products, natural products, etc. You buy the latest trending acne treatment, only to find yourself laying on the floor crying 3 months later because here you are breaking out again. Enough is enough, am I right? Well, you're in luck. Today, we're going to show you how to stop battling zits and instead prevent acne from forming in 5 easy steps. 

Step #1 Accept that you'll have a breakout here and there. 
If you're acne prone like I am, preventing a breakout takes a ton of commitment. Even after you follow all the steps above you may breakout from taking certain medications, if you're experiencing PMS or if you're simply dealing with a hormone imbalance. 

Mentally preparing yourself for a breakout will reduce stress and make the outbreak less severe. Stress elevates the severity of acne breakouts according to a study conducted by Dr. Alexa Kimball, a professor of dermatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The only way to reduce stress levels is to mentally check in. When you're dealing with stress at work say to yourself "I'm probably going to break out from all this stress from my stupid boss, but I'm ok with that!" Saying this sounds a bit corny but accepting the fact that you may breakout will ultimately reduce stress levels because you're setting an expectation. 

Being acne-prone means you're bound to breakout here and there. I hate to break it to you but most skin care companies lie to you. They claim to build a miracle formula that will solve your acne woes forever. Not the case. Often times it actually causes even more acne, will talk more about that in a minute though. All you need is to simply accept the fact that you'll breakout here and there. Remember, minimize stress to reduce the severity of your breakouts. 

Step #2 Pick a skincare regimen for your skin type.
Not all skin care products are created equally. Using a facial shampoo intended for people with oily skin when you've dry skin is a big no-no! Why? Because the formula isn't built for your skin and can cause a breakout.

Don't feel like a dummy for not knowing this. The majority of skin care companies out there make it impossible to shop by skin type. Money is made on getting you to buy more and more product. Not at Sage though! We formulate our products specifically for dry, combination, and oily skin types. We actually want you to buy less product because all we care is that you feel better about yourself. 

No one person is the same. Using a product that won't properly clean the bacteria, oil, and dirt out of your pores is counterintuitive. All you need to know is no bacteria, oil or dirt means no zits. The name of the game is preventative maintenance. We're not perfect and sometimes we forget our regimen or we get stressed. Such is life. 

Step #3 Remove your makeup every single night. 
You're laying in bed exhausted from the hectic day thinking to yourself, "I forgot to take my makeup off, oh well." Big mistake! No matter how tired you are, never fall asleep with your makeup on. 

Being acne-prone means your shedding 5x more dead skin cells than the normal person. Combating pore back up means cleaning them out 2x a day. Clean pores are crucial to prevent zit formation. Leaving makeup on overnight just contributes to the build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria in your pores. Build up the strength to stroll out of bed into the bathroom and wash that makeup off your face. Would you rather get a zit or take 2 minutes to remove your makeup?

Step #4 Change your pillowcase weekly. 
Bacteria...dead skin cells...oil...have you heard enough yet?! At this point you're probably recognizing a common theme, bacteria and dead skin cells clog your pores. Over time they build up in your pillowcase, nasty we know, which means they transfer to your face. Who wants that after you just dragged yourself to the bathroom for an agonizing 2-minute facial cleanse? Not me! Changing out your pillowcase on a regular basis will keep those nasty bacteria and dead skin cells out of your pores. 

Step #5 Stop using skin care products with acne-causing ingredients.  
Even though your acne treatment product may claim to combat acne it may actually cause it. Same goes for your cleanser, eye makeup remover, exfoliant, etc. Why? Skincare companies want you to buy more product, plain and simple. Causing acne is an easy way to get you to buy more, more and more.

My philosophy is much different here at Sage. Suffering from acne is demoralizing and can make everyday life difficult. It's the reason I've hand formulated every one of our products to be free from any acne causing ingredients. After 36 years in I've had enough of the false claims being made by big box skincare companies. Stop buying products that cause what you're trying to treat. 

As someone who's overcome cancer 4x, I know what it's like to feel trapped with no solution. The truth is you'll never be free from breakouts. Acne is going to show up in your life here and there, just like my cancer has. 

If you're acne-prone, sick and tired of the false claims, and simply want to live a life with minimal acne, I urge you to make these 5 changes and try my regiment, the miracle routine. Following these steps will reduce the number of breakouts you experience in life. 

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 If you're unhappy with the Miracle Routine or any other product you can simply send it back within 30 days of your purchase. 

With love,